Don’t Just Listen to Us. Read What Our Customers Say.

Don’t Just Listen to Us. Read What Our Customers Say.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Eric Shen

IT Manager, Insite Performance Pte. Ltd

InTWO has shown great professionalism in Azure Backup with very timely response and excellent responsibilities for the project, which guarantees the security of our Database.

Jeff Watson

Operations Manager, Atlas Supply

The InTWO solution is definitely paying for itself in terms of inventory efficiencies and improved cash flow.

Nishit Mehta

CEO, HyGen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

The confidence we have in your services makes everything seem so smooth and easy.

Prasad Pamadath

IT Administrator, Kaddas Oilfield Services

We are associated with InTWO Support Services for last 2 years and we appreciate their timely and quality support. They have good understanding of AX along with strong domain knowledge, which helps them to be prompt at understanding our requirements and issue log. We are professionally and personally happy to be associated with InTWO.

Mohammed Faizullah Qureshi

ERP & IT, Sika

InTWO provides us ERP support and facilitates knowledge sharing on an ongoing basis. InTWO extends all the necessary support to resolve issues faster and ensure that we have the best solution for the issue at hand. Their dedication is an assurance that my staff would be well supported in my absence and I can go on leave with peace of mind.

Stefania Giannone

Senior IT Business Analyst, British American Tobacco

InTWO is our trustworthy Partner in delivering successful projects. No matter the challenging environment, no matter the tough requirement, they are always ready to understand, cooperate and design the best and optimal solution for us.

Rajiv Shankar

CIO, BMA International

Associating with InTWO team had been a wonderful experience, we rely on their technical skills and expertise which help us to strategize our twenty4 retail POS solutions. We consistently had been receiving high quality services and would gladly recommend them to any business.

Joaquin Negrón

CTO, First Bank

InTWO has been a dedicated and successful IT partner for many years, managing critical infrastructure and more recently guiding us through cloud adoption and digital transformation.

Ángel Colón

Intern Director- Information and Technology Office, The School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico 

I am very grateful to you and your team for the work that InTWO has done to help The School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico to continue to provide services with Azure Virtual Desktop. It means a lot not only to me but to our students and employees. Now we have a great tool to continue working remotely in a more efficient way.

Jaime Figueroa Torres


I am very grateful with InTWO’s team for the work they have done to help PharmPix Corporation continue to provide services with Azure Virtual Desktop. It means a lot not only to me but to the 400,000 patients that we are able to continue serving.

Mary Vargas

IT VP, Multinational Insurance
Our adaptability is the result of the digital transformation process started by Multinational 7 years ago with InTWO, a local Microsoft partner with more than 25 years of experience in ad hoc solutions for different industries.


Juan Rivera Vázquez

Director, Puerto Rico Police Technology and Communications Bureau

From the beginning of my tenure as Director and CIO of Technology and Communications of the Police Department of Puerto Rico, InTWO has always given the extra mile. From Hurricane Maria, the Earthquakes of January 2020 and now during the Covid-19 Pandemic. They implemented Azure Virtual Desktop in the Police Department, enabling us to guarantee the service of all our units and ensure the administrative processes and operation of our investigative systems.

Jeff Rachel

President, U.S. CAD

InTWO enables us to deliver high quality virtual training classes for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software applications across the US. With the help of InTWO, we were able to virtualize our trainings amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, leading them to being 80% more effective than our traditional on-site Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Computing training labs. InTWO’s experience with Azure and Azure Virtual Desktop is impressive and the quality of service has been outstanding.

Mohamed Zayed

Executive Director, IEINTOUCH PTE LTD

As a partner across a number of vendors who utilize InTWO as their distributor, it was imperative that we could leverage InTWO’s marketing value add and expertise as much as possible, so that we could focus on selling and closing deals. We are certain that working with InTWO means we can continue to secure new customers and large contracts in the near future.

Bill Meredith

President, Meredith Digital Inc.

We have used InTWO to host our Microsoft CRM and Navision applications for the past 6 years. InTWO has proven to be extremely reliable and have kept our systems running and updated consistently. Whenever we are in need of InTWO tech support they respond quickly 24/7. We are currently doing a system upgrade with InTWO and they are handling the upgrade in a professional and organized way. InTWO is a first rate cloud services provider and we plan on being with them for years to come.

Michael Woitag

Chief Operating Officer, RIB Software

RIB Software has been developing software solutions to digitize the building and engineering industry globally over the last 40 years. As a pioneer in digital transformation for our industry, we believe that the cloud is the best possible foundation for better business results. We partner with InTWO to deliver secure, performant and cost-effective cloud solutions to our enterprise clients. With 20 years of experience in applications, networking and cloud infrastructures they design, build and manage our cloud solutions 24/7. We deploy many solutions in build-and-release pipelines in a DevOps methodology, hence we are agile, can test and release new functionalities and implement security or software patches quickly with high quality. InTWO has constantly proven itself as cloud expert, so we can focus on development and provide value to our clients.

Scott Gelsthorpe

Sales and Marketing Manager, NETiKA Business Solution Vietnam

We have been working with InTWO for the past 3 years, whereby they have helped to set-up and manage the environments our clients need for their Microsoft Navision and Business Central software. We have always found the staff to be helpful at answering questions and resolving requests for changes or maintenance, and the client portal is easy to use and navigate. It’s hard to find partners you can rely on these days in the ‘Wild West’ of cloud provisioning services but we would heartily recommend InTWO to others.

Gunalan Kalairajan

Group CEO, R Systems IBIZ Consultancy Services

InTWO’s services provide a tremendous value add and high level of customer satisfaction. The regular reports, alerts, and pro-activeness of the InTWO team differentiates them from the other market players. Their suggestions on optimization of database and cloud performance is also highly valued. This engagement with InTWO frees us of managing cloud related challenges and thus helps us focus on our core business within the operations and consulting areas.

Bhavna Laroya Anand

Founder and Director, Genesis International Investment Holding Company

InTWO are true cloud experts who took the worry out of our hands. They helped us set up everything so that they could seamlessly manage our infrastructure with as little interruption to our work schedule as possible. I was especially impressed with how they walked us through the different processes, keeping our business needs in mind. The migration was something we had been dreading for a long time, however, it was a very enjoyable experience working with the InTWO team; they mitigated all the work and worry from our side.

Craig Mills

Chief Financial Officer, JK Williams Group

InTWO stood out from the outset of our cloud migration journey by providing highly knowledgeable individuals who remained consistent from start to finish. They designed and implemented a solution that was cost competitive and able to be deployed successfully within the tight timeframe set by the business. Clear and concise communication with multiple vendors throughout the process ensured issues were dealt with early. Going forward, we are confident InTWO will manage our systems with the required diligence and expertise.

Frank Jans

Service Level Manager, Ifunds

InTWO helps Ifunds to successfully provide reliable, secure and user friendly solutions to non-profit organizations.

Frank Jin

Microsoft Dynamics System Analyst & Senior System Administrator, TW Power Services

InTWO hosts our entire application system in Microsoft Azure since we implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX in 2016. They not only possess outstanding professionalism and technical skills, but have been incredibly responsive both during and outside working hours. I am deeply thankful on behalf of TWPS for their services.

Geert-Jan Schroot

Owner, Vivacon

With the help of InTWO, we are able to help our customers with their licensing needs. We want to provide them the most suitable solution to accompany their business processes and support their employees the best way possible. In turn, InTWO supports us with a strong team of license management specialists, so our customers can do what they do best– care!

Shibani Malhotra

Chief Digital Officer, IPS Ingredis

InTWO was instrumental in supporting us with the right expert resources throughout the onboarding process. Due to InTWO’s hosting and support, consistent uptime benefits our overall business performance and application reliability increased.

Hetty Braam

IT Manager, USG People

What is unique about the service that InTWO provides is the combination of Navision and Azure knowledge and expertise. This was the golden combination that our previous provider couldn’t offer and why we ultimately chose InTWO.

Rein Hoogland

Sales & Marketing Director, Tecknoworks

As InTWO and Tecknoworks are complementary in their offering, we were able to create a strong pipeline as we have a unique value proposition. With this partnership we can support Microsoft in gaining market share in the ISV market. InTWO and Tecknoworks have created a strong partnership. We have engaged at every level within the business, from engineers to the C-suite. We have built a joint value proposition and start organizing events to create visibility pipeline. We did start several sales cycles to showcase the proposition and working on creating new business.

Andrew King

Managing Director, WebSan Solutions

WebSan helps companies use business solutions better. We help customers in Canada, USA and the world. With InTWO’s experience, cloud expertise and 24/7 Follow-the-Sun support, we can focus on creating solutions that help transform the business of our customers anywhere globally. Partnering with InTWO assures our customers a hassle-free journey to Microsoft Azure.

Dynamic People

Dynamics 365 Specialist

Our collaboration with InTWO is very effective and efficient, and results in a quick tackling of issues. InTWO’s support has been pleasant throughout, starting as early as in the preliminary (sales) process. This was crucial, as we focus on a functional design of services rather than on delivering a cloud solution. The fact that InTWO assumed a role in the sales process was therefore essential – a successful endeavor, as trust was quickly built.

Nick Appelboom

CEO, IT Delivery Management

Shifting our business framework was a big step, so finding the right partner to help with vertical integration in a packaged solution was critical. Through InTWO, we are able to offer our customers a cloud-based service, a network, high level security and trustworthy infrastructure with barely a second thought. We’re very pleased to be collaborating with InTWO, who have brought our business to the next level. We know that the future of our business is in the cloud; it’s been fascinating to learn what our business is capable of on Azure with InTWO.

Wim Jansen


Our customers in the construction industry are demanding cloud software solutions, but cloud requires special expertise. InTWO is helping us and is involved in all stages: from joint customer meetings to win the deal, providing Cloud consultancy and implementation, to being there 24/7 in case of issues. Our joint projects are a big success!

Senior Vice President

Automotive Retail Software Company

Moving to a centralized cloud solution reduces costs and risks, and improves rollout speeds and better managed updates. Moving to a centralized cloud with InTWO, however, makes the real difference. InTWO knows exactly what kind of expert tailored advice to give us, so we save time and money, and can focus on our core business. Moving to a centralized cloud solution reduces costs and risks, and improves rollout speeds and better managed updates. Moving to a centralized cloud with InTWO, however, makes the real difference. InTWO knows exactly what kind of expert tailored advice to give us, so we save time and money, and can focus on our core business.

Andrew Hill

Business Manager, Cloud A2K

We can’t thank the InTWO team enough for their dedication, professionalism and engagement through this process as it ensured we maintained our business continuity and did not have staff having to manage the move internally. InTWO come highly recommended by our business and truly are experts in the transition to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Ronald Jansen

Manager ICT and Information Management, Fruitmasters

We chose InTWO’s cloud services because they have a close relationship with Microsoft coupled with their experience with AX on cloud. This gives us the confidence to move onto a new platform for our most business-critical system with 99.9% uptime guarantees and 24/7 continuous support. Our business continuity is secured by having InTWO as our cloud-provider.


Tony’s Chocolonely’s Chocomatic Fanatic

In the USA there are as many tax regulations as there are states. Selling our products in a variety of states used to result in many manual adjustments per order. With our private cloud at InTWO, we can add an application to our stack that automatically selects and charges the right percentage, no matter where the customer is located.

Ouko Reitsma

Managing Director, DycoTrade

Our commodity trading business is all about trust. InTWO and DycoTrade have worked together for years on multiple projects. InTWO have proven themselves by enabling our software solutions in the cloud 24/7, and making cloud and security easy to work with for us and our customers.

Parham Kamali

Senior Director- Enterprise Applications, Theravance Biopharma US

We are grateful for our partnership with InTWO, as operationally they make us a more complete service organization. InTWO’s Azure infrastructure services allow us to focus on our strength as an IT enterprise applications team, which is to harness the highest value possible from our hosted solutions.

Denis Lugagne Delpon

Chief Information Officer, Asmodee

We chose InTWO’s Managed Dynamics Services to host and monitor our Microsoft Dynamics Navision application. By doing so, we outsource a lot of the work and worry so we can focus on our core business- creating great games and telling amazing stories.

Michel Snitjer

Partner, Office in a Box

Working together with InTWO ensures that we can offer a full services solution by a great team of trusted cloud specialists.

Paul Ruigendijk

Managing Director, Van Rees

Real time information is absolutely key for us to understand our positions in a dynamic market environment. We have digitally transformed our 200 year old company with our global ERP system supported by cloud technology, enabling 24/7 business globally. InTWO’s experts and managed services in the cloud help us manage our business and focus on our passion for tea!

Patrick Tynan

Practice Director- Business Solution, Storm Technologies

Working with InTWO ensures we can focus on our core business while InTWO keeps our customers’ systems up to date and running with the latest technologies.

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