What is Cloud ERP? How Does it Help to Improve Customer Service?


What is Cloud ERP? How Does it Help to Improve Customer Service?

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ERP, an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning, is a software tool that helps businesses to manage everyday activities in a timely and efficient manner.

A cloud-based ERP software can help to bridge the gap between front-office engagement and back-office processes. From accounting to supply chain solutions and payroll management, cloud ERP’s can make life easy for not only corporate organizations but also for SME’s.

Nowadays, customer service is a top priority for most companies, as it should be. Better the experience provided by a business, higher the loyalty from the customers. Cloud ERP’s work by creating a single view of the customer with their history and previous interactions readily available to all the departments within the organization. In this piece of article, we’ll cover the different ways by which Cloud ERP helps to improve customer experience.

Improve Backend Business Operations

An ERP system helps companies deliver goods at a faster rate. It also helps to create a bond with your suppliers and ensures that the deliveries are accurate and made on-time. In short, companies are more in control of their inventory, which in turn helps to improve productivity and goodwill with the customer.

Improved User Experience

When the backend processes are streamlined – customers benefit, companies with a cloud ERP system can benefit from a holistic view of their customers. What this means is that they’ll have access to their details and history, which in turn helps them to identify loyal customers. Based on these results, various programs can be offered to regular customers in line with their requirements. On the whole, Cloud ERP helps to ensure a long-term relationship with clients and provides you with an ability to prioritize.

Easy Access to Information

This is done to ensure real-time information is made available to everyone and will be easy to understand even for the non-IT users.

Improve Customer Service Response

As mentioned, ERP tools are used to manage day-to-day activities within an organization. It helps to track customer service performance and thereby helps to home-in on areas where there is a need for improvement.

Implement Self-service

Since everything can be done online now, customers prefer handling their customer service needs by themselves. ERP plays a vital role in creating this type of system. Customers would prefer having access to every essential detail, right from tracking shipment, to order history, to points earned on every transaction made. This is where Cloud ERP steps in and ensures that it is accessible by all the customers. It not only assists in better customer service; it also helps in cost reduction. Matching demand with supply is significant to enhance the customer experience. Cloud ERP, in short, is a great solution and can assist in meeting their needs.


The modern business landscape suffers from fragile customer relationships. Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain a solid client base. The quality of your customer service can have a significant impact on your client retention numbers. Cloud ERP has been proven to not only help your internal operations, but it can also streamline your customer support system. It enables you to process orders quickly and even change the production process if necessary. What this means is that you will be able to reduce errors within your system and respond to client queries promptly. To ensure a return on your business investment, consider getting a cloud-based ERP system today!


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