Do You Want to Save on Your Microsoft Bill, and Better Serve Your (Internal) Customers?

Do You Want to Save on Your Microsoft Bill, and Better Serve Your (Internal) Customers?

Smart Microsoft Purchasing

You are procuring Microsoft technology to achieve more for your business. Software and cloud spending can be a significant part of your IT budget. How can you reduce your cost and stay in control?

InTWO is a global direct and indirect reseller of all Microsoft products including Microsoft Azure, modern workplace and productivity suites. We provide wholesale discounts and easy billing for our customers. This way you save cost and stay compliant.

With the help of InTWO, we are able to help our customers with their licensing needs. We want to provide them the most suitable solution to accompany their business processes and support their employees the best way possible. In turn, InTWO supports us with a strong team of license management specialists, so our customers can do what they do best– care!

Geert-Jan Schroot, Owner, Vivacon

Easy to Use Self-Service Portal

We also provide an intuitive self-service portal, allowing users to self provision, while staying in control with spend limits or authorization rules that you decide. Sometimes license regulation is complex and constantly evolves. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, we understand these developments and provide expertise to all our customers worldwide. As needed, you can ask our billing and licensing experts what is best for you.

  • Centralized and standardized portal – For quotations, billing and order streams of all Microsoft subscriptions in one multi-language portal.
  • Daily up- and downscaling subscriptions – Changes are immediately reflected in the portal and on monthly invoice.
  • Customizable invoicing – With calendar month invoicing, especially for Office365. Add your own references to invoices.
  • Support & self-provisioning – Access to the Microsoft Premier Support organization.
  • Access to Microsoft product knowledge – Deep technical knowledge of Office365 and Azure, and assistance to remove the complexity of the Microsoft Cloud. Short lines of communications to Microsoft specialists.
  • Access to cost optimizing toolingAzure FinOps services are available as add-on module.
  • APIs available for integration – With own internal provisioning tools.

The requirements to Retain a Direct CSP status

If you are a software company or reseller the following applies to retain a direct CSP status with Microsoft:

  • Annual purchase threshold of $ 300,000 per year.
  • Purchasing a Microsoft support plan. The minimum requirement is to buy Advanced Support for Partners, which costs $15,000 per year.
  • Providing at least one managed service, IP service, or customer solution application.
  • Enabling billing and provisioning infrastructure.
  • Regular assessments.

Do you find yourself in the situation that you are facing challenges to retain your direct CSP status? Or you do not want to waste time with all the work needed to maintain CSP Partner status? InTWO has the right solution for CSP Resellers through our CSP Indirect Provider Program.

Adding Value to Your Microsoft Business

If you’re not sure about the benefits of working with a CSP Indirect Provider, take a moment to ask yourself if you’d like to:

  • Keep the focus on your core business without having to set up a 24/7 business or CSP facilities.
  • Remain a Microsoft Digital Partner of Record to your end customers.
  • Earn benefits and rebates as a Microsoft Digital Partner of Record.