In the real estate market, change is in the air.

Data-driven automation and personalized services are revolutionizing the way we do business. Introducing Property 365, a game-changing solution by Intwo based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. It is designed to help you understand leasing and sales trends, streamline operations, and engage customers like never before. Gain a competitive edge with our value-added services. Join us in the digital transformation for real estate business today.

Automating sales and marketing

In the fast-paced world of real estate, selling smart is as crucial for success as is selling more. At Intwo, we understand the challenges faced by real estate professionals in today’s competitive market. This is why we offer a comprehensive solution: Property 365, which is a cloud service. With Property 365, you can analyze lease and sales patterns, improve operational processes, and engage customers effectively.

With intuitive workflows, easy-to-use designer tools, real-time availability, and detailed analytical reports, Property 365 ensures that leasing agents and property managers always have accurate information at their fingertips.

Elevate your digital transformation for real estate business by keeping your competitors at bay with our cutting-edge technology solutions.

Property 365 Features

Explore the incredible features offered.


Lead/Inquiry Management

Simplify your marketing campaigns and automate lead nurturing to save time and boost efficiency.


Offer Management

Guide sales teams through the entire customer engagement process with customizable lead-to-contract workflows.


Property BOT

Get instantaneous results with our intelligent matching engine that connects customer preferences with available units in no time.


Mall & Rental Management

Quickly generate accurate offers using predefined price lists and payment plans, making your rental management simple.


Contract Management

Save valuable time by effortlessly distributing formatted offers and agreements using our ready-to-go templates.


Digital Signature

Streamline the signing process with seamless integration with DocuSign, allowing customers to sign documents electronically.



Ensure compliance with ease using comprehensive document and process checklists that keep you on track.


Interaction Management

Keep a record of all customer interactions, including documents exchanged, in one convenient timeline for easy reference.


Authority Management

Integrate with regulatory authorities to streamline agreement attestation and sync rentals with market indices.

With our user-friendly features and cutting-edge technology Property 365 empowers you to enhance efficiency, stay compliant, and provide exceptional customer engagement. Experience the future of digital transformation for real estate with Intwo.

Facility management

Manage your property, assets, people, and costs effortlessly with Property 365, our user-friendly facility management solution. Gain valuable insights from your data and make informed decisions with ease.

Experience real-time issue resolution and company-wide visibility, ensuring a happy team and smooth operations. Say goodbye to manual processes and paperwork as you switch to a fully digital system that can be customized to fit your needs perfectly.

Simplify your facility management processes and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined and adaptable solution. Let us help you take your operations to the next level.

Here’s how Property 365 can benefit your business:

  • Efficiently handle tenant and customer complaints with a user-friendly case management module.
  • Create work orders for your facilities team to address on-site issues easily.
  • Empower technicians with connected field service apps for quick case resolution and updates.
  • Monitor asset performance and optimize maintenance with IoT integration.
  • Seamlessly integrate with alternate CAFM applications, if needed.

Mall management

To create a unique and immersive customer experience, mall management requires a variety of different skills and processes to run without a hitch. In addition to managing everyday operations, mall management also involves maintaining and managing facilities, meeting health and safety requirements, venue security, being prepared for emergencies, attracting tenants, and handling their accounts, as well as marketing and public relations.

Retail space and tenant mix management is a challenging task for Mall Managers and Leasing Managers. Preventive maintenance is essential for maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. With Property 365, you can provide fast and reliable reporting, analytics, and management of property information as and when needed so that you do not need to rely on multiple systems or programs.

Here are the features of mall management:

  • Modules for the computation of mall outlet rents based on turnover.
  • Flexibility to create virtual units to lease, with unit splitting and merging functions at both offer and contract level.
  • Support features for contracts like adding and tracking fit-out periods, snagging and handover.
  • Monitor and budget rent matrix based on the type of retail.

Unlock the future of real estate

In the world of real estate, the Microsoft cloud offers access to a wide variety of data generated by individuals and the industry. However, dealing with such vast amounts of data requires the involvement of AI to discover valuable insights. Algorithms can prove to be of great help to real estate companies in identifying potential customers and for focusing their efforts. By learning from consumer behavior, search patterns, income trends, and personal preferences, AI can provide targeted property recommendations. This goes way beyond what regular search engines can offer, delivering matches that are much more suitable and relevant.

Intwo utilizes Microsoft cloud-based AI to deploy chatbots that handle common queries, allowing human resources to focus on more complex tasks at hand. Chatbots have a significant role to play in various aspects of real estate, from capturing inquiries to managing facilities.

Today, real estate professionals need to differentiate themselves, and technology has become a key component of this differentiation. Our low code apps, powered by the Microsoft Power Platform, enable you to customize applications without the use of extensive coding. Azure IoT integration helps streamline facility management, while tenant loyalty programs through Engage 365 foster stronger customer relationships. We provide a comprehensive technology ecosystem designed to differentiate your business and enhance the customer experience.

At Intwo, we combine our industry expertise, technological knowledge, and global understanding of real estate to deliver a cloud-based solution that boosts your business into the future. With Intwo as your trusted partner, you can leverage the potential of cloud-based real estate ERP software.


Property 365 allows you to automate several real estate operational processes like financial management, lease management and even property management. It helps improve operational efficiency and minimize manual effort by digitizing workflows.

Property 365 enhances real estate decision making operations and automates various tasks by integrating AI, such as machine learning, predictive analysis, learning to process natural language, etc.

Absolutely! With its robust integration abilities, property 365 can seamlessly integrate with data sources such as ERP systems, financial systems, property listing systems and many more.

As a certified Microsoft partner, our team provides comprehensive support and training services for a smooth and seamless implementation of Property 365. We assist you until the very last stage of the implementation process and provide all the necessary training for a smooth transition.

Property 365 offers accurate real-time visibility into occupancy and vacancy rates. We also offer reports and dashboards to allow you to track and analyze occupancy trends, optimize leasing strategies, and maximize revenue.

With Property 365, you can collaborate and communicate with others by sharing documents, managing tasks, and collaborating with other members of your team. Therefore, it promotes smooth communication and collaboration among teams.

Absolutely. With Property 365, you can market across multiple channels, track leads, and manage property. You can also track marketing campaigns, manage leads, and convert sales opportunities with this platform.

As a Microsoft product, Property 365 adheres to strong security and privacy standards. Features like data encryption, role-based access controls, and compliance with industry regulations are included to make sure that your date is secure.

It is important to keep in mind that the cost structure for implementing Property 365 will vary depending on the size of your real estate portfolio, and the level of customization services required. The cost estimate we provide is based on the specific requirements of your project.


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