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As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns rise, a number of businesses are seeking innovative solutions to drive sustainability and accelerate growth.

Time to Act!

Recent announcements from the ISSB (International Sustainability Standards Board) indicate plans to include Scope 3 emissions in mandatory reporting.
Companies will soon face strict requirements regarding sustainability reporting from the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive in 2024, making real-time and accurate data access essential.
Microsoft cloud sustainability solution in Singapore offers solutions built on Microsoft Sustainability Manager, Microsoft 365, Common Data Model, Azure sustainability cloud solution in Singapore, Surface, Teams, Microsoft Power Platform and Windows 11.

Empowering sustainability with Microsoft’s Cloud

With Microsoft Sustainability Manager’s (MSM) capability of storing activity data and calculating Scope 3 emissions, Microsoft cloud sustainability solution in Singapore is your ideal partner for navigating the ESG journey.

Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey

No matter where you are on your sustainability path or project, our expertise and Microsoft’s advanced cloud-based technology will take you forward.
Sustainability is in our DNA. Our commitment to having a positive impact is deeply ingrained into everything we do. Our initiatives, often aligned with the UN’s sustainable goals, have gained recognition from sustainability-focused organizations.
Microsoft shares our vision, delivering strategies and solutions for a more resilient, sustainable business landscape.

Experience the Power of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Discover how Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability enhances operational efficiency and helps you meet sustainability goals. Our wide range of solutions is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by businesses trying to make a positive impact on the planet.

Transform with Microsoft Sustainability Manager in Singapore (MSM).

How does MSM work?

  • Gain the visibility you need to enhance sustainability.
  • Identify opportunities to replace tools, systems, and activities with efficient, sustainable alternatives.
  • Track and understand how you can reduce your operations’ environmental footprint.
  • Enhanced accountability helps you build more sustainable value chains.

Step into a Sustainable Future

As one of the top sustainability solution companies in Singapore, Intwo is here to guide you toward a sustainable future with our ESG sustainability solution in Singapore.
With Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, you can minimize your environmental footprint while boosting your business strength. Join us on a journey where sustainability and success go hand in hand.

Prioritize Sustainability with one of the best sustainability solution companies in Singapore, Intwo

Empowering ESG Data Insights

Gain invaluable insights from data to enhance decision-making. Strengthen your digital infrastructure and harness data potential to drive long-term success.

Calculate Your ESG Footprint

Effortlessly evaluate your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact. Utilize accurate calculations to measure your impact and drive meaningful results.


Analyze ESG Performance

Measure your progress against established benchmarks to see how you are doing. Get a clear understanding of your organization’s ESG performance and make well-informed decisions.


Ensure Data Integrity

Safeguard the integrity of your data. Our solutions strengthen data governance, making it easier for you to communicate your impact confidently and accurately.


Report Impact and Progress

Communicate your sustainability journey to your stakeholders in a transparent manner. Prepare comprehensive reports that showcase your remarkable achievements by seamlessly compiling data.


Deliver Sustainable IT Solutions

Harness the power of migration and modernization. Our solutions enable the smooth transition of tools, systems, and activities to the cloud, enhancing efficiency, value, and environmental consciousness.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Minimize the impact your technology has on the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. Make sure that you implement technology solutions that minimize any impact on the environment.


Optimize Cloud Workloads

With Microsoft cloud sustainability solution in Singapore, ensure that workloads are distributed optimally in the cloud. Boost efficiency and conserve valuable resources at the same time.


Identify High-Impact Assets

It is important to identify assets that have a significant impact on the environment. To achieve long-term advantages, it is important to upgrade these assets to more sustainable alternatives.


Enhance ESG Performance

Optimize operations and assets for higher sustainability. Assist your company in achieving its environmental, social, and governance objectives while improving performance on all levels.


Minimize Environmental Impact

You need to take steps to address the environmental impacts of your operations. Consider strategies that can help shrink your organizational footprint and promote positive changes within the organization.


Modernize Fleet Management

Enhance the sustainability of transportation. Streamline fleet management in order to reduce emissions and reduce the amount of resources used.


Increase Value Chain Transparency

Get a deeper understanding of the sustainability of your value chain. Increase transparency and develop a collaborative relationship with partners to ensure a supply chain that is responsible and transparent.

Unlock Opportunities for Sustainable Growth

Establish new business models and strengthen your company’s stability by investing in innovation. Take advantage of the power of technology and sustainability to revolutionize the way you do business.


Understand Sustainability Risks

Manage sustainability-related risks and prevent them as much as possible. Develop a clear understanding of potential challenges and outline strategies for achieving sustainable growth in the future.


Invest in ESG Innovation

By influencing positively, we offer the best ESG sustainability consulting in Singapore and can drive innovation forward. The ESG initiatives you invest in should be aligned with the values and objectives that you have for the organization.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager in Singapore- What Makes it Unique:

In the world of business sustainability solutions in Singapore, Microsoft sustainability cloud solution in Singapore stands out with its distinct features and numerous advantages.

Let’s talk about what makes it different and why you need it.

Seamless Data Integration

One of the standout qualities of Microsoft Sustainability Manager in Singapore is the ability to seamlessly integrate data from various parts of your business and its value chain. This means that data from different systems and vendors can be easily brought together and centralized using the “Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability” data model.
Additionally, it offers pre-built connections to a range of business systems, including ERP systems like SAP and Oracle, and platforms such as Salesforce and Google. This capability effectively breaks down data silos and streamlines the process.


Streamlined Data Calculations

Another valuable feature is its streamlined data calculation methodology. Microsoft sustainability cloud solution in Singapore includes built-in calculation methods for Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions. What makes this software unique is its comprehensive approach, utilizing pre-packaged content from various libraries, calculation models, and emission factors. This feature is not limited to in-house data, but it can also incorporate third-party sources like Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs).
Moreover, the software’s modular structure, combined with Power FX, empowers users and partners to build intricate calculations tailored to specific needs. This aspect is particularly advantageous when dealing with complex emissions scenarios.


Effortless Collaboration and Planning

Integration with Microsoft Teams is a significant benefit. This integration enables effortless collaboration among sustainable businesses. Users can easily work together around Sustainability Manager data and insights, enhancing the collective decision-making process.
An added advantage of integrated collaboration is that it ensures that each and every business sustainability solution in Singapore is seamlessly incorporated into everyday workflows, resulting in fewer disruptions and quicker progress.


Power Platform

Microsoft Sustainability Manager in Singapore operates on the robust Power Platform, which comprises Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. This powerful combination not only fills data gaps but also boosts overall productivity. Through the integration of Microsoft Azure sustainability solution in Singapore and the Power Platform, organizations and partners can quickly enhance the core capabilities of Sustainability Manager.
This ability to extend enables the creation of tailored solutions catering to specific industry requirements, ranging from new formulas to specialized reports.
Moreover, the integration of Power Apps and Power Automate enables the automation of processes for collecting and validating data, simplifying the journey towards sustainability for business in Singapore.


Detailed Reporting

Another key highlight of Microsoft sustainability cloud solution in Singapore is its advanced reporting functionality. The software streamlines the process of communicating sustainability-related information to diverse audiences, such as employees, regulators, and the public. By incorporating Power BI, users gain access to real-time, accurate intelligence concerning environmental impact and sustainability progress.


Moreover, this reporting functionality includes Social and Governance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are important for regulatory compliance and third-party assessments.

The export function and customizable reports help simplify tasks such as audit preparation and quantitative reporting.

Setting Goals and Monitoring Progress

Microsoft Sustainability Manager in Singapore plays a crucial role in helping organizations establish and monitor their sustainability goals. Through the use of scorecards, short-term and long-term progress can be effectively tracked. These scorecards can be linked to any resource within the application, enabling manual or automated tracking. The ability to visualize and monitor progress against benchmarks, such as carbon neutrality, makes sure that the efforts for sustainability for business in Singapore remain on the right track.


Leveraging the Partner Ecosystem

An additional advantage is the ability to integrate with Microsoft’s vast partner ecosystem. This network offers a range of digital solutions designed to enhance reporting, governance, and emissions reduction initiatives. Partners contribute analytics, digital twin technologies, and AI-driven automation to further improve the effectiveness of Sustainability Manager.
Moreover, they connect the software to valuable data, adding more functionality and enhancing abilities.


Keeping Up

Microsoft Sustainability Manager is a dynamic solution with a promising roadmap for the future. Continuous updating and enhancement through regular releases ensures that the software remains up-to-date and aligned with evolving sustainability requirements and industry trends.



In contrast to some complex platforms, implementing Microsoft Sustainability Manager is a relatively simple process. Its ease of adoption is a key advantage. A typical implementation can be completed within a quarter, and organizations have the option to start with a pilot phase. After gaining insights from the pilot, organizations can refine and optimize their implementation to maximize value.


Moreover, Microsoft partners offer a comprehensive range of pre-packaged services tailored to various implementation stages, from initial pilots to full-scale deployment. For those eager to explore the solution for themselves, Microsoft Sustainability Manager even offers a free 30-day trial, providing a risk-free opportunity to experience its capabilities.

In other words, Microsoft Sustainability Manager’s unique features and numerous benefits make it the ideal solution for organizations seeking to enhance their efforts for corporate sustainability solution in Singapore.

Whether you are striving to streamline data, collaborate seamlessly, automate processes, or meet reporting requirements, Sustainability Manager provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to drive positive environmental impact and business growth.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager in Singapore: Track Your Environmental Impact

Microsoft Sustainability Manager is a powerful tool designed to track, report, and manage your organization’s impact on the environment.


Turning Data into Action

Tap into the strength of integrated data for actionable insights. Efficiently monitor and manage your organization’s environmental impact.


Record Your Effect

Enhance data collection for more accurate insights. Calculate emissions with greater precision, enabling data-driven choices.


Report Your Progress

Keep track of your progress through the use of informative reports. By gaining a clear insight into your performance, you will be able to make well-informed decisions.


Reduce Your Impact

Establish a sustainable course based on data-driven decisions. Take steps to reduce your carbon footprint, water footprint and waste footprint by collaborating and taking steps to do so.


Net Zero Carbon Tracking

Using verified carbon accounting, you can determine the size of your cloud footprint. Use the Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure sustainability solution in Singapore and the template apps for Power BI in order to track your emissions impact.


Enhance Transparency

Analyze avoided emissions and take into account Scope 3 emissions. Discover how your carbon footprint affects the environment and how you can reduce it.


Simplify Asset Management

Providing an Environmental Credit Service will enable participants in the credit market to make informed decisions. Transparency is the key to constructing reliable, diverse, and scalable credits.

Benefits of Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Experience the potential of Microsoft Sustainability Manager in Singapore. Automate processes, log emissions and water data and work together for sustainability transformation.


Water Sustainability Preview Features

Record and report water data for sustainability transparency. Analyze water quantity and quality data for a more sustainable future.


Sustainable Waste Management Features

In order to disclose information of the corporate sustainability solution in Singapore, waste data needs to be merged. It is important to report waste quantity as well as quality attributes in order to reduce the environmental impact of waste.


Record, Report, Reduce

Manage your environmental impact in an effective and efficient manner. Automate your data collection process, break down barriers, and establish measures that will revolutionize your business in the near future.


Visualize and Report

Find out how you are influencing the environment and how you consume resources. Gain practical insight for making informed business decisions based on performance.


Set Goals and Minimize

With our sustainability consulting in Singapore, prepare a strategy in order to meet your sustainability goals. To create a better tomorrow, collaboration is key, along with incorporating insight and reducing waste.


Reimagine Core Values

Change the fundamentals of business by integrating sustainability into them. In order to ensure a sustainable future, we must make a positive environmental impact with our ESG sustainability consulting in Singapore.

With Intwo as your sustainability consultant in Singapore you can easily navigate your way toward sustainable practices. Join us in reshaping your organization’s approach to environmental responsibility. Get in touch to take the first step toward a greener future.

How can we help?

Dedicated to supporting your journey

In a recent engaging discussion at Intwo, one of the best sustainability solution companies in Singapore, we came to realize a significant truth: companies that disregard environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns could face severe repercussions within a decade or two.

This is largely due to the fact that the government has placed an emphasis on eco-friendly initiatives which will require significant changes in the system.

Unlocking Microsoft Collaboration Benefits

Our partnership with Microsoft and sustainability consulting in Singapore offers a number of valuable benefits for you. This means that you will have access to cutting-edge resources, including insightful events and the Azure cloud sustainability solution in Singapore, in addition to cutting-edge research. In order to support your mission of sustainability, our team offers insights and tools to empower you.

Why Choose Intwo as Your Partner?


A Strategic Approach

With our methodical approach, we make sure that no stone is left unturned. Our goal is to help you achieve the sustainability goals you have set for yourself at every step along the way.


Comprehensive Solutions

In order to meet your unique requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include every aspect of your needs.


Collaboration at the Core

Creating a meaningful partnership with your team is one of our top priorities, and we strive to work closely with them. As we work side by side towards a more sustainable future, your goals become ours as we work towards making it a reality.


Our team at Intwo along with Microsoft are here to support you and your sustainability journey at every step of the way with our ESG sustainability solution in Singapore. Whatever stage of this process your business is at, we have the expertise and the technology to help move you forward. There is nothing more important to us than making a positive impact in the world, and with the help of the Azure cloud sustainability solution in Singapore, Microsoft’s strategies align beautifully with our commitment to do so.

The new requirements of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) as well as the Sustainable Reporting Directive (SRD) of the European Union are bringing a number of important changes to the sustainability reporting environment. It has become necessary for organizations to provide accurate data in real-time in order to report their sustainability performance. As a result, it is absolutely crucial to have access to reliable and precise information.

Microsoft Sustainability Manager is a highly powerful engine that can drive your ESG journey to the next level. As an integrated solution, it does a couple of things that are crucial for your business: first of all, it manages to store all of the information that is related to what is happening, calculates those tricky scope 3 emissions, and guides your business through the complicated pathways of sustainability.

There is nothing like Sustainability Manager when it comes to simplifying reporting. The platform facilitates the process of sharing data with employees, regulators, stakeholders, and even with the general public by streamlining the process. Moreover, it uses Power BI, which provides you with real-time insight into the impact of your organization’s environmental practices.

Microsoft environmental sustainability solution in Singapore serves as an example of transparency in the industry. It functions by streamlining your environmental data and simplifying the reporting process for your convenience. This streamlined approach enables you to generate comprehensive and detailed reports, offering an accurate overview of your company’s sustainable journey.
These reports can be shared with a range of audiences, including stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and the general public. This sharing of information provides a crystal-clear picture of your company’s dedication to sustainability practices, showing your commitment to a greener future.

Using Microsoft sustainability cloud solution in Singapore, you will be able to connect data from different sources in a smooth and seamless manner. It makes it easier for you to gather all the scattered data from different areas of your business and make sure that they are all working together in harmony. The process is like ensuring all the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly.

As one of the sustainability solution companies in Singapore, the pieces of our solutions fit perfectly together like a puzzle. With Microsoft Sustainability Manager, we integrate Microsoft 365, Azure sustainability cloud solution in Singapore, Teams, and Power Platform seamlessly. Keeping track of what’s happening, calculating scope 3 emissions, and staying on top of your sustainability journey is all made possible with this combination.

At Intwo, we are committed to giving your company the expertise it needs to use Microsoft Sustainability Manager with confidence. We offer comprehensive training and ongoing assistance, making sure you are fully prepared to handle the tool. Whether it is uploading data or creating insightful reports, we will be there to guide you every step of the way. Rest assured, we are here to support you throughout the entire process, ensuring you get the most out of Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

The Power Platform can be thought of as an effective toolkit that helps things get done. Using tools like Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, Sustainability Manager is built on this toolkit. Together, these tools work like a team, collecting and processing data to make your sustainability journey as efficient and productive as possible.

You can think of Microsoft Teams as a virtual hub where you can collaborate with your colleagues. With Sustainability Manager integrated into it, it becomes a place which allows all members of the company to have access to the same data and insights at any time. This is like having a digital whiteboard that everyone in your organization can use to brainstorm and plan together, allowing your organization’s workflow to be smoother than ever before.

Throughout this exciting journey towards sustainability, we will be your partners. Using a structured approach, providing complete solutions, and working closely with our clients, we are here to assist in guiding your organization through a transformational process. Take the first step toward a more green and sustainable future by getting in touch with us, and let’s take the first step together.

You can think of Sustainability Manager as a tool to help you track your personal goals. It makes it easier for you to set your sustainability goals and then keep track of them, no matter how big or small they are. It is a kind of digital compass that guides you towards your goals and lets you know how far you have come towards them.

Imagine Microsoft Sustainability Manager as your reliable companion, walking alongside your company on its journey to become more sustainable. This smart tool helps you set and keep track of targets that match your sustainability goals. It spots areas where you can make more improvements and shows you a plan for doing so. Using information from data, it helps you make smart choices that allow you to build a strong system for being environmentally responsible in your aligns with the values and goals of your organization. With Microsoft Sustainability Manager there to support you, your company is ready to move towards a greener and more sustainable future.

At Intwo, we are fully prepared to support your company in effectively calculating its carbon emissions with the help of Microsoft environmental sustainability solution in Singapore. This in-depth calculation goes beyond numbers, offering valuable insights into the environmental impact of your business operations. With this knowledge, you are in a position to take effective steps towards reducing your company’s carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future.
With the expertise of our team at your disposal, you can be sure that your sustainability efforts will not only be accurate, but also effective.

Absolutely! Our Microsoft Sustainability Manager implementation services are expertly designed to support your business in optimizing resource consumption. By carefully examining data and providing valuable insights, our services empower you to identify opportunities for more efficient use of resources. This proactive approach can be the key to waste reduction. It will help you establish a sustainable business model that is aligned with both your business goals and your operational requirements. With our tailored solutions, it is our goal to help you achieve resource optimization and sustainable success in the long run.

The talented team at Intwo will be there to assist you throughout the entire process of implementing the Microsoft Sustainability Manager in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a sustainability consultant in Singapore to enhance your environmental impact reporting and to drive positive change in your organization, we have you covered.
With Intwo, you will receive tailored consultancy services so that you can make the most of the Microsoft sustainability cloud solution in Singapore. Our experts focus on maximizing the value of this powerful tool for your sustainability efforts. Our environmental impact reporting services are designed to assist you with accurate and timely reporting of environmental impact from your project and offer insights as you proceed.

Getting started is a very simple process. Feel free to get in touch with us via our website or our contact details if you have any questions. In order for us to fully understand your company’s specific requirements and goals, we will schedule a consultation with you. Microsoft Sustainability Manager and the Azure cloud for sustainability make it incredibly easy for you to easily get started on your sustainability journey. Based on your requirements, we will tailor our Microsoft Sustainability Manager services to meet the needs of your business.

The Microsoft Sustainability Manager is a tool designed to help you measure and manage the sustainability of your business. Using it, you can collect data, calculate emissions, and set goals for sustainability in order to achieve your goals. You can gain valuable insights into your company’s carbon footprint by using Azure cloud for sustainability.
The Microsoft environmental sustainability solution in Singapore offers a structured approach to enhance your company’s sustainability efforts. It enables you to accurately measure and track your environmental impact, define sustainable objectives, and streamline reporting for greater transparency.
It facilitates sustainability for business in Singapore by enabling you to track your progress, and make informed decisions so that you can make your company a more environmentally friendly organization.
It is similar to having a digital assistant that constantly collects data and keeps track of emissions related to the operations you perform. With the Microsoft environmental sustainability solution in Singapore, you will be able to gain valuable insights into your company’s carbon footprint and make informed decisions to reduce the impact your company has on the environment.

Yes! Intwo serves as your dedicated sustainability consultant in Singapore, specialized in creating detailed sustainability reports through Microsoft Sustainability Manager. As a company, we value precision and transparency. Leveraging our experience and knowledge, we will actively assist you in compiling detailed reports that truly reflect your company’s commitment to sustainability and the impressive results you are achieving on this journey. Our commitment is to ensure that your sustainability efforts represent you in a transparent and honest manner.

Our Microsoft Sustainability Manager implementation services seamlessly align with Singapore’s long-term sustainability objectives. By aiding your company in measuring, managing, and enhancing its environmental impact, the Microsoft cloud for sustainability plays a vital role in advancing the nation’s environmental sustainability efforts. With a shared commitment to a greener future, we empower your company to contribute significantly to Singapore’s development towards a more sustainable future.


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