Did you know that nearly half of companies overspend by almost 70% within just 18 months of migrating to the cloud without optimization?

This data was discovered in research by Gartner. At Intwo, we understand the importance of your cloud cost management, particularly for Azure-based organizations.

This is where our services come in. We provide complete visibility into your current cloud expenses, helping you decrease them significantly. With our advanced cost insights, we guide you on how and where you can achieve cost savings of up to 70%.


We believe in a modular approach to cloud cost management, so that we deliver according to your specific needs and priorities. By empowering you to achieve your financial goals, we free up budget for other important activities.

As a trusted Microsoft partner, we specialize in implementing Azure FinOps solutions. Whether you are looking to manage your cloud costs or gain better control over your Azure workloads, our expert team is here to support you in every step.

FinOps Insights

With FinOps Insights, you can gain a deeper understanding into the costs associated with your cloud infrastructure. Our cloud experts will analyze your requirements, map out your current cloud situation, and provide a comprehensive assessment of your cloud setup. After gathering your requirements, we define labels, assign resource assignments, and recommend budget alerts and subscription layouts. A detailed report and online dashboard will help you gain a better understanding of your cloud environment and help you save money in the future.

FinOps Procurement

Streamline your Azure deployment with FinOps Procurement. Microsoft Azure offers a multitude of options and services, making it challenging to optimize your choices. In order to analyze your current Azure deployment, our team reviews the contract information and pricing for Azure resources. We assess the way you use Windows and SQL licenses and discuss the purpose of each environment, whether it is a production or a development and testing environment.

Discover the power of our comprehensive report

We analyze your current subscription, Windows OS, MS SQL licensing, and Azure consumption to provide tailored recommendations. Find the best subscription type and learn about cost-saving Azure features like reserved instances, dedicated hosts, and reserved capacity benefits. We calculate potential cost savings for each recommendation, giving you a clear understanding of where you can reduce expenses in your cloud services procurement.

But it’s not just that. In addition, we can implement all the recommended cost-saving measures for you. Let us help with your cloud cost management, and we will optimize them at regular intervals. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of our expertise.

At Intwo, we are not just about insights—we are committed to delivering tangible results. Let us be your trusted partner in implementing Azure FinOps solutions and streamline your cloud operations.

Experience the benefits of Azure FinOps


Get the most out of your Azure expenses with our powerful insights and procurement solutions.


Take charge of your cloud costs with smart budgets and alerts for predictable spending.


Effortlessly categorize your Azure costs by workloads, departments, or any other metrics that matter to you.


Assign costs to the right departmental budget owners, ensuring financial clarity and accountability.


By implementing smart budgets and alerts tailored to your specific needs, Azure FinOps can help you control and predict your cloud costs.

Yes, it is possible to allocate Azure costs according to departmental budget owners when using Intwo FinOps, allowing for better cost management and accountability within the department.

Azure FinOps provides a clear breakdown of Azure costs by workload, department, business unit, and geography.

Yes, we can manage your cloud costs for you as well as implement the recommended strategies for saving money and optimize your cloud costs on your behalf.

Partnering with Intwo offers you a range of benefits such as, helping you gain full understanding of potential cost savings, providing comprehensive solutions, and providing ongoing support for cost optimization by analyzing your Azure deployment.

Yes, Azure FinOps is a cost optimization solution designed to help organizations of all sizes ensure that they are able to optimize their Azure deployments to decrease costs and increase profits.

Certainly, one of the advantages of partnering with Intwo is that we can perform a review of your contract information with Microsoft and take a look at your implementation of Windows and SQL licensing, ensuring that you get the most out of your Azure contract.

Intwo makes getting started as simple as contacting us and letting us know what you need. Get in touch with our FinOps experts to discuss your business challenges and discover how we can help you control Azure costs.

Intwo’s FinOps gives you complete visibility into your current cloud expenses and can assist you in reducing them as well. In addition to providing advanced insights on cost, our team advises you on potential cost savings of up to 70% as well.

With FinOps Insights, utilizing the best technical and business expertise, our experts are able to provide a one-off expert assessment based on the analysis of your use-cases and needs. Once we gather all your business requirements and map the current cloud situation of your business, we will provide you with recommendations for cost savings that are specifically customized for your business. All of these will be offered in a comprehensive report and online dashboard.

Yes. If you want, our team can implement all recommended cost savings for your Azure procurement such as outsourcing your cloud cost management. A global direct and indirect reseller of all Microsoft licenses, we will enable you to save significant costs by optimizing your cloud.


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