With Dynamics 365 – the ultimate turbo-charger for your business – you can transform your digital landscape. Unlock the full potential of your business with D365 Finance and Operations.

Our cloud-based Dynamics 365 ERP solution, previously known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, brings together all your essential processes and departments, such as procurement, sales, logistics, production, projects, finance, and more. By seamlessly integrating real-time insights and predictive analytics into the cloud, it enables you to make smarter decisions swiftly, thanks to real-time insights and predictive analytics.

Experience efficiency, growth, and agility like never before as you run your business smoothly and drive progress. Work with Intwo, as your trusted Microsoft Dynamics AX partner, and take the first step towards transforming your business into a success. Take control of your business with ease and confidence today.



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Key capabilities

Here are the key capabilities to enhance your business operations.


In the finance arena, our system combines financial and business operations data with predictive analytics and intelligence. This enables you to gain deeper insights into your business, improve financial controls, accelerate cash flow, reduce outstanding sales days, and ensure corporate compliance. Anticipate business needs, enhance forecasting accuracy, and drive corporate strategy and growth.



When it comes to manufacturing, we help you minimize lead times, meet customer requirements, and demands and optimize resource management so that you experience increased efficiency. Real-time data allows you to track production progress, establish accurate delivery dates, and reduce costs. Our solution supports multiple production strategies such as configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock, and make-to-order. You can also utilize both push and pull production control mechanisms.


Supply chain management

With our supply chain management functionalities, you can improve the velocity, exceed customer expectations, and optimize profitability. Seamlessly connect sales and purchasing processes with logistics, production, and warehouse management to ensure visibility and effective management throughout the supply chain. Streamline vendor collaboration and efficiently manage distributed organizations with inter-company and multi-site capabilities.


Cloud services

Our cloud services enable you to deploy the powerful Dynamics 365 ERP and access real-time information on any device, at any given time. Enjoy flexible deployment options, bringing together the advantages of cloud and on-premises solutions to meet your global business requirements. Simplify and accelerate business process changes, seamlessly integrate with legacy systems, and scale globally at your own pace.


Project operations

Finally, our Project Operations feature empowers businesses to adapt to rapidly changing environments. Manage the entire project lifecycle, from sales to invoicing and accounting. Gain valuable analytics and insights on the usage of resources, their availability, gross margins, and also track project progress and expenditures.


With Intwo as your Microsoft Dynamics AX partner, leverage the full potential of Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations. Improve efficiency, drive growth, and achieve flexibility in your organization.


By using Microsoft ERP, you will be able to minimize lead times, fulfil customer demands, manage resources more efficiently, track production progress in real-time, provide accurate delivery dates, and make use of different production strategies to optimize your production process.

Yes, D365 Finance and Operations can have a significant effect on supply chain velocity. This is because it allows you to exceed customer expectations, optimize profitability and connect sales and purchasing processes. All these functionalities enable you to have visibility into the entire supply chain and improve your customer service.

Yes, Microsoft ERP provides powerful cloud-based applications such as D365 Finance and Operations solution that allows you to access real-time data on several devices. To meet global business needs, both on-premises and cloud-based options are available.

Yes, D365 Finance and Operations offers features that can be tailored to retail operations, such as inventory tracking, supply chain management, and financial controls.

Yes! This system comes with predictive analytics and intelligence built into the system, this enables you to gain valuable insights into the performance of your business and improve the quality of your decisions.

Yes, it provides visibility and control across multiple locations for the management of distributed organizations with intercompany and multisite capabilities.

Yes. The D365 Finance and Operations solution can be customized as per your specific business processes and requirements. Our team can help build and implement a tailored solution that fits perfectly with your needs.

A Microsoft ERP implementation timeline can vary depending on your organization’s business processes and requirements as well as the complexity of your system. Depending on the project, it could take anything between a few months up to a year or in some cases, even longer.

Yes! Our team can help you migrate your existing data from the legacy systems to the Microsoft ERP. Data migration is a part of the implementation services we offer to our clients. Our experts ensure that your data experiences a smooth transition while maintaining its integrity.

A Microsoft ERP implementation cost can vary according to several factors such as the size of your organization, how complex your business processes are, and whether you need any additional customizations. Intwo is one of the trusted Microsoft Dynamics AX partners offering customers fair and cost-effective implementation prices. Contact our sales team for a detailed cost estimate, today.


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