In today’s retail landscape, technology and digital accessibility play a significant role in shaping the customer experience, both online and in-store.

Customers today are tech-savvy, engaged, and have high expectations. This is why a personalized customer experience is so important for retailers to succeed.

To meet these demands, retailers are turning to digital technology. At Intwo, we offer Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 Commerce, providing comprehensive retail solutions.

Drive business growth and meet evolving customer needs with cutting-edge cloud technology and elevate your retail management software with Intwo today.

Retail digital transformation: what exactly is it?


Retail transformation is all about understanding your business, finding areas to improve, and using innovative technology to reach your growth goals. It covers various aspects, like boosting staff productivity, providing seamless shopping experiences for customers, and attracting customers with exciting offers and discounts.


By integrating retail digital transformation, you can engage customers and secure access to apps and data. It involves integrating powerful technologies such as machine learning, CRM,  retail ERP software, analytics, and automation. These cloud-powered tools empower you to understand and cater to your customers’ needs both online and offline.


With these cloud-powered innovative technologies your brand can provide customers with personalized experiences, such as personalized experiences, contactless transactions, convenient delivery options, and more. Set yourself apart from your competitors by making your customers feel valued.

Bring your retail business to the next level with cutting-edge tech

Welcome to the world of Industry 4.0, where the latest technologies blur the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. Retailers can now make use of apps, data, and much more to convert visitors into loyal customers. This way, you won’t have to rely solely on conventional and outdated strategies as a source of revenue.

At Intwo, we bring you Microsoft’s powerful solutions designed to seamlessly integrate physical and digital processes. With Microsoft Azure for Retail and Dynamics 365 Commerce, we offer end-to-end retail capabilities. From intelligent financials and supply chain management to merchandising, retail operations, and customer experience management through our industry solution, Engage 365, we are here to help.

When it comes to data, Microsoft Cloud for Retail is your go-to retail management software. It integrates customer data from various sources, offering comprehensive customer insights. Get detailed retail reports that combine data from demand planning, store operations, e-commerce, delivery fulfillment, and service management.

Ready to transform your retail business?

Understanding retail digital transformation may feel overwhelming, but it is essential for your success as a retailer. The easiest and fastest way to get started is with a trusted partner.

That is where we come in. At Intwo, we are a leading provider of Microsoft cloud retail management software with over 20 years of experience serving and partnering with retailers worldwide. We understand your unique needs and challenges.

Discover how our solutions, including Microsoft Azure for Retail and Dynamics 365 Commerce, can transform your business. From managing finances and supply chains to merchandising, operations, and customer experience with Engage 365, we offer end-to-end retail solutions.

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Tendam Global Retail Group

Ensures Tendam Group’s retail stability.

Truly making the customer the center of their universe, HappyMe, the FIRST digital loyalty solution for retail in the region, builds on Géant’s core growth principles: customer focus and innovation. The solution has helped the retail leader adopt an insight–driven approach to serving and rewarding its customers.

Accelerated digital transformation


Enhances customer engagement.

With brick-and-mortar retail shops feeling the squeeze from growing online marketplaces, it was essential for the group to make sure their Point-of-Sale (PoS) infrastructure, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, could keep up with customer demand.

Focus, focus...


With its robust cloud infrastructure and industry-leading security measures, Intwo prioritizes data security and compliance for your business.

Yes, Intwo’s retail solutions integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring a seamless and unified customer experience.

Intwo’s interactive dashboards provide real-time data and insights, enabling you to make strategic decisions based on your retail business’ performance.

With Intwo’s retail automation platform, you can automate routine tasks and keep your team organized by setting up multiple alerts and reminders.

Industry 4.0 introduces new technologies that are designed to blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds, allowing retailers to leverage apps, data, and innovative solutions to attract and convert customers for their businesses.

Yes, Intwo offers lead and inquiry management, so you can handle potential customers efficiently and increase conversions.

By partnering with Intwo, you will gain access to powerful solutions, industry expertise, support, and training from Microsoft that will ensure your retail transformation journey is successful and impactful.

Intwo, in partnership with Microsoft, prioritizes data safety and compliance by adhering to industry standards.

Yes, an effective retail management software can facilitate contactless transaction models, making shopping safer and more convenient for consumers.

The use of retail management software has enabled retailers to offer attractive promotions, personalized offers, and engaging customer experiences to their customers. This has increased footfall and made them more likely to buy from them.


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