Data driven automation, analysis and personalized services are transforming our world and the real estate business is no exception.

Real Estate enterprises are adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Intwo’s Property 365 industry solution and cloud services to understand lease and sales patterns, redefine operational processes and improve efficiencies, engage customers better and create competitive advantages through value added services.

Sales and marketing automation

In today’s competitive world, real estate management professionals must “Sell More and Sell Smart”. They must track inquiries efficiently, map them to listed properties, follow-up, capture multiple customer preferences, and convert said preferences into Sales Transactions, accelerating sales and revenue. They must also sharpen their marketing edge and competitive positioning, understand and stay in touch with customers and nurture leads effectively.

With the help of multiple workflows, in-built designer tools, real-time availability and analytical reporting available in Property 365, leasing agents and property managers will always be able to find accurate information right at their fingertips.

Property 365 Features

Property 365 would also enable organizations to be more efficient through providing the following features.


Lead/Inquiry Management

Automate marketing campaigns and lead nurture.


Offer Management

Build configurable lead-to-contract workflow and guide sales teams through all stages of the customer engagement.


Property BOT

Experience quick turnaround time as the intelligent matching engine connects customers preferences and available units automatically.


Mall & Rental Management

Support accurate and efficient offer generation using pre-defined price lists and payment plans.


Contract Management

Distribute formatted offers and agreements from the system using pre-defined templates.


Digital Signature

Allow customer signature with DocuSign integration.



Ensure audit and process compliance via document and process checklists.


Interaction Management

Record all interactions with your customers, including documents exchanged into the timeline.


Authority Management

Integrate with regulatory authority on agreement attestation and synchronize rentals with market indices.

Facility management

Integrate, connect, and manage a property, assets, people, and costs across your entire organization with an easy-to-use and connected facility management solution – Property 365. See the data that’s important to you. Make informed business decisions.

Address, adapt, and overcome issues in real-time with company-wide visibility. Keep your people happy and your business moving. Get information out of heads, off paper and into a digitized ecosystem once and for all. Completely configurable. Infinitely agile.

Learn how property 365 could help you:

  • Comprehensive case management module to address tenant, customer complaints, and service requests
  • Problem code capture and work order creation for facilities team to access tickets onsite
  • Connected field service apps for technicians to resolve, close, and update cases
  • IoT integration to review asset performance and execute predictive maintenance
  • Supports ready integration with alternate CAFM applications if required

Mall management

From creating a unique and immersive experience for customers to managing and operating a complex array of interdependent functions, Mall Management is a demanding enterprise that requires several different kinds of expertise and processes to proceed without a hitch. Mall management includes taking care of everyday operational issues, maintenance and facilities management, meeting health and safety requirements, venue security, emergency readiness, attracting and handling tenant accounts, public relations, marketing, and a host of other tertiary functions.

A challenging role for Mall Managers and Leasing Managers is to maintain and manage Retail Space and Tenant Mix in the most efficient way. Preventive maintenance saving costs to maximize efficiency is the need of the hour. Property 365 provides a fast and reliable platform to achieve reporting and analytical requirements as and when needed at the click of a button.

The following features cater to this segment:

  • Turnover-based rent computation modules for mall outlets
  • Unit splitting and merging functions at offer and contract level allows flexibility to create virtual units to lease
  • Contracts support features such as adding and monitoring fit-out periods, snagging, and handover
  • Budget and monitor rent matrix by type of retail

Delivering the future of real estate

The Microsoft Cloud allows real estate enterprises access to a very large volume of data generated by individuals as well as the industry. While this information is definitive, its sheer scale requires AI to identify actionable insights. Algorithms can help real estate companies identify customers most likely to close a deal and focus their efforts. AI can learn from consumer behavior, search patterns, income patterns and taste to make targeted property recommendations. Similarly, intelligent search services – that process natural language – can help both consumers as well as real estate businesses to focus on leads that are guided by actionable information. These results are a much more sophisticated match than those generated by ordinary search engines. It is also important to note that multi-cultural environments require detailed understanding of customer preferences, and new players and brokers need to get quickly up to speed to understand the inexplicit needs of the customer.

Chatbots are another instance in which Intwo deploys Microsoft cloud-based AI to delegate common queries to a virtual assistant, so that human resources can focus on more sophisticated tasks. Chatbots have a significant role across the real estate spectrum from enquiry capture to facility management.

We also believe that realtors need to differentiate in today’s competitive world, and technology is becoming a key differentiator. Low code apps based on the Microsoft Power Platform, Azure IoT integration for facility management, tenant loyalty programs based on Engage 365 and many other scenarios are available through our technology offerings to differentiate and add value in your customer journey and experience.

At Intwo, we combine our industry offerings, technology expertise and deep understanding of the real estate industry globally to deliver a cloud-based real estate technology ecosystem that can take your business into the future.


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