Migrate From on-Premise to Azure Cloud for Business-Critical Workloads.

Migrate From on-Premise to Azure Cloud for Business-Critical Workloads.

Migration Services

Migrating to Azure can be complex and it might prevent companies of reaping the full benefits of the cloud. Disappointment in just lifting and shifting applications and workloads onto Azure isn’t delivering the benefits of Azure; studies indicate that 70% of the companies are not getting results with cloud and that up to 45% of cloud spend is wasted.

Studies indicate that 70% of the companies are not getting results with cloud that up to 45% of cloud spend is wasted.

InTWO is experienced and successfully migrated business-critical applications to Azure multiple times. We can advise which workloads to migrate first, considering cost, immediate benefits, security/compliance. Through our extensive experience, we understand that some deployments can be very simple, but others can be incredibly complex. The integration of multiple systems and applications with mission critical infrastructure under a single commercial model and SLA is something that InTWO has been taking the lead in for over a decade.

Migration Services are Embedded in our CloudCARE Methodology

Migration Services are Embedded in our CloudCARE Methodology

Assessment and Design

During the assessment and design phase, all necessary information is gathered and the solution will be detailed to finalize the scope of work for the deployment phase. This is complex to assess, so we use tooling for to gather the right information about your current IT infrastructure. InTWO experts can then design a tailor-made solution, as every IT situation is different and business requirements differ. There is no one-size-fits-all.


In the deployment phase, the designed and approved solution will be implemented and, after testing, the solution will be handed back over to the partner or directly to the customer. It’s no problem to hand over after the migration to the customer’s internal IT department, but of course we’d love to support the customer ongoing with 24/7 services, continuous improvement, cost management, etc, because getting the most from your cloud is not a one time task.

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The cloud experts at InTWO utilize tooling like Azure Migrate and Cloudamize to improve and speed up the assessment and design phase. These tools allow not only for speed, but also more precision in data collection and analysis than when done manually. Making the right cloud decisions on an ongoing basis to consistently achieve optimal performance isn’t easy – or even possible – without having highly precise analytics as a guide. Making the wrong decisions can have disastrous consequences.

Microsoft Azure Migration Program

The Azure Migration Program (AMP) offers customers tailored, step-by-step guidance from InTWO and Microsoft experts, giving them the resources they need to migrate to the cloud. AMP addresses common issues and helps mitigate risks typically associated with moving workloads to the cloud. With InTWO’s proven cloud methodologies, global reach, best practices, and tools, you can be moved to the cloud quickly and swiftly, and reap the full benefits of the Azure cloud in no time. 

Benefits of the Azure Migration Program

  • Curated, step-by-step guidance based on the proven Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.
  • Technical skill building with foundational and role-specific courses to develop new Azure skills and long-term organizational readiness.
  • Free Azure migration tools including Azure Migrate to assess and migrate workloads, and free Azure Cost Management to optimize costs.
  • Offers to reduce migration costs including Azure Hybrid Benefit and free Extended Security Updates for Windows Server and SQL Server 2008.

InTWO stood out from the outset of our cloud migration journey by providing highly knowledgeable individuals who remained consistent from start to finish. They designed and implemented a solution that was cost competitive and able to be deployed successfully within the tight timeframe set by the business. Clear and concise communication with multiple vendors throughout the process ensured issues were dealt with early. Going forward, we are confident InTWO will manage our systems with the required diligence and expertise.

Craig Mills, Chief Financial Officer, JK Williams Group