Many businesses are seeking ways to create competitive advantages in a world of change via digital transformation.

Realizing digital transformation is not only about technology. It is a new way of applying technology, and connecting people, data, and processes in a unified way to create benefits for the organization, including analytics and predictive insights, higher performance, improved cost, and better security. Cloud technology accelerates business performance and agility and is at the center of the 4th industrial revolution.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft has been recognized by clients and analysts alike as world leader in cloud technology. The Microsoft Azure cloud is the fastest growing global cloud platform with the highest adoption rate amongst enterprise businesses. And it has an ever-evolving set of intelligent services that work out-of-the-box with enterprise solutions.

With Microsoft Azure you build, manage, and deploy applications the way you see fit, and by using the tools and technologies you prefer. Azure meets you wherever you are on your digital journey and has the most advanced set of compliance and security certifications, so you always comply with local data legislation. From DevOps to advanced analytics to IoT, Azure is the only cloud solution agile enough to meet your enterprise’s unique needs.

Why run applications in Microsoft Azure?

Running software solutions in the cloud versus on-premises helps you stay ahead with increased operational efficiency, productivity, and business agility. It helps you cope with volatile markets, and weather economic downturn effectively, as well as reacting quickly when business cycles are on the upswing. The cloud allows you to harness new technologies that assist in capturing market share and increasing profitability.

There are many advantages of running your software in the cloud, compared to running it on-premises:


Better Value for Money

You benefit from economies of scale in Microsoft Azure with the development of intelligent services that never stops, so you always have access to the latest and greatest technology. There is no upfront investment in networking, hardware or software when using the cloud compared to having your infrastructure on-premises, ergo your CAPEX (capital expenditure) moves to OPEX (operational expenditure).



With the Azure cloud, you are not bound by long-term contracts and can scale to what you need now. Furthermore, the cloud can bring you faster speed of innovation and is therefore more supportive of your digitalization journey compared to on-premises solutions. Lastly, some of the crucial but basic IT infrastructure tasks no longer must be carried out by your own IT staff, which makes your workforce more flexible and able to focus on your core business.


Reliable Infrastructure & Managed Services

Losing data bears high cost and reputation loss. In the cloud, you can set up a high-availability and reliable infrastructure, and easily add backup solutions to it to make your infrastructure rock solid for your users. By adding managed services with an enterprise-grade service level agreement, your infrastructure becomes even more bullet proof with guaranteed uptime that fits your specific needs.


Easily Extendable with Additional Services

If your infrastructure runs in Microsoft Azure, you can easily extend it with, for example, productivity tools like Office 365, data visualization (control tower via BI) and AI powered insights.



More than half of businesses worldwide experienced a form of security breach, and as a result were compromised in the last 12 months[1]. By running your applications in Microsoft Azure, you leverage the world’s best and most certified cloud infrastructure, and highest standards of security technologies.

[1] CNBC 10/2019

Enterprise-grade services

Although Azure with its wide range of business applications is a powerful collection of technologies, creating the right design and operating expertise to fit your business needs with these technologies may not be your core business. That is where we come in.

We have proactive experts for consultancy, implementation, and fully managed operations around the world. We operate a follow-the-sun methodology, providing 24/7 support from operations centers in USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. We guarantee both availability and response times in the event of incidents, backed by market-leading service level agreements, and 20 years of experience with the Microsoft ecosystem.


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