Intwo CloudSCAN: Unlock the power of your Microsoft cloud journey.

Intwo CloudSCAN offers invaluable insights for businesses embarking on a Microsoft Cloud migration or looking to enhance their existing cloud operations. Benefit from expert guidance, industry benchmarks, and a comprehensive report delivered in just 10 days. Optimize your cloud journey and unlock its full potential with Intwo CloudSCAN.

Maximize your cloud journey

With Intwo CloudSCAN, you’ll receive expert guidance to optimize every aspect of your cloud journey. Our standardized methodology provides a thorough analysis of your IT environment, industry benchmarks, and actionable recommendations to drive your success.

Expert guidance to optimize your cloud journey

Our service ensures that your migration to Azure is not only cost-efficient but also successful, enabling you to maximize the benefits of the cloud and achieve your business objectives.

A powerful tool to empower businesses

Intwo CloudSCAN is a powerful tool designed to help businesses optimize their Microsoft Cloud journey. The benefits are manifold, including insightful guidance, expedited results, cost savings, and seamless implementation.

One of the significant advantages of using Intwo CloudSCAN is the swift results it provides. Within just 10 days, you’ll receive a comprehensive report with ready-to-implement next steps for your IT department or cloud supplier. This means you can quickly put the recommendations into action, resulting in a faster and smoother cloud journey.

Cost savings are another noteworthy benefit of utilizing Intwo CloudSCAN. Research indicates that up to 45% of cloud spend is wasted. With Intwo CloudSCAN, you’ll identify cost-saving opportunities and ensure your migration to Azure is cost-efficient.

Seamless implementation for a smooth transition

Intwo CloudSCAN offers seamless implementation. We will provide you with a tailored proposal to implement the key recommendations derived from your CloudSCAN. We’ll guide you through the process, turning theory into action, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition.

In conclusion, Intwo CloudSCAN is an essential tool for businesses seeking to optimize their Microsoft Cloud journey. With its insightful guidance, expedited results, cost savings, and seamless implementation, businesses can unlock the full potential of their cloud migration and drive success in the cloud.


We can’t thank the Intwo team enough for their dedication, professionalism and engagement through this process as it ensured we maintained our business continuity and did not have staff having to manage the move internally. Intwo come highly recommended by our business and truly are experts in the transition to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Andrew Hill, Business Manager, Cloud A2K



Comprehensive analysis

Intwo CloudSCAN provides an in-depth analysis of your current IT environment, comparing it to industry benchmarks, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your Microsoft Cloud journey.


Tailored recommendations

Intwo CloudSCAN offers customized recommendations specifically tailored to your business, ensuring actionable insights that address your unique needs.


Expert guidance

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced cloud solution architects who provide expert guidance to make informed decisions about your cloud migration.


Fast turnaround

Intwo CloudSCAN delivers comprehensive reports within an impressive 10 working days, enabling you to quickly implement recommendations and gain a competitive edge.


Cost savings

Identify hidden cost-saving opportunities and ensure a cost-efficient migration to Azure, resulting in long-term savings for your business.


Seamless implementation

With a tailored proposal in hand, seamlessly turn recommendations into reality as we guide you through the implementation process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.


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