Assuring Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity of Your Applications Data.

Assuring Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity of Your Applications Data.

Security and Compliance

Cloud security is a prime concern for InTWO, we understand the importance of compliance, reliability and trust. InTWO’s platform, people and processes ensure the highest safety for our customers, because we know that this is crucial when it comes to applications and business solutions in cloud.

Annual Security
Audit SOC 1

InTWO conducts an annual security audit for SOC 1 Type II. Type II means that the scope of the audit is both the design and existence of the controls AND the operational effectiveness of the controls. Why do we commit ourselves to these audits? The answer is easy: for you. We know that a prime concern many have regarding the cloud is security, so with these audits, we are taking the necessary step to validate that InTWO and the services we provide treat security as an essential issue. The SOC 1 Type II Audit report is available upon request for our customers.

Annual Security  Audit SOC 1

Cloud Security Through Redundancy

Another larger part of why security for cloud solutions trumps on-premise solutions is simply that a large benefit of cloud platforms is data recovery and redundancy. Put your data in the cloud, and it is backed up and stored securely, but if something happens to the physical premise, your data may no longer be secured, or worse, it may be destroyed.

Cloud Security Through Redundancy

Cloud Security
Through InTWO

Security is a mindset, so it starts with our people who are regularly trained on security developments and security awareness. As part of our HR process and policy, we carefully review each employee before hiring them. InTWO has a Security Officer who chairs our global Security Council, where policies, software, infrastructure and resources are all regularly reviewed for best practice security compliance and to ensure our continued certifications. InTWO’s Security Council assesses and approves all of our services and is available to intervene 24/7, if necessary.

Cloud Security Through InTWO

GDPR Processor Agreements for
our Partners and Customers

InTWO provides its Partners and customers with GDPR Data Sub-Processor and Data Processor Agreements, to reflect the responsibilities of InTWO and agreements with regards to the Processing of Personal Data of customers.

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