Intwo CloudSCAN: unlock the power of your Microsoft cloud journey.

Experience the power of Intwo’s Azure consulting services with CloudSCAN, a robust tool designed to optimize your Microsoft cloud experience. Gain valuable insights, expert guidance, and industry benchmarks to enhance your cloud operations or smoothly migrate to the Microsoft cloud. Our team will deliver a holistic report within 10 days, providing you with valuable insights to leverage the full potential of your cloud experience. Choose Intwo as your trusted Azure consulting partner and explore the realm of the Microsoft cloud. Together we make your business embrace the cloud.

Maximize your cloud journey

Let Intwo be your trusted guide for your Microsoft cloud journey. Our Azure consultancy experts will optimize every aspect of your transition, to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Benefit from an in-depth analysis of your IT setup, industry benchmarks, and practical recommendations for success. Experience the power of Intwo CloudSCAN and make your cloud vision a reality.

Optimize your cloud experience with expert guidance

At Intwo, we offer comprehensive services to streamline your Microsoft cloud migration process. Our focus is on delivering cost-efficient solutions that not only drive success, but also empower you to leverage Azure to its complete potential. Let us guide you on the road to achieving your business objectives with seamless implementation and invaluable insights. Experience the difference with Intwo’s Azure consulting services.

Intwo CloudSCAN: helping businesses embrace the cloud

Intwo CloudSCAN is a powerful tool designed to optimize the journey of businesses to Microsoft Cloud. It offers a range of benefits, including insightful guidance, expedited results, cost savings, and seamless implementation.

What sets Intwo CloudSCAN apart is its ability to deliver fast and precise results. In just 10 days you will receive a comprehensive report containing actionable insights that can be used by your IT department or cloud provider. This means you can swiftly implement the recommendations, accelerating the cloud migration process.

Cost savings are a key advantage of CloudSCAN. In a recent study, researchers found that businesses waste up to 45% of their cloud spending on unnecessary services. With our tools and technology, you will be able to enjoy cost-saving opportunities while we ensure a cost-efficient migration to Azure.

Embark on a Microsoft Cloud journey with Intwo’s Azure consultancy and allow your organization to achieve its goals. Get the most out of the cloud with our invaluable insights and expertise.

Transition smoothly with seamless implementation

Intwo CloudSCAN ensures a smooth and hassle-free implementation. We will provide a tailored proposal based on your CloudSCAN results, guiding you every step of the way to put the recommendations into action effortlessly.

To put it simply, CloudSCAN is an essential tool for optimizing your Microsoft cloud journey. With our team’s valuable guidance, speedy results, cost savings, and effortless implementation services, you can tap into the full potential of your cloud migration and achieve success. With Intwo as your reliable Azure consultancy partner, experience the ease and effectiveness of CloudSCAN today.


We can’t thank the Intwo team enough for their dedication, professionalism and engagement through this process as it ensured we maintained our business continuity and did not have staff having to manage the move internally. Intwo come highly recommended by our business and truly are experts in the transition to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Andrew Hill, Business Manager, Cloud A2K



Comprehensive analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of your existing IT environment. Our analysis compares your current IT setup with industry benchmarks, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and maximize the benefits of the Microsoft cloud.


Tailored recommendations

Get customized recommendations that are specifically tailored to your business with our Azure consulting services. These actionable insights address your specific requirements and guide you towards a successful cloud optimization.


Expert guidance

Benefit from the insight of our expert cloud solution professionals. Our team provides you with valuable guidance and support, allowing you to make informed decisions throughout your cloud migration process.


Fast turnaround

With Intwo CloudSCAN, you can expect comprehensive reports delivered within an impressive time period of 10 working days. This ensures that you can swiftly implement the proposed strategies and gain a competitive advantage.


Cost savings

Discover new cost-saving opportunities with CloudSCAN. By identifying areas where you can optimize your Azure migration, you can achieve long-term cost savings for your business.


Seamless implementation

We make implementation effortless. Once we create a custom proposal for your business, our team will guide you through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to the Microsoft cloud.


With our Cloud SCAN solution, not only do you receive help during the initial phases of the cloud migration process but also regular insights and recommendations to enhance and improve your ongoing cloud operations. With the guidance from our Azure consultancy experts, you will be able to continually optimize and elevate your Microsoft cloud journey and enjoy maximum efficiency with significant cost savings.

With our unique solution, you can easily identify and leverage cost-saving opportunities. This is done by analyzing the cloud spend for your business which allows us to ensure that a cost-efficient migration to Azure is implemented. This results in long term cost savings for your business.

With Intwo CloudSCAN you can expect a whole suite of features such as an in-depth analysis of your current IT environment, comparing it to industry benchmarks, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and optimize your Microsoft cloud journey.

Yes, the Intwo CloudSCAN solution gives you customized recommendations that are specific to your business. This enables you to gain actionable insights that are uniquely tailored to your needs.

With Intwo’s CloudSCAN solution you get a business-specific and customized proposal that is uniquely tailored to your business needs and requirements. This proposal includes the key recommendations for your migration or implementation processes. It offers guidance throughout the migration or implementation process to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

Absolutely. The CloudSCAN solution is designed in such a way that it can empower all shapes and sizes of businesses and organizations that are looking for a solution to optimize their cloud experience.

Yes. The Intwo CloudSCAN is a solution that is designed to offer customized recommendations that are specific to the needs of every individual customer and their unique business requirements. Our team understands that every organization has different goals, and our Azure consulting services are designed to achieve those goals.

The cost for the CloudSCAN service depends upon various factors such as the size of the organization, the amount of customization required, and more. You can contact our Azure consulting services sales team for further information about the Intwo CloudSCAN pricing model or if you would like a quote for your business. All the necessary information will be provided to you by our Azure consultancy experts, along with a complete price breakdown so that you are fully equipped to take an informed decision.

The CloudSCAN can be combined and integrated with several other services that are provided by Intwo in order to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for their cloud journey. Our team of Azure consultancy experts will find out the available options tailored to your unique needs and come up with a customized plan that suits your specific requirements.


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