Technology in Mall Management and How Property 365 Fits In


Technology in Mall Management and How Property 365 Fits In

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From creating a unique and immersive experience for customers to managing and operating a complex array of interdependent functions, Mall Management is a demanding enterprise that requires several different kinds of expertise and processes to proceed without a hitch.

Mall management includes taking care of everyday operational issues, maintenance and facilities management, meeting health and safety requirements, venue security and emergency readiness, attracting and handling tenant accounts, public relations, and marketing, and a host of other tertiary functions. Addressing an operation of such complexity, and with such little margin for error, is inherently intricate. Technology is not only an enabler of the functional aspects of such a property but it can also be leveraged to introduce coherence and efficiency into the management of operations themselves.

The metrics by which a successful mall can ultimately be gauged are somewhat self-evident. Focusing purely on eventual outcomes, the final measure of a well-managed mall is engaged and satisfied shoppers, profitable retail outlets, and a delightful experience for both tenants and visitors. It can easily be argued that the ambiance that a mall delivers is the core value it adds as a business model. Creating a ‘happening’ around shopping, which essentially elevates a purely utilitarian concern to a pleasurable and recreational event, is the heightened experience a mall delivers, to the advantage of both buyers and retailers. It’s no wonder that getting these outcomes just right involves a complex web of process hierarchies that can be challenging to optimize.

Property 365 is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and provides a comprehensive ‘end-to-end’ solution, which can address the entire gamut of requirements that concern the real estate sector. It has been conceived as a solution that delivers tech-enabled enhancement from broad generalized functional categories, down to very specific requirements. Property 365’s exhaustive capabilities have been designed to facilitate the entire process arc involved in the business, from marketing and property sales to customer-focused post-sales service and everything in between. Within the context of mall management, Property 365 is a powerful tool that streamlines back-end functions to deliver optimal potential, while also enhancing brand image, tenant convenience, and customer-facing operations.

Core Mall Management Requirements and How Property 365 Addresses Them

An overly simplistic perception of retail is that it is a customer-centric industry alone. While delivering a high standard in customer experience and engagement is indeed a primary focus of the industry, creating the best possible retail experience – especially in the context of mall management – requires a very diverse array of processes and functions to be optimized. Some of the crucial advantages that a well-integrated and powerful mall management solution, such as Property 365, needs to deliver include:

  • Getting the details right. A fundamental concern in mall management is attention to detail and consistent quality. Precise, targeted data flow and responsive systems are the keys to these outcomes. Property 365 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft software, such as MS Office and Power BI to enable management of operations through highly customized dashboards. It facilitates requirement specific and real-time input of reports and insights while enabling sales automation, customer service, and marketing, through Dynamics 365 functionality.
  • Optimized asset management. As with most businesses optimal mall management must ensure optimal resource utilization. The specific resources in question include the built space, workforces, and the infrastructure/automation that the mall operates. These broad categories of concern can be further refined based on priorities such as safety, environmental metrics, ambiance, crowd management, energy requirements, water supply, waste disposal and much more. Property 365’s facilities management capabilities help mall managers monitor resource allocation and respond to requirements as they are identified.
  • Empowering tenants through enhanced support and business processes. What truly sets a successful mall management business apart from the also-rans is facilitating customer relationships with tenants that are mutually empowering. Property 365 is, most fundamentally, an industry-specific tool that is an enabler of sales, leads, rental, marketing, and facility management. From capturing leads and prospects to a 360-degree view of customer behavior and enabling a value-added engagement with all business stakeholders, Property 365 helps ensure that every aspect, within the very complex eco-system of mall management, can be addressed to the most exacting standards.


The many complex requirements that need to be met for successful mall management are an ideal context in which a software platform needs to be deployed to enhance, rationalize and add coherence to the operation. No progressive and forward-thinking mall management operation which is results-oriented and outcome-driven can afford to ignore the game-changing effect of incorporating such a technological enhancement of its processes.

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