We have one planet which belongs to all of us.

Therefore, we have a collective responsibility to deal with the climate in a sustainable way. We want to make a meaningful contribution to a sustainable environment, focusing on our society, our employees and our customers.

As an organization, we can reduce our CO2 emissions, ensure the ability to separate waste. From our client angle, we can make customers aware of our ESG vision and come up with (sustainable) solutions. We support our employees to give back to the community.

Our organization

Within our organization we stimulate common sense: don’t fly and drive if you don’t have to. Recycle plastics, turn off the lights and lower the heating when not in the office. We stimulate electrical cars over fossil ones. Be nice to one another and help your team members where you can. ​Our software and cloud solutions allow us and clients to cut waste, lower CO2 emissions, and adopt hybrid working. All employees can drink from Intwo provided durable drinking bottles.

Our employees

Diversity. Inclusion. These words mean a lot to us. Creating an environment that allows everybody to be themselves, is crucial for our success. Therefore, we are committed to creating a culture that allows people to bring their authentic selves to work. Be you. If you want to read more about our values. We stimulate hybrid working and use of workplace and collaboration technology to optimize work-life balance and cut CO2 of unnecessary mileage.

Our customers

Our services help reduce CO2 footprint. With our Modern Workplace we can enable staff to cut back on domestic and international travel. Cloud computing allows centralized servers rather than many local servers that typically use power, but are only used 20% of the time. We locate our servers in green data centers. And with our infrastructure services we reduce  power consumption and use green power.  To read more please refer to Azure Sustainability—Sustainable Technologies | Microsoft Azure.

Our partners

We are a 100% subsidiary of Schneider Electric and RIB Software. As such we are committed to accelerating sustainability for us all. Please read more about this on Corporate sustainability and development goals | Schneider Electric Global.

As a Global Microsoft Expert MSP and Inner Circle Partner we are committed to the cloud for sustainability Initiative as described by Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

Industry-specific solutions

We have worked with the construction and manufacturing industries for many years and hundreds of clients, and power its sustainability with MTWO 6D BIM. What does that mean?

We spend 90% of our time in the buildings where we live, work, learn, entertain, and produce things. In 2019, however, the CO2 emissions of the giant industry we interact with every day – building and construction – increased to their highest levels to date, representing 38% of global energy related CO2 emissions. As an industry that employs 7% of the world’s working age population and as 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, stakeholders in this industry must take responsibility to reduce emissions and create a sustainable and net-zero future for everyone. Read more about 6D BIM: powering sustainability of the construction industry (mtwocloud.com).


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