You can’t keep relying on old-school on-premises solutions like RDS and Citrix. You need better workplace delivery to stay nimble and adaptable.

The rise of remote work has accelerated rapidly in recent years, with the number of remote workers jumping from 7% to 66% in 2020. In response, businesses seek new solutions to enable their employees to work from anywhere while maintaining productivity and security.

Remote working solution

One such solution is remote working using Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). AVD offers employees a personalized, role-based experience, enabling them to seamlessly run applications and Microsoft 365 productivity tools on the same desktop. This makes the virtual workspace modern, secure, and mobile, allowing employees to work on any device they choose.


For me, the biggest benefit is that Microsoft 365 is fully included, so it doesn’t matter anymore if someone works on a laptop at home or a desktop in the office.

Stefan de Boer, Global Digital & IT Director, Brunel

Effortlessly streamline your remote working environment

At Intwo, we provide remote working solutions tailored to your business’s needs. Our team of experts designs and manages your AVD infrastructure, freeing up your time to focus on your core business while providing your employees with a great user experience.

With our remote working solution, you can stay flexible and agile, control costs, streamline your organization, and increase productivity by up to 13%. We also offer optimized performance and prices, scalability and control, high availability, data protection, and customized support options.

Whether you’re looking to transition to a remote workforce or improve your existing remote working setup, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our remote working solutions and how they can benefit your business.

With Our Remote Working Solution You


Stay flexible and agile by offering a modern, secure and virtual workplace to your employees.


Stay secure and compliant by centrally managing and controlling desktops via a secure platform.


Control costs and get more value from your existing IT budget by scaling up and down when needed.


Streamline your organization by running your applications in the same desktop.


Increase productivity up to 13% by providing remote access capability to a user’s desktop.


Focus on your business while we design and manage your remote working platform.

The ultimate solution for your business

In today’s fast-paced world, remote working is necessary for businesses to succeed. Intwo provides a comprehensive solution that can help you streamline your remote working environment and empower your employees to work efficiently and effectively from anywhere.

Here are some reasons why Intwo’s remote working solution is the right choice for your business:

  • Free-up valuable time – With our Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about designing, deploying, or managing your remote working environment. This means you can focus on your core business while providing your employees a great user experience. And if you already have a golden desktop build, we can use it to jumpstart your AVD implementation.
  • Optimized performance and costs – Intwo’s remote working solution allows you to easily add or remove virtual desktops, constantly optimizing your costs and performance. Plus, investing in new hardware is unnecessary, saving you money in the long run
  • Scalable and controllable – Some workplaces have high technical requirements that demand powerful applications and operating systems. Our remote working solution is highly scalable and controllable, making it the perfect choice for businesses with varying demands
  • High-availability – With our guaranteed platform availability, you can rest assured that your employees will always have a great end-user experience.
  • Protection of your data – We ensure the availability of your data through daily user profile backups and protection against malicious malware attacks.
  • Support – Our team works with you to define the best practical help for you and your remote working platform, ensuring you have everything you need to succeed.


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