Our employees are an integral part of our joint success, today and tomorrow.

They are part of a diverse, global team, working together to deliver value to our customers through cloud technology. We live in exciting times where technology is a game changer, and our employees are here to make a difference.

We believe that our culture is essential to our strategy, execution, and success together. Success for us is an outcome of the values that we embrace every day. Therefore, to execute as a high-performance team, we defined values that guide us in everything we do.

People first

We believe our people are the most important assets we have in our company. Our culture and people provide the real value on top of technology and service contracts. Their conversations, decisions, promises, breakthroughs, and breakdowns embody who we truly are. And putting our people first, we are creating an environment that helps our people to realize their full potential and be at their best with our clients, beyond the contract, every day.



We always speak and act with integrity by honoring our word and doing whole and complete work. We are committed to what we agree to, with our colleagues, customers, and suppliers. We don’t make agreements that we cannot or will not keep. If we cannot keep our word, we honor our word by communicating about it proactively, make a new agreement and clean up the mess.



Accountability is all about ownership and clarity. With accountability you own the outcome and take responsibility to make clear what the desired outcome is. Accountability does not guarantee a successful outcome, it is a personal investment in diligence and perseverance to “go for it”. With accountability you get the full confidence that you make the right decisions and the leadership’s support to achieve those results. There is accountability at every level in the organization, everyone is accountable for something.



We fail together and we succeed together. We leverage our collective genius by pro-actively sharing our knowledge, insights, and experiences.We constantly strive for better customer solutions, expertise, and internal optimizations.We work together and across organizational boundaries to help Intwo and our customers succeed. We choose to grow together with our colleagues, our customers and our RIB and Schneider Electric network.



Diversity and inclusion. These words mean a lot to us. Creating an environment that allows everybody to be themselves, is crucial for our success. With diversity we get different perspectives to find the truth. Therefore, we are committed to creating a culture that allows people to bring their authentic selves to work. Be you. We strive to create workplaces that reflects the world we serve.



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