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Engage 365 is not your ordinary loyalty program. It taps into the best of Microsoft’s technology, like CRM, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning, to help businesses boost their customer engagement and retention strategies. Make a lasting impression with our loyalty solution.

With Engage 365’s smart loyalty rule engine, businesses can connect with customers in a more personalized manner across digital touchpoints, giving them rewards that are meaningful to them.

Intwo has been using Engage 365, to create amazing retail and online loyalty programs. Additionally, it offers restaurant loyalty programs worldwide.

Join the millions who have benefited from Engage 365. With over 20,000,000 transactions processed and successful implementations across six different business sectors and multiple countries, Engage 365 is the proven choice for businesses around the globe.

Processed 20,000,000+ transactions to date.


Implemented across 6 business verticals & multiple countries.


Why choose Engage 365?


Loyalty program definition

Craft tailor-made loyalty programs that resonate with your customers.


Omnichannel integration

Seamlessly connect with customers across various channels for a seamless experience.


Customer insights & analytics

Gain valuable insights and leverage analytics to make informed decisions.


Points earn & burn

Enable customers to earn and redeem points effortlessly, enhancing their satisfaction.


Customer service/experience

Deliver exceptional customer service and elevate the overall customer experience.


Social engagement

Enhance engagement through social media integration, creating brand loyalty.


Marketing automation software

Automate your marketing efforts and drive targeted campaigns.


Reward management

Effortlessly manage and distribute rewards to keep customers motivated.


Among the features of Engage 365 are loyalty program definitions, omnichannel integration, customer insights, point earning, customer service enhancements, social engagement features, marketing automation software, and reward management functions.

Engage 365 provides businesses with a loyalty rule engine that enables them to create custom loyalty programs tailored to their business requirements. Through these types of programs, companies are able to engage with customers across a variety of digital touch points in a highly personalized manner and reward them effectively for their loyalty.

Yes, Engage 365 offers the ability to integrate across multiple channels, allowing businesses to engage with customers seamlessly across different channels, such as online platforms, mobile applications, and in-store interactions, without the need for a separate system.

Yes. Our marketing automation software offers a wide range of customer insights and analytics capabilities, which provide businesses with access to valuable data on customer behavior, preferences, and trends as well as valuable customer insights. In this way, you will be able to make informed business decisions as well as optimize your loyalty programs.

Yes, Engage 365 offers many features that enhance customer service and the experience of customers. Business owners can offer personalized and tailored experiences to their customers as a way of ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

Yes, Engage365 includes marketing automation software that allows you to streamline customer communications and marketing campaigns while ensuring timely and targeted marketing interactions.

A key feature of Engage 365 is its reward management features, which provide businesses with the capability to manage and administer loyalty rewards effectively for their customers.

Yes, Engage 365 is powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which provides a high level of customization, so businesses are able to design loyalty programs and features to fit their specific needs and requirements.

To get started with Engage 365, simply get in touch with Intwo and we will be able to discuss your business requirements in more detail. In order to maximize the benefits that the loyalty program platform can offer you, our team will guide you step-by-step through the implementation process as your trusted Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner.

The main reason Engage 365 stands out from the rest is because it is powered by the capabilities of Microsoft technology such as CRM, Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning. In this way, businesses enjoy a wide range of features, seamless integration, and the ability to create impressive loyalty solutions based on this technology.


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