Three Azure Tools You Should Know to Safeguard Your IT Infrastructure


Three Azure Tools You Should Know to Safeguard Your IT Infrastructure

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As part of our security practices, Intwo helps organizations ensure their deployments in Azure are secure and help them to get more security coverage, improve threat detection, and response time.

With our unique Intwo CloudCARE approach, we work hand-in-hand with our customers through each phase of our methodology:

  1. We asses and define your security policies.
  2. We deploy solutions to ensure they are complying with the security requirements of your company.
  3. We support and pro-actively detects the threats against your workload.
  4. We continuously improve to ensure the best possible secured cloud experience.

Here are three of the tools that we use as part of our security solutions.

Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center is the core of the Azure security ecosystem. It provides seamless integration with Azure resources and makes it easy to enable security solutions. It increases visibility over the security of Azure resources by providing a single dashboard that displays alerts and recommendations from different sources. The portal provides visibility on:

  • Overall secure score
  • Overview of security policies
  • Overview of security recommendations
  • Security alerts
  • Remediation steps
  • Regulatory compliance

Fundamentally, Azure Security Centre helps you understand your current security situation and provides recommendations on how to strengthen your security posture.

Azure Policy

Azure Policy provides a way to enforce and audit standards and governance of an Azure environment. The integration between Azure Policy and Azure Security Centre makes it easier to deploy a catalogue of built-in policy definitions related to security. Common use cases for Azure Policy as part of security compliance include:

  • Endpoint protection solution should be installed on virtual machine scale sets.
  • Azure DDoS Protection Standard should be enabled.
  • Auditing on SQL server should be enabled.
  • Secure transfer to storage accounts should be enabled.

Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel is an intelligent cloud native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR) solution. By using AI and automation to improve effectiveness, it was designed to help your defenders to protect your environment against advanced threats:

  1. Collect security data at cloud scale from any source
  2. Leverage analytics to detect threats
  3. Start and track investigations from security incidents
  4. Automate and orchestrate security operations

Azure Sentinel comes with a number of connectors for Microsoft solutions. The Azure Defender connector allows you to stream the alerts from Azure Security Centre into Azure Sentinel.

Azure Sentinel

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