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The IT infrastructure and management of modern businesses is complex, involving a lot of moving parts including physical components such as data storage centers, servers, and networking equipment, and virtual components such as data, and software applications. As companies grow and scale their businesses, their IT requirements also grow at pace, and over time, managing such vast and complex resources becomes extremely difficult for most businesses. In addition to the financial burden that it imposes on the company, it requires dedicated manpower and technological expertise to keep the entire system running smoothly, efficiently and securely.

With the exhaustive Microsoft Azure cloud services in Washington, DC provided by Intwo, the leading Microsoft Azure managed services partner in Washington, DC, organizations can quickly and efficiently migrate their digital assets to a highly secure cloud environment and offload the day-to-day administration of these facilities to us. Through the dedicated Azure cloud services in Washington, DC provided by Intwo, organizations of any size and across industries can enjoy the flexibility, security, and freedom to devote their time and efforts to developing their core capabilities and fulfil their business objectives.

Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing platform from Microsoft, hosted on a worldwide network of data centers, that offers a wide array of services and applications catering to diverse business needs including computing, storage, analytics, and networking. With the help of a dedicated Azure partner in Washington, DC, organizations can select and configure these services to build, deploy, and manage applications, allowing them to develop solutions that they have expertise in, which can range from simple web hosting to products and services involving complex AI, machine learning and IoT implementations. Azure tools and services are built to support three broad service models – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – This service model deals with providing virtual technology infrastructure such as servers, data centers, and Virtual Machines (VMs) as a managed service, while organizations have control over their operating systems, applications, and development frameworks. This model offers excellent flexibility and scalability.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) – In addition to the IaaS services, the PaaS model allows organizations the development tools to build and deploy their apps and services over the internet. With the resources available to developers, they can concentrate on developing apps faster, collaborate with other developers, and bring their apps and service to customers faster.

Software as a Service (SaaS) – SaaS includes both the PaaS and IaaS services, allowing users to use applications that are hosted directly over the internet, without any requirement to download or install before use. Updates and maintenance are automatically taken care of by the service provider. SaaS applications can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, as long as they have a stable internet connection.

Azure’s extensive cloud capabilities provide a number of benefits for organizations looking to streamline their operations, bring in digital inclusivity, secure data and storage, empower employees and cross-locational teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively, use data-driven analytics and the power of AI, ML, and IoT to develop more innovative and effective solutions. Some of the main benefits are:



By adopting Azure cloud services, organizations are empowered to scale their business operations in either direction to match demand quickly and efficiently. This allows them to maintain optimal performance at all times, reducing costs and boosting profitability.



Azure’s wide range of services and support for various programming languages, frameworks, and operating systems allows users the flexibility to customize and configure the cloud platform as per their precise requirements.


Global Reach

Azure has a worldwide network of data centers, which allows businesses in any region to deploy their services close to their clients. Through this service, Azure ensures that end-users can access online services with reduced latency and improved performance.



Azure’s security framework includes myriad tools and services that help identify, analyze, and mitigate threats to protect the cloud-based infrastructure and assets of organizations. Azure also offers a comprehensive set of regulatory and compliance certifications for dozens of industries.



Azure’s pay-as-you-go model (where you only spend for what you use), advanced customizability features and financial tracking tools allow businesses to monitor their costs and cloud expenses effectively.



Existing users of Microsoft services and applications can effortlessly migrate to the Azure cloud environment and easily continue using their familiar tools and products that seamlessly integrate with Azure. This allows them to be more productive and efficient.

Microsoft provides exhaustive resources to help businesses learn how to migrate their resources to the Azure cloud platform. However, training your in-house IT team to develop their Azure cloud capabilities across networks, data management, security, compliance, and maintenance or hiring a full-time team of certified Azure specialists can be a prohibitively expensive proposition – an expense that can effectively be cut down by hiring an Azure partner in Washington, DC. At Intwo, we have the experience and resources to offer you customized and cost-effective Azure cloud solutions, allowing you to put your financial and creative resources to more productive use.

Leading Azure cloud Service Provider in Washington, DC

As the leading partner for Azure cloud services in Washington, DC, Intwo is committed to providing its extensive experience and knowledge to facilitate the cloud migration journey of local businesses of all sizes, helping them optimize their digital resources, and supporting their innovative endeavors to deliver software applications faster and improve the quality of life of their citizens. Through our unparalleled managed Azure services in Washington, DC, we are also committed to providing organizations with enhanced operational efficiency, increased productivity, dedicated customer service, and more robust security.

Our Azure Services

Maximize efficiency, security, and scalability with our comprehensive Microsoft managed services in Washington, DC

Our Microsoft Azure managed services in Washington, DC provide businesses with a wide array of cloud-enabled solutions. Our end-to-end services ensure that all your cloud-based, and specifically, Azure-based needs are covered by us. Through our customer-focused, tailored services, we facilitate the smooth transition of legacy systems and other digital assets from on-premises to a fully cloud or hybrid environment, and manage various processes for optimized performance, security, and scalability.

Migration Services

After a thorough evaluation of your existing infrastructure to determine its cloud-readiness and designing a customized strategy based on it, we migrate your applications, data and workloads to Azure, ensuring seamless, secure, and efficient transfer with negligible downtime. We also facilitate hybrid solutions by connecting your on-premises infrastructure with Azure.


Infrastructure Management

Through our infrastructure management services, we help set up, configure, and manage the administration of your technology assets including devices, networks, data, storage systems, and applications. We closely monitor your cloud-based infrastructure, carrying out preventive maintenance checks, performance enhancements, proactive threat identification and mitigation, and timely security and system updates. We keep your processes up and running smoothly, reducing downtime, and boosting efficiency and productivity.


Security and Compliance

Our security and compliance services are the hallmark of our managed Azure services in Washington, DC, and we take them very seriously. We implement powerful identity and access management solutions to protect your data and applications. We deploy advanced security tools to detect threats and respond to them in real-time. We also ensure that your cloud components meet the regulatory standards and specifications of your industry and constantly work to update them, if required.


Application Services

Our managed application services involve installing, configuring, testing, and monitoring your applications to ensure that they are performing smoothly and efficiently. We undertake the complete lifecycle management of your cloud applications, streamlining software updates through DevOps and CI/CD pipelines, and automating repetitive processes using IaC practices.


Data Services

Our Azure data services encompass managing and optimizing your data processes, data storage, and advanced data analytics. Through our data management services businesses can experience high availability and improved performance. We implement cutting-edge data warehousing practices to enhance your business intelligence requirements. We also use analytical tools such as Azure Data Explorer to provide real-time analysis of Big Data applications and devices.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

BCDR is the backbone of our Microsoft cloud service in Washington, DC. By deploying strong backup solutions to protect your data, we ensure that your data and applications can be easily retrieved from the cloud in case of any disruptions. We also plan and implement disaster recovery systems to ensure that your business processes continue to perform optimally after major disruptions with minimal downtime.


Cost Management and Optimization

Through our cost management and optimization services, we help businesses analyze and keep track of their Azure expenses to identify saving opportunities, manage and optimize resources to reduce costs, and implement budgeting strategies to keep control over their cloud expenses.


Maintenance and Support

With our Azure maintenance and support services, we carry out regular maintenance check and performs tweaks and optimizations to ensure the continued health and smooth operation of your devices, networks, and applications. We provide 24/7 support through a dedicated helpline to address any issues or concerns from your employees.


Why Partner with Intwo?

Experience seamless management, proactive support, and strategic guidance to drive your cloud success

Selecting a cloud implementation partner who is the best fit for your organizational requirements can be difficult task. Often you do not get all the unique solutions that you require with one vendor. As an all-encompassing Azure managed cloud service provider in Washington, DC, Intwo ensures that we are a one-stop-shop for all your digital transformation and business modernization needs.

Expertise – As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we are the top Microsoft cloud service provider in Washington, DC, having a team of certified Azure experts including solution architects, cloud engineers, data scientists, security specialists, administrators, and trainers who can deliver complex and high-quality Azure implementation solutions using the latest tools and techniques and industry best practices, ensuring optimal performance, security, and compliance.

Experience – We have earned the reputation of being the best provider of Microsoft Azure managed services in Washington, DC through our extensive knowledge and experience in managing Azure environments. With over two and a half decades of delivering cloud computing solutions for a variety of clients with varied needs, we have tackled almost every challenge that we have faced with innovation, agility and technical know-how.

Customization – Azure thrives on its customizability features and so do we! As the leading Azure partner in Washington, DC, we help tailor Azure to our clients’ unique business requirements and regulatory specifications and operational needs, including customized processes, roles, interfaces, and applications. Through our highly flexible Azure customization services, we ensure that our clients get cloud environments that integrate better with their existing capabilities, enhancing performance and efficiency that lead to improved business outcomes.

Cost-efficiency – Through our Microsoft Azure managed services in Washington, DC, we help businesses to optimize their Azure spending. By helping them to identify, select and deploy only those services that they require, we help them to allocate resources efficiently, automate predictable or repetitive workloads and processes, and monitor costs. We offer transparent and flexible pricing models that are compatible with their budget and usage patterns.

Scalability and Flexibility – The customization that we bring to our Microsoft managed services in Washington, DC allows organizations the flexibility to scale up or scale down their businesses as per their operational and seasonal requirements. We also help organizations to select the most optimal deployments model, i.e., public, private, or hybrid cloud, based on their specific needs for performance, security, and compliance.

Enhanced Security – As the best Microsoft Azure managed services partner in Washington, DC, we lay deep emphasis on ensuring the security of our clients’ digital assets. By deploying Azure’s comprehensive suite of tools and services for enhanced security, we provide customized security services for unified security management, identity and access management, and protection from threats.

Improved Performance – Through our Microsoft Azure managed services in Washington, DC, we deliver continuous performance optimization of all the components of your cloud environment. We use Azure’s performance optimization tools to ceaselessly monitor, analyze, and improve your performance efficiency by analyzing performance metrics to identify and rectify deteriorating components, performance issues, and workload imbalances. This allows organizations to derive more value from their digital application, boosting productivity and driving growth.

Support and Maintenance – As leading providers of Microsoft cloud service in Washington, DC, we provide round-the-clock technical support to address any problems or queries quickly and effectively. We carry out regular preventive maintenance checks to nip any potential health problems in the bud. We also regularly check for software updates, install security patches and fine tune your processes, ensuring minimal downtime, resulting in smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Training and Knowledge Transfer – Our dedicated Azure trainer and educator services involve developing and delivering training programs, user manuals, and educational videos on Azure technologies and services. We provide our client’s employees with training on best practices, use cases, and implementation strategies. We also provide insights into the latest updates from Microsoft Azure to help them update their cloud skills and capabilities.

Proven Track Record – As the top Azure partner in Washington, DC, we have delivered numerous cloud projects to businesses across industries as diverse as manufacturing, construction, real estate, logistics & distribution, retail, and professional services. Our ongoing Microsoft managed services in Washington, DC ensures simplified processes, smooth operations and seamless business continuity for our clients due to which they repose complete trust in us and our abilities to steer them towards success.

Our Azure Migration Process

Azure Migration with Intwo: Handling every step of your cloud journey with precision and care

The sheer complexity and security concerns of transitioning your business assets, data and processes from an on-premises setting to a cloud environment can be a stressful experience. But, once you have selected Intwo as your Azure partner in Washington, DC, you can rest assured that your precious and sensitive technology resources are in safe hands. At Intwo, we follow a structured Azure migration process, with each stage following well-laid-out steps, with complete transparency. Through this well-established process, we ensure your peace of mind, empowering you to use your modernized apps and data to create an impact on your business and clients.
Our migration process can be broadly divided into three distinct stages – pre-migration, migration, and post-migration.

Pre-migration Stage

Strategizing – This is the preliminary stage where we carry out detailed discussions with you to understand your requirements. This involves getting to know your business objectives, assessing your present server infrastructure, databases, storage, and processes, and evaluating the cloud-readiness of your legacy systems and data that need to be migrated to the Azure environment using tools like Data Migration Assistant.

Planning – Once we have a clear picture of your systems and requirements, we move onto the planning phase. In this phase, we select the Azure tools and services that best match your requirements, evaluate and plan for the training needs of your employees to use the new applications, estimate a timeline for completion and finalize an estimated budget with clearly worked out cost benefit analysis of moving to Azure compared to the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your on-premises deployment. We also put together a team of experienced Azure specialists who will work exclusively on your project.

Migration Stage

Implementation – This is the crucial stage when the migration takes place. We prepare the Azure environment by configuring the landing zones for your networks, databases, security frameworks and other management aspects using best practices. We also decide on the migration strategy that best suits your requirements. These could be either rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, or rebuilding or a combination of two or more of these. We use powerful tools like Azure Migrate and Data Box to move your workloads to the new environment in a measured and systematic manner, iteratively carrying out tests, evaluations, and optimizations with every transfer to ensure their smooth and efficient accommodation and operation.

Post-migration Stage

Optimization – This is the stage where we closely monitor your applications to ensure that they perform optimally. We check and optimize the security and threat protection frameworks with solutions like Azure Security Center, keep track of your Azure spending, and ensure that your regulatory compliances are up to date and meet the required standards. We also carry out comprehensive training for your employees to build their cloud skills and become adept with the new technologies.

Management – With your Azure migration process, our work never really ends. Once we have your systems up and running in the Azure cloud, we carry out proactive enterprise-wide maintenance on all your applications, running analytical tools to monitor their health, applying security patches, deploying additional resources to back up your systems, and installing updates.


Azure managed services encompass a set of functions including infrastructure management, security, data backups, and support that help in the maintenance and management of Azure cloud environments by an external service provider that specializes in Microsoft cloud computing technologies. By outsourcing the implementation and administration of their cloud assets, organizations can dedicate their time and resources to developing other capabilities.

By choosing to partner with Intwo, you can leverage multiple benefits including our experience and expertise in delivering complex cloud projects, complete array of services, enhanced customization, robust security, dedicated 24/7 support, budget-friendly pricing models, and priority access to the latest technological offerings from Microsoft.

As a leading Azure managed cloud service provider in Washington, DC, Intwo’s end-to-end services basket includes migration, infrastructure management, security management, monitoring and optimization, application management, data management, backup and disaster recovery, cost management, and support and maintenance.

As your preferred Azure partner in Washington, DC, we leverage cutting-edge Azure tools and services to help you manage expenses by tailoring Azure to suit your requirements, optimizing your resources by identifying and getting rid of underutilized resources, automating repetitive processes, monitoring and analyzing your cloud expenditure, and setting up budgeting and other cost-saving measures.

Yes, of course. Our Microsoft managed services in Washington, DC can be completely tailored to match your business goals, operational requirements, security specifications, industry compliance and regulations, and budgetary constraints. Our customized services allow you to be more agile, speeding up processes and enhancing flexibility and scalability.

As the most trusted provider of Microsoft Azure cloud service in Washington, DC, Intwo’s pervasive security management services include identity and access management to protect users, real-time threat detection and mitigation, monitoring and maintenance of security frameworks, compliance and industry regulations management, and data encryption.

Being a leading Azure managed cloud service provider in Washington, DC, Intwo is the preferred cloud partner of organizations of all sizes, including start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises having multilocational presence. Small start-ups requiring basic infrastructure management can leverage our expertise in cloud computing to scale their operations and grow quickly.

Through our Microsoft Azure cloud service in Washington, DC, we implement robust business continuity and disaster recovery systems that include scheduling regular backup of data, developing and deploying disaster recovery plans, ensuring data availability by using multiregional data centers, and establishing automated failover processes for uninterrupted service to end-users in the event of disasters.

Our post-migration services include continuous training to the organizational users of Azure systems and services, round-the-clock helpdesk support to troubleshoot issues, proactive response to unforeseen incidents, and preventive maintenance to identify and solve potential issues.

Our Azure migration services start as soon as we have evaluated your existing systems, identified your requirements, selected the necessary Azure services and tools, and finalized the budget. The actual timeline for implementing the migration process will depend on various factors including the migration strategy employed, and the size and complexity of the digital assets and processes to be migrated, and the number of iterations required to test the new cloud environment.


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