What is DevSecOps, and how can DevSecOps help you?


What is DevSecOps, and how can DevSecOps help you?

DevSecOps – short for Development, Security, and Operations – automates security integration into all phases of the software development lifecycle, from initial design through integration, testing, and software delivery to software deployment.

DevSecOps automatically integrates security into all phases of the software development lifecycle and enables secure software development at the speed of Agile and DevOps.

DevSecOps integrates application and infrastructure security seamlessly into Agile and DevOps processes and tools. Addresses security issues as they arise, when they are easiest, fastest, and least expensive to fix (and before they go into production). In addition, DevSecOps treats application and infrastructure security as a shared responsibility between development, security, and IT operations teams rather than the sole responsibility of a centralized security area. This process provides a smoother, more secure, and faster development.

DevSecOps is efficient by automating secure software delivery without slowing down the software development cycle.

DevSecOps benefits

The two main advantages of DevSecOps are speed and security. Development teams deliver better, safer code faster and, therefore, cheaper.

Organizations using DevSecOps tools and practices create a solid foundation for digital transformation and for modernizing their applications as the need for automation extends to IT and business operations.

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