Gain Insight and Optimize Your Azure Cloud Journey.

Gain Insight and Optimize Your Azure Cloud Journey.

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Considering to move to Azure, but uncertain where or how to start your cloud journey? Or are you encountering problems after your first experience with cloud?

Studies indicate that 70% of the companies are not getting results with cloud and that up to 45% of cloud spend is wasted. InTWO helps to mitigate the risks associated with adopting the cloud by offering a free, no obligation, CloudSCAN. InTWO is the leading global expert in cloud and mission critical applications on Azure. We specialize in making cloud technology work for you  and ensure that you have the right technology to be more agile, more responsive to your customers, and more competitive.

Accelerate and Optimize Your Microsoft Cloud Journey for Future-Proof Business Results

The migration from on-premise to the Microsoft Cloud poses challenges for every organization with regards to management cost, technology, tools, sizing and security. The InTWO CloudSCAN gives insights into the biggest benefits for your organization, and guidance how you compare to industry benchmarks. It addresses the challenges your organization might face, including a check for relevant industry standards and compliance requirements. The InTWO CloudSCAN includes reviews from senior business staff and InTWO’s Cloud Solution Architects.

Engaging in InTWO’s Azure CloudSCAN

The CloudSCAN starts with an intake meeting to review your high level business objectives, how they align to your IT landscape and objectives, e.g. business continuity, and disaster recovery, business critical applications, security, IT policies, cost of IT, etc. To guide the first step, we use a standardized methodology to ensure we cover your relevant business aspects and allow the CloudSCAN to create significant benefit to your organization with a minimum amount of time. As a second step, based on initial findings, we engage a Cloud Architect to zoom in with you to specific areas of interest in more detail.

CloudSCAN Report and Next Steps

Within 10 working days the report of the CloudSCAN will be presented to you and explained in detail during a meeting. The report contains essential insights for the migration to the cloud, and includes:

  1. Managed Summary
  2. Current IT environment overview
  3. Industry benchmarks
  4. Recommendations
  5. Next steps
  6. Budget indication and considerations
  7. Conclusion

The report will be sent to you prior to the meeting, to give you the opportunity to prepare your questions.

The outcome and findings of the Azure CloudSCAN provide essential and valuable information, together with ready-to-use next steps for your IT-department or cloud supplier to shape the migration onto Azure. Alternatively, InTWO can also offer a tailored proposal to implement the key recommendations and take you on the next part of the journey, seamlessly turning theory into action.

We can’t thank the InTWO team enough for their dedication, professionalism and engagement through this process as it ensured we maintained our business continuity and did not have staff having to manage the move internally. InTWO come highly recommended by our business and truly are experts in the transition to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Andrew Hill, Business Manager, Cloud A2K

Book Your Free Cloud Assessment

Get started with the InTWO CloudSCAN, the first of four steps to being cloud-ready. The outcome and findings provide you with:

  • Insights into the biggest benefits for your organization
  • Valuable perspectives from our cloud experts
  • Ready-to-use next steps // for your IT department or cloud supplier to shape the migration onto Azure
  • A report with essential insights for the migration to the cloud

The free half-day InTWO CloudSCAN is for enterprises and software companies. After you submit your request, we will contact you for the next steps of the CloudSCAN.