Manufacturing Companies Take To the Cloud.

Manufacturing Companies Take To the Cloud.


The 4th industrial revolution has forces manufacturing companies to reconsider their roadmaps, running projects, strategy and policies. For the global manufacturing sector, competitive advantage in industry 4.0 is being sought in digital transformation with a focus on its operations.

Data Is Basic Need to Thrive

At InTWO, we have served the manufacturing industry with cloud solutions and specific IP over the last 20 years. By default, a lot of our clients source raw materials globally, produce in key locations for labor or governance reasons, and sell their products worldwide. This value chain is complex, time-sensitive and increasingly influenced by geopolitical and macro-economic forces. As a result, IT systems that capture the right data and provide insights for decision making, have become a basic need for manufacturing companies to thrive.

ERP Systems to Support Your Digital Transformation

It starts with powerful ERP systems that InTWO implements and runs in the cloud. This facilitates operations, logistics and financial planning for global 24/7 operation. These systems are connected with Data & AI solutions to provide real-time insights, adjoined with internal and external data sources. With our MTWO solutions, we also provide powerful tooling to gather data and insights for large manufacturing facilities.

As a business unit of Schneider Electric, we get involved in the area of operational technology. Where energy optimizations and safety regulations are optimized with our software tools and process automation.

It Is a Mindset That Matters

It’s also a mindset that matters. We know that a piece of cloud technology enables everything and that we must proactively advise and, as needed, react immediately. Our actions impact whether production plants can run or trucks can leave the warehouse.

Board of directors who foresee manufacturing transformation and use digital solutions to create an uptake in productivity, reduce costs and grow customer experience, will be the future leaders in the manufacturing arena.

We are already part of the digital transformation of clients like ANCRA, Bosch, FruitMasters, Scandinavian Tobacco, Siemens, and trust that we can help your company move to the next level too.

Can we move your business to the next level?

Can we move your business to the next level?