Boost your real estate business with Property 365.

Experience the power of Property 365, our specialized solution built on Microsoft Dynamics and Power platform. This property management CRM is designed to meet the unique needs of the real estate industry, simplifying every aspect of your customer journey. From generating demand and automating marketing to sales and facility management, Property 365 offers it all.

Built to fit your specific requirements, Property 365 offers valuable insights and superior AI capabilities. Stay ahead of the curve as the real estate industry advances digitally. With our innovative solutions, we can help you gain a competitive edge.

Property execution transactions increased by 75%.


Our property management ERP helps manage more than 50,000 properties across the region, including leases, rentals, sales, and maintenance.


Experience the power of Property 365

Manage your real estate business with ease using our property management ERP. It is a flexible solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics and Power platform, customized to meet your specific needs.

Stay informed and make better decisions with interactive dashboards that provide a complete picture of your business. With the service module, you will be able to address customer complaints quickly, while the sales and marketing module will help you communicate effectively with your customers.

Enjoy a seamless transition across all modules, while maintaining consistency and efficiency with our property management ERP. Set up alerts and reminders to stay on top of critical dates, such as offer and contract expirations, and keep track of pending payments.

Get the most out of your real-estate business by streamlining all processes with our powerful property management CRM solution.

Property 365 benefits

  • Managing leads and inquiries
  • Managing offers and contracts
  • Managing malls and rentals
  • Navigation on maps
  • Property BOT
  • Market Analysis
  • Route calls intelligently
  • Managing communities
  • Property financials


Yes, Property 365 is designed to easily integrate with existing property management systems in order to ensure a seamless transition and offer a single view of all property information.

Yes, Property 365 is designed to work as a property management CRM that is very easy to customize and extend, to meet the specific needs of your business and the regions in which you are located.

With Property 365, businesses can take advantage of AI capabilities and get insights to make data-driven decisions, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition in a highly competitive environment.

Property 365’s Property BOT acts as a virtual assistant, assisting customers with their queries and enhancing their overall experience.

By using Property 365’s modular approach, businesses can use specific modules tailored to their specific needs, such as sales and marketing, customer service, and property financials, etc. This way, they are able to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Yes! Our property management ERP provides multiple alerts and reminders to keep track of offer and contract expiration dates and pending payments, enabling timely action and improved financial management.

Yes, Property 365 uses intelligent call routing to direct customer calls to the appropriate teams or agents.

Yes, our property management CRM includes map navigation features that make it easy to locate properties. It makes navigating real estate portfolios quick and simpler too.

With Property 365, you can set up alerts and reminders to help you stay organized and avoid missing important deadlines, such as offer and contract expirations.

With Property 365’s superior AI capabilities you will be able to take advantage of data-driven decision making, predictive analytics, and personalized customer experiences to stay at the top of your game.


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