Why Companies Should Switch to Dynamics 365 CRM


Why Companies Should Switch to Dynamics 365 CRM

In today’s digital era, no matter what your business activity is, organizations have to step up and stay ahead of technology to remain relevant.

The technology launched by Microsoft has introduced cross-organizational efficiency, business insight, and ease in the everyday functionality of a business. It, in turn, leads to higher profitability and stronger business growth.

Collaboration with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 CRM offers practical real-time business intelligence empowering businesses of all sizes to improve their capabilities, productivity, and scalability. It is the perfect combination of Microsoft’s CRM products along with its ERP. Dynamics 365 intelligently incorporates powerful corporate management strategy tools that give a comprehensive insight into customer engagement and all of this at a budget-friendly cost. Here are five more reasons why Dynamics 365 CRM is essential for every business, big or small.

In-Depth Insights

Dynamics 365 CRM leverages the capabilities of advanced Power BI to enable businesses to function seamlessly in tandem with their KPI’s. With Microsoft’s CRM Online, you have the ability to install connectors that assist in linking data into Power BI. While that itself is a boon, with Dynamics 365, organizations will now have the capability to assign and capture specific BI dashboards in the CRM. This makes this CRM an effective and comprehensive tool for employees to gather complete information in one window, without having to shift from software to software.

Integrated Data

A comprehensive CRM is perfect, but what if you had the choice of linking your ERP software to your CRM as well, making it an integrated source of detailed data? Neat right! An integrated data source like this that connects both ERP and CRM software would unquestionably be costly and arduous to maintain. Dynamics 365 CRM makes this process a breeze, by being a seamlessly linked data source, further saving money and effort. It makes it convenient, consistent, and cost-effective to implement by all businesses big and small.

Worth Every Penny

You may say the license for Dynamics 365 is comparatively much higher than that of Dynamics CRM. The advantage here with Dynamics 365 is that it offers team member licenses, further allowing them access to view the files without the authority to make any edits. It includes access to viewing data regarding an account, its activity, contact info, and relevant notes. Such access is usually sufficient for larger teams. In contrast, the professional license which has complete access to the software can be doled out to relevant teams like sales or customer service representatives who can then carry out their allied services.

Lighter Outlook

Integration is vital in Dynamics 365, and so how could an essential ingredient be left behind. With the role out of Dynamics 365 comes the newer, sleeker, and latest version of Outlook to make it an ideal pair. What makes this latest version ideal since you don’t need a plug-in to install it, is you can access it directly from the cloud. Additionally, it comes with an embedded AI application that is linked to the CRM information giving you recommendations from the system to enhance your offerings to the end-customer and create new opportunities based on his data stored.


What makes Dynamics 365 unique is the fact that it is highly scalable. The architecture of the application makes it easy to integrate it with absolutely any existing business management solution. This seamless interlinking capability makes the CRM a comprehensive tool that enables teams to carry out daily business activities smoothly and unceasingly.


Dynamics 365 revolutionizes CRM and ERP by applying intelligence to all forms of data. This enables organization to evolve from reactive business decisions to proactive insights that empower your employees to accelerate business results.

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