The Role of Property 365 in Lead Nurturing in Real Estate


The Role of Property 365 in Lead Nurturing in Real Estate

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The central role of the customer experience, in effecting a sale, has been recognized across industries, markets, and demographics.

In the case of real estate, which typically constitutes of more high-value and crucial purchases for a consumer, positive customer experience can have a decisive influence. Given this, the practice of Lead Nurturing assumes a very important role for a real estate business. Facilitating a positive customer experience, during each successive stage of their purchase journey can play a critical role in the buyer’s decision being a favorable one for the business as well as themselves. 

In the case of a real estate purchase, the combination of the scale of the financial commitment as well as the emotional quotient inherent to buying a property, are significant. In such a case, glib persuasion and constant badgering have a negative and counterproductive influence and can often even lead to the customer being lost to the business. When it comes to real estate, it is quite customary for buyers to consider alternatives on a comparative basis and investigate the property at hand thoroughly, even when they are interested in it. Therefore, effectively turning a lead into a sale is fundamentally about creating rapport, building trust and establishing a relationship that is based on respecting the customer’s decision-making process, while also guiding it through the sequential steps involved.

Property 365 is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and optimized for the real estate industry’s very specific needs. It has been designed to facilitate each stage of the customer journey, from initial marketing to the eventual sale and a customer-focused post-sales service as well. It is, therefore, a powerful tool that can greatly empower consistency and quality in the lead nurturing process, by enhancing mutual trust, business reputation, and customer experience leading to efficiency in the conversion of leads into sales.

Lead Nurturing in Real Estate and How Property 365 Can Help Businesses Get It Right

Real estate leads nurturing presents a real estate business with the challenge of reconciling uniformity and dependability in standards, ethics and business practices, while also addressing the unique relationship it develops with each prospective buyer. Naturally, this needs a roadmap that is consistent in certain overarching priorities, but one that can be personalized for each lead. The typical home buying journey has been estimated as taking between 11 to 27 months. The lead nurturing process needs to remain consistently positive over this entire protracted process. The only effective strategy consists of building a relationship based on a strong foundation of trust and delivering steadily.

Here are some essential aspects and stages to achieving this quality of relationship with the customer, and how Property 365 can help in these outcomes:

  • Lead Management requires the monitoring, capturing and tracking of inquiries, accurately and effectively. Property 365 can acquire data from multiple sources and automate how it’s handled, based on pre-assigned processes and criteria. It also allows the business to orient the entire interaction with the customer in a highly personalized fashion.
  • Management of sales and marketing requires an effective offer management mechanism, a value-driven engagement with customers and their representatives, as well as personalized marketing. Property 365 provides effective means to retain dependable relevance and targeted intervention over the entire customer journey.
  • Mobility and ease of access to reports through intuitive dashboards are perhaps one of the empowering aspects of Property 365 providing customers with accurate information while also enabling employees to produce desired outcomes for the business.
  • Alerts and reminders play an important part in helping real estate professionals to track and proactively facilitate a customer journey. Property 365 acts as an effective tool to ensure that no inquiries, expiry or any other time-bound element of the process are compromised.


Real estate leads nurturing is a prolonged and complex process. Property 365 is an effective software suite, that enhances and rationalizes the lead nurturing process. It can greatly influence positive outcomes. To understand how Property 365 can help you nurture your leads, please reach out to us.


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