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Our consulting services would enable you to deploy the technology you need and extend or customize the Apps you already use.

Our Services

PowerApps and Power Automate Consulting

Intwo provides businesses with superior strategy and execution capability with cross-industry best practices for agile business transformation and sustainable advantage using the Power Platform.


Create Custom Business Apps

Intwo offers professional assistance in custom business application development using Power Platform, which gives organizations additional capabilities, increases efficiency and transparency of business processes with low code/ no-code approach, in record time.


Off-line Capabilities

Intwo has expertise in building offline apps using PowerApps that enable you to collaborate even in limited connectivity.



Intwo’s team has years of experience in data integration solutions, and we will help you to perform PowerApps integration with multiple data connectors, including Microsoft Project Online, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 applications, etc. and workflow based on Power Automate.


Extended Functionality

Intwo facilitates you to utilize powerful tools from the Power Platform product family for improving and extending the existing software infrastructure your business processes rely on.


Support and Maintenance

Intwo assist you in revamping your existing Power Platform tools for maximum efficiency and productivity without downtime and operational risk.



  • Agility of software delivery
  • Accelerate transformation
  • Cost savings
  • Mobile-first
  • Improve user
  • Scale with ease


The Microsoft Power Platform enhances productivity with low-code solutions, integrates with Microsoft products, offers AI and automation capabilities, and provides powerful data analysis with Power BI, all in a user-friendly interface.

Our expertise in the Power Platform makes sure that your business can scale operations with ease, leveraging powerful tools for data integration, automation, and app development to support growing business demands.

The Power Platform accelerates software delivery and business transformation, leading to cost savings and enhanced agility in adapting to changing business needs.

Yes, we facilitate the use of Power Platform tools to enhance and extend the functionality of your existing software infrastructure, improving overall business processes.

Our consulting blueprint for the Power Platform is designed to:

  • Customize Technology: We partner with you to fine-tune your technology stack, making sure your applications are perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Foster Agile Growth: We draw from a wealth of cross-industry insights to propel businesses toward agile and innovative practices.
  • Streamline App Development: We focus on low-code solutions and craft tailored applications that streamline your business functions.
  • Ensure Uninterrupted Collaboration: We create robust PowerApps that keep teams connected, even in offline scenarios.
  • Optimize Data Flow: Our expertise in integrating PowerApps with an array of data connectors and automated workflows is unmatched.
  • Elevate Software Assets: Leveraging Power Platform’s suite, we enhance your existing software, driving efficiency and scalability.
  • Boost Operational Productivity: We meticulously refine Power Platform tools to maximize productivity without disrupting your business flow.

Intwo’s commitment lies in delivering scalable, cutting-edge solutions that simplify and enhance business processes, paving the way for a seamless digital transition.

By integrating the Power Platform, your organization can modernize identity management. It aligns with Microsoft Entra ID, ensuring secure, streamlined user authentication and access management, enhancing security protocols across your enterprise’s digital landscape.

The Microsoft Power Platform boasts robust integration capabilities with a vast array of apps, including Microsoft and third-party applications. Its extensive connectors facilitate seamless workflow automation and process enhancement, ensuring a unified operational environment for your business.

The rise in low-code platform adoption for app development is driven by their ability to accelerate creation, reduce costs, democratize development, and enhance agility. They enable rapid response to market changes, facilitate integration with existing systems, and empower those with limited coding skills to contribute to app development efforts.

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to optimize your existing Power Platform tools for maximum efficiency and productivity, ensuring minimal downtime and operational risk.


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