Transferring From Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to Cloud Solutions Provider


Transferring From Microsoft Enterprise Agreement to Cloud Solutions Provider

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If the business world ever needed a wake up call to act on digital transformation, then the COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented lesson in proving its necessity.

Digital transformation has been at the spearhead of change in the workplace, especially relevant in the work from home ‘new normal’. Many organisations have stepped up to meet this unprecedented challenge; but some have not yet signed up to future proofing and protecting their business.

Eight in ten organisations fast-tracked their digital transformation programmes in 2020, according to Dell’s Digital Transformation Index 2020. In addition, 89% said the pandemic highlighted the need for a more agile and scalable IT environment.

On a similar note, direct digital transformation investment is expected to approach USD 7.1 trillion by 2023 according to IDC, and an organisation’s ability to ensure it is working with the best in class software and protocols can spell the difference between winning and losing in today’s increasingly competitive world.

To meet these demands – and help businesses transform and save on IT spending, as an Azure Expert MSP, Intwo has the unique capability to help businesses achieve more with cloud technology and support them to migrate from a traditional Microsoft Azure EA (Enterprise Agreement) model to the CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) model. This allows customers to benefit from a more cost-efficient model to purchase Azure resources and one that doesn’t require a multi-year pre-commitment.

That might sound too good to be true, but the fact is Microsoft has developed CSP – by creating a consistent and simplified purchase experience with greater flexibility in how and where they buy.

Transition From EA to CSP

Intwo can move an EA Azure subscription to CSP without any service disruption and without any modifications to your current Azure estate.

Two of the most important benefits are firstly the fact there are no technical changes from EA to CSP required and no downtime. Secondly, you can also receive best in class support and Managed Services from an Azure Expert MSP tailored to your business need for a more agile and scalable IT environment.

However, in addition to this, with CSP you can easily up- and downscale your licenses, there’s no mandatory contract period, you can get access to MS Premier Support via Intwo in addition to receiving a competitive wholesale discount.

CSP is more than just a billing model. In addition, your CSP partner – and in our case also being Azure Expert MSP – will provide you with the ability to utilize the full potential of Azure and speed up innovation.

But what tactually distinguishes CSP from EA? There are two main distinctions: 1) Billing and contracts 2) Supporting your business.

Billing & Contracts

Enterprise Agreements demand a three-year Azure consumption commitment. With the pace of innovation in the field of IT, it’s difficult to plan for the years to come.

As EA requires an upfront commitment, it’s up to you to use the credits you purchased before the end of your contract. It’s similar to a mobile phone contract that you’ll lose unused credits – although in this case you have three years before that happens. In terms of scaling resources (after a few months you might implement automatic scaling to save costs) there will never be a financial win as you already paid for the usage up front.

However, the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider programme gives you the ability to purchase and manage cloud services in a flexible manner. Intwo allows you to scale up and down your cloud services which instantly impacts finances as you only pay for what you use.

Purchasing Azure through a CSP partner, such as Intwo, will allow customers to receive a single invoice for Azure usage – in addition to the partner’s professional services.

Supporting Your Business

Enterprise Agreements include limited technical support from Microsoft or the Enterprise Agreement reseller. Optionally, you can purchase a premier support contract from Microsoft. Instead of proactive support on your environment you may send requests or log a support ticket based on the challenges you are facing. One of the great upsides is that your Managed Services partner will have in-depth knowledge of your environment and can share experiences across customers.

Whether you want to focus on your core business, want to outsource your Azure estate, feel your business model will benefit from professionally managed Azure infrastructure, your MSP will help you support and further enhance your business.

Ready For the Move? Here’s Our Checklist

  • Your Size: The best time to move is when your organization is still smaller than 500 users, since the EA requires a minimum 500 seats, so even if you have less than 500 employees, you’ll still be stuck paying for those extra seats. Moving to the CSP will ensure you only pay for what you’re going to use.
  • Your Support Calls to Microsoft Are Lacking: Support is an important element in ensuring the health of your environment but if Microsoft’s tech support number is busy, then leaving might be best for your company. Your CSP Distributor will directly deal with your needs so you won’t be struggling to get Microsoft’s attention.
  • Your Business Sees Fluctuations: Does your business have a trackable busy season? Do you hire seasonal workers and is the number of staff shifting up and down to meet the demand of the workload? Then it might be time to consider moving to CSP since the EA doesn’t provide nearly the same level of flexibility to accommodate these changes to your business. With the EA, you would simply be stuck paying for the maximum number of seats all year.

Five Easy Steps

It takes just five steps to move from EA to CSP. The Direct EA to CSP transition is a seamless process without any service disruption:

  1. Sign the Intwo Service Agreement & Microsoft Cloud Agreement
  2. Intwo shares an link to invite you to transition from EA to CSP
  3. Customer accepts the invitation to transition to CSP
  4. Customer selects the Azure subscriptions and approves the transition on Azure portal
  5. Subscriptions are transfered to CSP

You’ll find more detailed information here.

At Intwo, we help organizations transform, modernize and accelerate on Azure. We are proud that we are one of the few organizations that achieved the Azure Expert MSP status.

Microsoft has certified partners as an Azure Expert MSP to distinguish partners who offer best in class managed services on Azure. In combination with our Microsoft CSP Direct services we offer our customers a packed solution from a single provider that is tailored to their business needs.


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