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Agility and innovation have always been pivotal parts of business growth. Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together departments, people, and products through unified connectivity. Be at the frontline of innovation and bridge sales, services, marketing, supply chains, and stores for you and your customers.

Leave your concerns about digital transformation. Intwo experts are here to ensure that you have everything ready, and secure for you to run a smooth business operation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of solution expertise to assist in your business objectives.

Business Central

Take your first step towards continued growth and a faster decision-making process with Microsoft ERP solution. No more delays in getting insights for faster decision-making.


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Customer Insights

It is time to strengthen customer relationships without hampering your ongoing operations. Intwo understands how important your customers are to you and offers you only the best.


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Finance and Operations

With Intwo’s expertise and Microsoft cloud solution, leverage a full range of this cloud solution for your large-scale organization.


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We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and the power of brand loyalty in a business. It can be overwhelming to manage it all alone sometime. Intwo is here to guide you through this cloud solution.


Field Service Automation

Stay ahead of your competition! Opt for Field Service Automation (FSA) App for real-time insights into operations. Never miss an important business notification with the app.


Human Resources

Today’s HR industry is becoming more and more competitive. Enhance the HR experience and operations in your organization with Microsoft cloud solution. Increase employee engagement, development, and retention.



Never miss out on good leads and deals. Let digital intelligence assist your sales team in strengthening customer relationships and increasing performance.



Thinking of personalizing customer experiences using AI? Intwo offers a seamless and customized cloud Dynamics 365 Marketing solution to elevate your business processes.



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