Maximize your cloud migration with Intwo’s expertise and tools.

Go for cloud excellence with Intwo Cloud Migration. Seamlessly migrate your business-critical workloads to Azure and embark on a digital transformation journey. Our expert team and professional toolings ensure that every cloud decision you make is the right one. Leverage the Azure Migration Program for step-by-step guidance, skill development, and innovative migration tools that propel you towards success.

Expert guidance for your cloud journey

Let Intwo Cloud Migration be your trusted companion on the path to a successful cloud migration. Our experienced cloud solution architects provide unparalleled guidance on prioritizing workloads, considering cost, benefits, security, and compliance. Rest assured that your cloud journey is in the hands of experts who make informed decisions, ensuring you maximize the benefits of the Azure cloud.

 Intwo Cloud Migration leads the way

Intwo Cloud Migration harnesses the power of proven tools like Azure Migrate and Cloudamize, revolutionizing assessments and enhancing accuracy. With these advanced technologies at your disposal, you can confidently make cloud decisions backed by precise analytics. Trust us to deliver the latest tools and expertise, guaranteeing a smooth and successful migration to Azure.

Unlock the benefits of Microsoft Azure

Use the full potential of the Azure cloud with Intwo Cloud Migration. Experience tailored, step-by-step guidance from our Microsoft experts through the Azure Migration Program (AMP). Our proven cloud methodologies and best practices ensure a swift and successful migration, enabling your business to thrive in the Azure ecosystem. Let us provide the resources you need to migrate with confidence and optimize your cloud environment for long-term success.

Maximize cost-efficiency in your cloud migration

Achieve cost savings and operational efficiency with Intwo Cloud Migration. Our expertise enables us to identify cost-saving opportunities, ensuring a cost-efficient migration to the Azure cloud and delivering long-term savings for your business. Additionally, Azure migration tools such as Azure Migrate and Azure Cost Management empower you to optimize costs and reduce migration expenses. Trust Intwo Cloud Migration to unlock maximum cost efficiency and optimize your cloud environment for unparalleled success.

Maximize your cloud potential

Elevate your IT infrastructure, control cost, and increase security with Intwo Modern Datacenter. Our expert team of cloud solution architects provides round-the-clock support and guidance, guaranteeing the safety and performance of your IT environment.

Cloud Migration is embedded in our CloudCARE methodology


From assessment to design, Intwo Cloud Migration employs proven tooling to gather accurate information about your current IT infrastructure. Our experts then craft a tailor-made solution that aligns with your unique business requirements. During deployment, the solution is implemented, tested, and ready to fuel your progress.

With Intwo Cloud Migration, ongoing 24/7 support, continuous improvement, and cost management are at your fingertips, ensuring long-term cloud success. Rely on us to optimize your cloud environment and unleash its boundless potential.


Intwo successfully completed our complex Active Directory project, exceeding our expectations. They migrated our system seamlessly to Azure, with clear communication and collaboration with our IT team. Our new system is robust, efficient, and provides a solid foundation for future growth. Intwo’s professionalism, expertise, and customer service were exceptional, and we highly recommend their services.

Roland Tan, IT Director, Beyonics


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