Are You Ready for Retail Digital Transformation?

Are You Ready for Retail Digital Transformation?


Today, customer experience is defined extensively by technology and digital accessibility of retailers – online and in-store. The discerning customer is tech-enabled, engaging, and demanding. Thus, personalized customer experience is an increasingly vital factor for a successful retailer.

Retailers are harnessing the power of digital transformation to counter the unprecedented change in customer behaviour and market demands. Brands and retailers have to leverage cloud technology to deliver against evolving customer needs as well as to maintain business continuity, and financial growth, both in terms of revenues and operating margins.

What Is Retail Digital Transformation?

Retail digital transformation is a journey about understanding your business model, identifying areas of improvement and utilizing innovative technology to deliver against strategic growth objectives. This could manifest in many different areas of a retailer’s business from helping increase store staff productivity, to ensuring a strong omni-commerce experience for customers, to driving footfall and delivering attractive promotions for revenue growth.

Retail digital transformation also helps to engage with customers while securing access to apps and data. It is a journey which involves integration of machine learning, CRM, ERP, predictive analytics, data interpretation, automation and other technologies empowering retailers to understand and deliver for their customers, across physical and digital experiences. These cloud-powered innovative technologies help brands to provide customers with personalised experiences, contactless transaction models, delivery pickup options, and many more options that facilitate a differentiated customer journey.

Technologies to Look Out for Retail Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is about emerging technologies that blurs lines between physical world and the digital world. Retailers who earlier relied on in-store customer footfall to drive their business, can now be equipped with apps, data, and much more to convert a visitor into a customer.

Microsoft offers solutions which bring cutting-edge technology to retailers, seamlessly enmeshing physical and digital processes and experiences. With Microsoft Azure for Retail and Dynamics 365 Commerce, we offer end-to-end retail capability, from intelligent financials and supply chain management, to merchandising and retail operations, and customer experience management based on our industry solution, Engage 365.

When you talk about data, think Microsoft Cloud for Retail. It consolidates disparate customer data sources for unified business insights. One can get an in-depth report on retail insights from various data sources, integrating information from various functions such as demand planning, store operations, e-commerce, delivery fulfilment and service management.

Are You Ready for Transformation?

We understand the retail digital transformation may feel like navigating unchartered waters. But as a retailer, it is important to have an effective retail digital transformation strategy in place. The safest and fastest way to opt for transformation is through a partner.

This is where we come in picture for you. We are a leading service provider of Microsoft cloud technology with 20 years of experience, in serving and partnering with global retailers. To learn more about how Microsoft solutions can boost your retail business, please fill the below form and our team will get in touch with you soon.

Can we move your business to the next level?

Can we move your business to the next level?