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Fly high on your business journey with our managed cloud services. Embrace the cloud confidently and unlock its endless possibilities. Experience lower costs, real-time insights, and enhanced security. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together.

Join the future of technology with Microsoft Azure cloud service and Intwo: Transform your datacenter.



Boost your business with Intwo CloudSCAN, the ultimate tool for moving to the Microsoft cloud. Get in-depth insights, expert guidance, benchmarks, and comprehensive reports in just 10 days!

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Cloud Migration

Trust our skilled team and cutting-edge tools to make smart cloud decisions. Seamlessly migrate all your workloads to Azure with Intwo Cloud Migration. Use the Azure Migration Program for guidance, skill development, and success.

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Protect your applications and data with Intwo Backup & DR. Reduce unplanned outages and data loss significantly, at minimal costs. Trust our managed cloud services to offer you peace of mind.

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Governance & Compliance

Rest assured with a secure infrastructure, protected customer data, and constant service availability. Intwo offers 40+ active controls, comprehensive security, and an annual SOC audit.

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Cloud Concierge

Let our experts manage your Azure cloud infrastructure. Intwo Cloud Concierge provides expert Azure cloud services including management and support, so you don't have to worry.

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Take control of your budget with our partner program. Enjoy discounts and simplified billing for Microsoft Azure cloud service and Maximize cost savings.

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Reduce cloud costs with Intwo FinOps. Discover savings up to 70% on your cloud spending. Gain full visibility and optimize your Azure service management workloads efficiently.

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Upgrade your datacenter and applications with Intwo.

We understand that modernizing your datacenter or applications is a process that requires careful planning and execution. Our goal is to make this transformation smart and smooth while ensuring that you experience reduced costs and enhanced performance.

Experience the power of Azure + Intwo

Our certified Azure experts have successfully migrated over 300 software companies and 1,000 businesses to Azure worldwide. With our proven four-step methodology, we ensure a smooth and seamless microsoft azure cloud service, with results that can be observed within just four weeks.

Ongoing cost optimization

If you’re currently paying for Azure service management services with a credit card, we can immediately help you save 10% on your monthly costs. But that’s not all. We leverage technology to continuously optimize your costs, ensuring you make the right decisions and maximize your budget with our azure service management.

24/7 availability and support

With a team of 400 dedicated professionals across 9 countries, we are always available for you. Our proactive monitoring, optimization, and automation ensure that your systems are running smoothly 24/7. As your Global Azure Expert, we provide the right support and ensure that your operations run seamlessly.

Security by Design

The world of cybercrime is constantly evolving, and cybercriminals are becoming savvier every day. We take security seriously and implement an approach that safeguards your modern datacenter. Our robust security measures defend your applications and data against any potential threats.

Reliability is the key

We work closely with our clients to ensure continuity, provide fall-back options, and encourage smart innovation. We understand the importance of moving forward step-by-step, ensuring that your business and processes keep running smoothly. It is like climbing a ladder – one rung at a time.

We are Intwo. We support and enhance your modern data center, reducing IT investment stress, and allowing you to prioritize your core business. Experience the power of Modern Datacenter by Intwo, where your vital applications are constantly accessible and secure in the Azure infrastructure. A seamless solution that optimizes your operations and allows your business to reach its full potential.


You can get Azure solutions tailored to your specific needs by implementing and integrating our Microsoft Azure managed infrastructure services. This includes enhancing security, optimizing your infrastructure and leveraging cloud computing power to boost the growth of your business and give you more agility.

Our Azure implementation process begins with an in-depth analysis of your business needs and requirements. We design unique solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. We migrate the data and applications from your organization to the Azure platform. After the testing and validation are done, we commit to providing you support and maintenance services continually even after the implementation.

Our expert team at Intwo analyzes your existing infrastructure, suggests any improvements, and optimizes the Azure environment to boost the performance and agility. We also provide solutions that are cost-efficient for our clients.

At Intwo, when we work with Azure deployments our topmost priority is security. Our team follows best practices to keep your data and applications safe. Be it implementation identity and access management, network security, encryption or regular updates and monitoring for a secure and safe Azure environment.

Yes, at Intwo you are provided with comprehensive maintenance and support services for your Azure solutions. Our team is constantly available to check for any issues, providing regular patches and updates and ensuring the seamless operation of your Azure environment.

To ensure your team possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to use and manage Azure correctly, we provide training sessions and knowledge transfer.

Yes. Analyzing your Azure usage, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and managing your Azure spending are all part of our services. At the same time, we ensure you receive the resources you need without compromising quality.

Several systems and applications can be integrated with Azure; our team of experts will help you in it. Whether it is on-premises solutions, third-party applications, or other cloud platforms, our team of specialists will be able to integrate them seamlessly with Azure based on your needs.

Yes, we can help with the planning and design of disaster recovery and business continuity solutions on Azure as well as guiding you through the implementation process. Your business will remain operational while you ensure that the backups are set up, the site recovery configurations are in place, and testing is conducted.

Depending on the complexity and scope of a project, the duration of an Azure deployment may vary. But worry not! Our team will work closely with you to provide a timeline tailored to your specific requirements so that you are aware of the duration of the project.


Our team will work with you on your business challenges and provide unique solutions with our managed Azure services.


We love a challenge. So do the 400 cloud experts at Intwo.


Rest assured. We've got you.