Successful Cloud Migration Allows IDM to Take the Next Step.

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Successful Cloud Migration Allows IDM to Take the Next Step.

IT Delivery Management (IDM) is a successful software provider for global enterprises with easy-to-use and easy-to-implement tools that offer unequalled control over their IT services delivery. By building and managing IT solutions that offer total control over speed, cost efficiency, customer satisfaction and digitization, IDM is making a name for themselves. Recently IDM optimized their solution onto Microsoft Azure with help of InTWO, to supply their customers with reliable cloud solutions as well as ongoing 24/7 support.

Cloud Migration as the Next Step in Business Success

CEO of IDM, Nick Appelboom, saw migration to Azure via an expert Cloud Services Provider (CSP) as the logical next step for his business. For a company offering software solutions of this caliber, it was crucial to find a partner that could architect, facilitate and implement a seamless journey to Cloud-based services, and InTWO proved to be the perfect match. Planning to the last detail with a Change Manager, Microsoft Cloud Engineer and a Product Manager from the InTWO team was one of the great value-adds in creating a migration roadmap and put IDM at ease.

Another positive aspect of relying on InTWO for Cloud services is that IDM can more easily manage usage and licensing of their accounts. With normal monthly invoicing through InTWO rather than automatically charging credit cards for Azure consumption, business expenses are more under control. Working with InTWO also allows for more flexibility and offloads pressure from IDM when it comes to supplying support for their customers. This means the team at IDM can focus more on their solutions.

Azure Deployment via InTWO Reduces Risks for IDM

Customers of the Cloud-based IDM solution directly benefit from Azure based technology. Managed Azure Services solutions, like ongoing monitoring and automated security tests mean less risk for IDM’s customers. By reducing the risks their customers face, IDM also benefits.

An Azure-based deployment of their eReadiness solution brings even more structure, focus and discipline to Windows 10 migrations. They are delivered more quickly to the end customers while also safeguarding their business and mitigating most risks immediately. IDM still maintains full control through total accessibility and visibility, reducing their risks even further.

Count on InTWO for a Successful Transformation to Azure

Nick Appelboom explains, “Shifting our business framework was a big step, so finding the right partner to help with vertical integration in a packaged solution was critical. Through InTWO, we are able to offer our customers a cloud-based service, a network, high level security and trustworthy infrastructure with barely a second thought. We’re very pleased to be collaborating with InTWO, who have brought our business to the next level. We know that the future of our business is in the cloud; it’s been fascinating to learn what our business is capable of on Azure with InTWO.”