MTWO is an all-in-one platform that provides a centralized solution for connecting people, processes, and data in one place.

With MTWO, construction companies can streamline their entire project lifecycle, from planning to operations, by fostering real-time collaboration and improving productivity. By bringing everyone onto one platform, MTWO ensures that everyone is on the same page, with the same access to information, helping you stay organized and efficient.

To speed up your digitalization journey, our expert team will help you deploy and adopt MTWO across your organization from order confirmation. Save time with an investment in MTWO.



Faster Deployment

Set up Azure cloud and have your data and processes pre-configured quickly.


Ready-to-use Solution

Get MTWO cloud that is preconfigured with best practice standards, workflows and templates.


Scalability and Flexibility

Further configure and Integrate the system based on your needs as your business grows.

Get up and running on MTWO

Start seeing the value that MTWO can bring to your business faster than ever before. With the MTWO service, once your order is confirmed, the expert MTWO team will set up the Azure cloud, install the system and setup an industry-specific configuration for you. In just a matter of time, you will have MTWO up and running.


Scalable for future configuration and integration

The MTWO Service together with pre-packaged solution is designed to help you accelerate the MTWO implementation in your projects, while the scalability and the openness of the solution allows you to further configure the platform and integrate it with other systems as your business grows.



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