The logistics and distribution industry is a massive and crucial part of the global economy with 10T USD and 10% of global GDP.

It’s enabling all other vertical industries and consumers. If you operate in this industry, you probably saw a lot of change in the last 10 years.

Around the millennium, the focus was on optimized global supply chains to take advantage of low-cost manufacturing in low-cost countries. Fewer massive logistics hubs and product sites created both lower pricing and higher vulnerability when these are disturbed. Labor costs went up in these countries. There is an increased awareness about environmental impact, and recent events have shown serious vulnerabilities when exposed to volatile geopolitical, economical and global supply chain factors.

Evaluating current and future business and IT strategies

As a result, many of our logistics and distribution clients are evaluating current and future business and IT strategies. Production, distribution, and logistics become a more integrated business and require data, insights, and decision making across the value chain, including third parties.

The promise of combining Internet-of-Things with Big Data analysis and integration into logistics and financial systems has been around for a while. Many of these application integrations happen in the cloud. We have over 20 years of experience working with distribution and logistics customers and cloud deployments.

From as-is to required situation

We aim to help distribution and logistics clients with our cloud advisory practice to first identify the as-is, required situation and priorities. This may involve integration technologies to connect existing data and applications. In other cases, it concerns the full replacement of (e)commerce, financial and logistic systems. With our background in Microsoft-based technologies including Dynamics 365Power PlatformModern Workplace, and Microsoft Azure, we also work with clients to create insights across many other systems and hybrid clouds, leveraging APIs.

Working globally with dispersed operation and project teams creates the need for unified collaboration, ranging from document management, remote meetings and allowing employees to work from anywhere while accessing corporate information securely with adequate performance and cost.

Increasingly, compliance is becoming a major concern for customers when acquiring business insurance of qualifying for government contracts. We have helped clients understand an establish the appropriate procedures, processes, and documentation to meet the necessary qualification standards. If you are operating in the logistics and distribution industry, we can help your business move to the next level with cloud technology.




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