Protecting your business from cyber threats is our top priority.

At Intwo, we understand that cyber-attacks can originate both internally and externally. Don’t worry, our security and compliance services will provide defence against all potential threats for your business.

Did you know that a staggering 41% of businesses often come across intrusive malware? This raises an important question: could you be one of them?

In today’s tech-driven world, technology plays a vital role in every business. But as technology advances, so do the tricks used by hackers. It is not easy to build a strong cybersecurity system for your organization, especially when cybercriminals keep inventing new and smarter ways to attack, exploiting vulnerabilities, and trying to steal valuable resources.

Cybersecurity is a field that is constantly changing. This makes it challenging for companies to keep up and find skilled experts to protect their organization from hackers. A security breach can have serious consequences, such as financial losses, loss of customer trust, and damage to your reputation.

We understand the importance of cybersecurity and the urgent need to safeguard your business from cyber threats. Our experienced team is equipped with the latest knowledge and stays ahead of the game, using proactive measures to improve your digital defences. By partnering with us, you can boost your resilience, protect your revenue, gain customer trust, and reinforce your brand’s reputation.

Don’t let your organization become a victim of cyber threats. Let us take of care of it and secure your future.

At Intwo, we excel at offering customized Azure security services for your business. Our Security Concierge service ensures that your networks, servers, applications, users, and devices are secure with cloud identity management and data protection. Using our advanced cybersecurity platform, we provide uninterrupted and reliable protection to all our valued clients, no matter where their infrastructure is located.

Here is what our solutions bring to the table:

  • Skilled cybersecurity experts.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership.
  • 24/7 monitoring, analysis, and resolution.
  • Reduced risks and improved cybersecurity.
  • Reliable help desk support.
  • Compliance specialists for industry regulations.

At LUMA Energy, we are responsible for mission-critical power distribution in Puerto Rico. ​ Since our cloud adoption journey began, Intwo has been a key and strategic partner for our operations. Their service has been proactive and efficient.

Ariel E. Rodríguez, IT OT Infrastructure Manager​

We prioritize safeguarding your business against advanced cyber attacks.

An attack vector is a method that hackers use to gain unauthorized access to networks and launch cyber attacks. These vectors exploit weaknesses in systems, allowing cybercriminals to breach data and access valuable information, such as personally identifiable information (PII).


At Intwo, we provide a comprehensive solution that takes a targeted and organized approach to protect your assets. Our goal is to prevent, mitigate, and shield your organization from falling victim to cyber threats. Unlike other providers who only notify you of breaches, we actively manage and minimize risks on your behalf.

Vectors Security Protection

Edge Security

We create a secure IT network by implementing strong perimeter protection. Our team manages advanced firewalls, keeping them up to date and highly effective.

Endpoint Security

We prioritize the security of your devices, including laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile devices. Through continuous monitoring and control, we ensure their safety and prevent unauthorized access.

Windows 365 (Office 365) Security

We use the power of Windows 365 Security Policies to consistently monitor security events and policies, keeping your data and systems secure.

Identity Protection

We give you full control over user data and access permissions. Our solutions include features like Conditional Access and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to add extra layers of protection.

Vulnerability & Patch Management

We regularly update your devices by patching all Microsoft and third-party software, closing any security gaps.

Security Awareness Training

Our engaging training programs raise your employees’ awareness about cybersecurity. By identifying and responding to potential threats, they become integral parts of your security solution.

Vectors Security Testing

Our experts conduct comprehensive testing, including pen-tests, vulnerability scans, and simulated attacks. This ensures any weaknesses are identified and addressed.

Dark Web Monitoring

We proactively monitor the dark web for compromised user accounts and business data. Through Microsoft’s powerful cybersecurity platforms, we take immediate action to protect your organization.

Strengthening your business strategy starts with effective cybersecurity

  • Improve your organization’s cybersecurity and reduce risks.
  • Prevent data breaches and financial losses.
  • Detect and respond swiftly to evolving threats.
  • Benefit from 24/7 monitoring, real-time analysis, and quick resolution.
  • Gain a competitive edge with enhanced security measures.
  • Protect your business from potential threats.
  • Defend against malware attacks.
  • Receive regular advanced security reports to stay informed.

Cutting-edge technology for your security

Your safety is our top priority, and we achieve it by using only the best and advanced technology.

Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is designed to secure and protect your business. It is a cloud-based security solution. The security information event management or security orchestration automated response also known as the (SIEM) or (SOAR) solution provides real-time information about threats to your entire organization through intelligent security analytics. By using Azure Sentinel, you can detect alerts, monitor threats, hunt threats, and respond to threats.

Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a multimode Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). It offers complete control and protection for your cloud identity management services. It provides insight into data travel and uses advanced analytics to deal with cyber threats effectively.

Security Services


Office 365 Managed Service

With our Office 365 Managed Service, we protect your organization against advanced threats like phishing and zero-day malware. Our automated system investigates and prevents attacks, ensuring smooth and secure functioning of your business.


Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection is an enterprise-grade endpoint security platform. It empowers your network to prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats, keeping your systems and data safe.


Azure Security Services and Technologies

Azure offers a wide range of services and technologies dedicated to enhancing your organization’s security such as Microsoft security and access management services. We utilize these resources to improve your defenses and safeguard your business from cyber threats.


With the comprehensive solutions that Intwo provides for your Azure security, your deployment process can be made more secure and safe. These solutions are designed to your specific needs and employ a range of security measures including threat detection, access controls, data encryption, network firewalls, intrusion detection systems and regular vulnerability assessments. Our team offers real-time monitoring services to identify potential threats and quickly respond to security incidents within your Azure environment.

Yes, our team can help you set-up multi-factor authentication for your Azure security. This will add an extra layer of security and minimize the risk of any unauthorized access.

At our organization, we use industry standard encryption protocols to safeguard your data (at rest and in transit) within your Azure resources such as Microsoft security and access management. This helps secure your sensitive data and information.

Yes, our team at Intwo specializes in offering robust access controls for your Azure deployments. This makes sure that only authorized personnel can access your data and resources.

Our expert team employs several security measures to ensure your Azure deployment is safe from any unauthorized access. These measures include role-based access control, identity management, and authentication protocols. We offer security training and awareness programs to make your team aware of the industry best practices, security protocols and educate them on how to detect and mitigate any potential threats. Our monitoring services using the best security tools and technologies help us detect any threats and respond to them swiftly. Intwo has a dedicated team that reduces the impact of any threat and facilitates recovery.

Yes, our team will help you handle Azure identity management and access including role assignment, access policy enforcement and user provisioning.

Absolutely. You can develop robust business continuity and disaster recovery plans for your Azure environment with our team’s assistance. With these measures, we ensure minimal disruptions even in the case of an unforeseeable event.

Yes! We offer Azure DDoS Protection services for our clients. These include traffic monitoring, automatic mitigation and advanced threat intelligence which will allow us to protect your Azure resources from DDoS attacks.  We even offer comprehensive security testing, including vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and ethical hacking, to identify any weaknesses and ensure the resilience of your systems.

With Intwo, your Azure resources are protected against downtime and data loss through redundancy, backup, and disaster recovery. We can help you identify sensitive data, classify it, and implement policies to prevent data loss in your Azure deployment.

We monitor the Dark Web continuously for compromised credentials and data associated with your organization, detecting threats early and taking proactive steps to mitigate risks.


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