The payroll run is a critical element in bringing together different aspects of HR practices, including appraisal outcomes, benefits, compensation and incentives.

And, this in turn helps drive employee motivation and retaining talent, which undoubtedly plays a central role in every organization’s growth.

Your complete HR solution

Payroll 365 is a global payroll solution for Dynamics 365 which seeks to address regional payroll and administration requirement for workforce compromising of native & expatriate employees. In countries where significant expat workforce is a norm, companies struggle with routine administration task such as employee document renewals, local labor laws, leave travel and visa quota management. Payroll 365 provides flexible and easy to use tools to manage all such pain areas.

In addition to earnings, benefits and deductions, Payroll 365 supports additional calculations including leave entitlements, retroactive salary increases, and vacation settlements. Employee separation due to resignation, termination, or any incident results in numerous administration procedure. Payroll 365 caters to checklist to deal with an exit of an employee. This includes asset custody and return clearance, end of service settlements and travel arrangement for expat employees.


  • Employee onboarding
  • Alternative calendar set-up
  • Leave management
  • Formula designer
  • Leave planner
  • Loan and insurance management
  • Workflow approvals
  • Seamless transactions
  • Payroll processing
  • ESS chatbot
  • Medical insurance
  • Off-cycle payouts
  • Bulk promotions
  • Mobile enabled ESS workspace and forms


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