45% of companies that migrate to the cloud without optimization will overspend by 70% during the first 18 months, according to Gartner.

Many organizations running their IT infrastructure on Azure see cloud cost control as a major priority. They need insights into these costs to meet financial objectives. Azure workloads need to be cost-optimized to free up budget to invest in other activities.

Intwo FinOps provides full visibility of your current cloud expenses and helps you decrease them. It gives you advanced cost insights and advises you on where and how you can realize possible cost savings up to 70%.

With our modular approach to cloud cost management, you determine the pace, and we deliver according to your requirements and priorities.

FinOps Insights

We combine technical and business expertise to analyze your use-cases and needs in a one-off expert assessment. We will gather your business requirements and map your current cloud situation regarding existing Azure resources and logical structure. We define labels, categories and recommend resource assignments, budget alerts, management group and subscription layout. The outcome is full insights into your current cloud estate that can be used for future cost savings, summarized in a comprehensive report and a standard online dashboard.

FinOps Procurement

Microsoft Azure offers many options and services for the same functionality. It can be overwhelming and challenging to choose the best options and optimize your Azure deployment.

With our FinOps Procurement approach, we analyze what you currently have deployed in Azure. We take a look at your contract information with Microsoft and the prices you receive for Azure resources. We check how you have utilized your Windows and SQL licensing and discuss the purpose of each environment – production versus dev/test – with you.

We summarize our results in a report. This covers your current subscription, Windows OS and MS SQL licensing, and Azure consumption structure. It provides you with recommendations about which subscription type is best suitable for your situation. Which alternate Azure features would optimize your Azure costs, and gives you insights into reserved instances, dedicated host, and reserved capacity benefits. We will calculate your potential cost savings for each recommendation. This way, you have full comprehension of where you can save costs in your procurement of cloud services. To complement our recommendations, we also provide you with the potential impact of implementing these.

But we don’t stop there. If you prefer, we can implement all of the recommended cost savings for you, including outsourcing your cloud cost management to us. In that case, we will optimize your cloud costs at agreed times.

Benefits of Azure FinOps


Reduce your Azure spend by leveraging our Insights and Procurement recommendations.


Make your cloud costs predictable and controllable by implementing smart budgets and alerts.


Classify your Azure costs on workloads, departments, business units, geographies, or other cost metrics.


Allocate your costs to the appropriate departmental budget owners within your organization.


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