Every business faces a journey of evolution, and technology plays a critical role in facilitating this process.

As businesses seek to make critical decisions and strategies, they require a secure, consistent, and reliable model to support their organizational needs. That is why we offer Managed Dynamic Services that provide the best-in-class support to help businesses maintain their applications efficiently and securely.

Our services are designed to meet the unique needs and desires of each customer. With over a decade’s worth of experience, we offer a wide range of solutions for Microsoft Business Applications – Dynamics 365, Finance & Operations, Business Central, Customer Engagement, Field Service, Marketing, and Sales. We have worked across various geographies, multiple functions, and industry segments, including Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Supply Chain, and more, giving us an in-depth understanding of Dynamics 365.

Deployment and configuration

Aiming for improved efficiency, better collaboration, enhanced customer service, increased visibility, scalability, and security in your business? Dynamics 365 applications is your answer. We deploy and configure Dynamics 365 applications to provide a seamless business operation. It includes Finance and Operations, Sales, Customer Service, and Business Central. We can also customize solutions to meet your specific business requirements, as well as integrate Dynamics 365 with other business systems.


Custom development

Boost your business with extended capabilities of Dynamics 365 functionality. We will develop custom modules, workflows, reports, and integrations for you. A team of experienced developers will work closely with you to understand your needs and develop solutions that meet your unique requirements.



Do more with a powerful suite of tools that can streamline your business operations, ensure data consistency and accuracy across your systems, and make better-informed decisions. Do it by integrating Dynamics 365 with other business systems, such as ERP systems, CRM systems, and marketing automation platforms.


Support and maintenance

Stay ahead of potential issues, improve overall system security and performance of your business. You can do it all by opting for 24/7 support and maintenance services for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Intwo experts can assist your business with issue resolution, performance optimization, security and compliance, backup, and recovery.


User training

Intwo offers user training services for Dynamics 365 applications to businesses. You can maximize the value of Dynamics 365 investments by ensuring that users are fully trained and able to utilize the system to its full potential. Maximize ROI, improve user adoption and engagement, reduce errors, enhance the user experience, and provide ongoing learning opportunities for users.


The Intwo solution is definitely paying for itself in terms of inventory efficiencies and improved cash flow.

Jeff Watson, Operations Manager, Atlas Supply


Flexible and agile service models for maximizing ROI

We provide flexible service models that focus on the customer’s total cost of ownership and maximize their return on investment. Our services are agile and adaptive, allowing customers to stay focused on their business requirements, while our support teams provide operational assistance. With automation, our customers can look forward to a seamless and enriched experience every time a bug or query impacts a business user. Our support process is automated, allowing our teams to pre-empt solutions for specific customer issues or needs.

Continuous support services with an experienced consulting team

We understand that business continuity is critical for organizations, and it has a significant impact on application continuity. Therefore, we plan our support services in tandem with the Microsoft product roadmap to ensure that your application landscape is always up to date with the latest versions. Our consulting team consists of experienced members from varied domains and industry experience. With vast experience on various versions of D365 suite of applications, our team members come from appropriate academic backgrounds backed with the required skillsets on the technology stack that we operate in.

Proactive monitoring and maintenance

Intwo offers comprehensive Dynamics 365 managed services to optimize the performance and efficiency of your system. Our certified experts use a range of tools to monitor and maintain the system, track performance indicators, perform regular updates, and create custom maintenance plans. We also set up alerts and notifications to reduce downtime and minimize issues. Partnering with us ensures a smooth-running system, improved productivity, and cost savings opportunities.

Our Managed Dynamic Services offer a wide range of benefits that help businesses maintain their applications in a secure, consistent, and reliable manner. With automation, business continuity plans, and experienced consulting teams, our services provide customers with the flexibility and support the need to thrive in today’s ever-changing business landscape.


Microsoft’s Managed Dynamics Services are comprehensive support and maintenance solutions designed to help businesses efficiently and securely maintain their Dynamics 365 applications. These services cover deployment, configuration, custom development, integration, user training, and ongoing support.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is both a CRM and an ERP system. As a CRM, it enhances customer experiences and drives sales. As an ERP, it streamlines internal operations and optimizes resources.

Partnering with us for Managed Dynamic Services offers benefits such as automation, business continuity planning, experienced consulting teams, proactive monitoring, and ongoing support, ensuring businesses maintain their applications securely, consistently, and reliably.

Our user training services ensure your employees are fully trained to utilize Dynamics 365 effectively, maximizing ROI, improving user adoption, reducing errors, enhancing user experience, and providing ongoing learning opportunities.

We offer 24/7 support and maintenance for Dynamics 365, including issue resolution, performance optimization, security, compliance, backup, recovery, and ongoing user training.

Traditional IT Support is a reactive model, addressing IT issues as they occur, often referred to as “break-fix” support. It can lead to downtime while waiting for fixes. However, our managed dynamics services act like a dedicated maintenance team for your business. They offer scalability, specialized expertise, and service level agreements, significantly reducing downtime and facilitating the deployment of new technologies.

Intwo’s managed dynamic services can benefit businesses across sectors. They’re ideal for sales, marketing, and customer service teams, businesses with complex ERP systems, organizations lacking in-house skills, companies seeking to improve efficiency, and businesses operating in the cloud. Any business looking to optimize its use of Dynamics 365 can benefit.

Our managed dynamics services enhance security and compliance through 24/7 support, annual security audits, data recovery and redundancy, regular security training, a dedicated security team, and GDPR compliance. These measures ensure a secure and compliant environment for your business.

Yes! Our managed dynamics services can be tailored to your business needs. We offer customizable solutions for various Microsoft Business Applications. Whether it’s initial setup or ongoing support, we can develop custom modules, workflows, and reports based on your unique requirements.

Our Dynamics 365 managed services provide flexible and agile service models focused on minimizing the total cost of ownership and maximizing ROI. The models are adaptive, allowing you to stay focused on their requirements while receiving operational assistance.


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