What Is An Azure Landing Zone?


What Is An Azure Landing Zone?

The Azure Landing Zone is a framework of different building blocks to enable you to migrate your applications and workloads to the cloud and manage them efficiently.

According to Gartner, global spendings for cloud services will be $482 billion in 2022. This is a whopping increase of 53% compared to 2020. These numbers are proof that more companies worldwide have adopted the cloud and experience a range of benefits it offers.

Most of the cloud infrastructure spendings will yield high returns for organizations looking to migrate to the cloud if these investments are allocated towards foundational methodologies. One of these is the Azure Landing Zone.

What is an Azure Landing Zone?

Although you can easily deploy cloud services, in an organization environment this could lead to many questions and challenges. For example, you want to make sure you deploy your cloud services in a secure manner and comply with industry and governmental rules and regulations. Questions about availability and cost optimization need to be raised too. Finally, you need to consider best practices and governance when migrating to the cloud.

Many questions and challenges ahead you might think, but Microsoft solves many of these through what they call the Azure Landing Zone, a critical component of its Cloud Adoption Framework. Microsoft defines its Azure Landing Zones as: “Azure landing zones are the output of a multi-subscription Azure environment that accounts for scale, security governance, networking, and identity. Azure landing zones enable application migration, modernization, and innovation at enterprise-scale in Azure. These zones consider all platform resources that are required to support the customer’s application portfolio and don’t differentiate between infrastructure as a service or platform as a service.” To put it simple, you create a framework for your company that enables you to efficiently execute and manage your cloud migration.

Microsoft’s following video explains what an Azure Landing Zone is in two minutes.

Source: Microsoft

Most of the time, the Azure Landing Zone is an empty Azure subscription which includes the necessary building blocks as a starting point. These building blocks include Azure services such as security policies, hybrid network connectivity, management groups, subscriptions, and logging. With this landing zone, you have the necessary parameters or guardrails available to help you deploy data and applications in the cloud successfully.

Consider the Azure Landing Zone as an environment where everything comes together in one place. You can set up and view your governance regarding topics like usage of policies, identity and cost management, naming conventions, and resource groups. You can view your Azure subscriptions and the cost related to every cloud deployment you do, and much more.

Why do you need an Azure Landing Zone?

Compare it to building a house; you need all materials, machines, and experts available before you can start the construction of it. A robust Azure Landing Zone helps you to migrate your applications and workloads to the cloud. It provides you with parameters required to marshal your usage of data in your cloud environment, but also answers questions like:

  • How will we tackle our most important cloud migration challenges?
  • How do we connect our resources to each other?
  • How do we optimally organize our resources?
  • What tools do we use to develop a governance strategy?

What are some of the benefits of the Azure Landing Zones?

Every company has different needs, so there is no ‘one fits all’ solution. In time, companies grow and their need for cloud services change. Fortunately, Azure Landing Zones are scalable. This means, you can duplicate your zone with consistent configuration and controls, even if the resources in one landing zone differ from the other.

Azure Landing zones are based on a modular design principle. You can build it out by scaling specific elements/technologies of your landing zone, making it versatile in its functioning.

In summary, the Azure Landing Zones is a framework of different building blocks to enable you to migrate your applications and workloads to the cloud and manage them efficiently.

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November 23, 2022

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