Taking Care of Business: Customer Care Is at Our Core

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Taking Care of Business: Customer Care Is at Our Core

We all know too well that cloud computing has become the new norm and an indispensable element of our current digital ecosystem.

According to Technavio, cloud users will more than double, and the market is estimated to grow by $221.84 billion during 2020-2024 [1]. But that’s not all. The skills related to cloud computing are the most requested by companies in any industry, according to research by LinkedIn [2]. 

That’s why, here at InTWO, we know the importance of customer care when delivering great cloud solutions. It’s in our DNA!  

We know that for our clients, a seamless user experience and customer care are crucial. That’s why we wanted to outline how we aim to keep all our customers happy all the time. 

Always There for Our Customers

Technology is great when it works, but just like a car, it sometimes can break down on you at the worst moments. 

That’s why our customer support teams are with you every step of the way. If, for example, your server went down, our monitoring teams will aim to pick this up and solve it likely before you even notice it.  

Our teams continuously review our in-house client dashboard, checking for any significant incidents or bugs that need fixing. By doing so, we can ensure our engineers jump in and fix them ASAP- that’s our proactive approach.   

Collaborative & Creative Approach

We offer tailored cloud-based solutions to all of our clients, which means that every issue logged may be different.   

This is exactly why our expert team of customer care agents and engineers hold regular meetings to discuss these issues, to share their ideas and experiences in order to resolve the problems together and share learnings across the globe. More heads are most definitely better than one! 

When our team logs a proactive ticket (where we find and start solving an issue), this triggers an automatic email to the customer letting them know we’re working on it. We want to be transparent to our customers and find the trends in issues to keep them from occurring again.

When our team solves a reactive ticket (another kind of ticket which is logged from the customer end), the status of the incident is automatically updated, and an automatic email is sent out to our clients, keeping them informed every step of the way.  

Keeping Our Customer in The Loop

For us, success is all about setting the right expectations. We always aim to over-deliver, but never over-promise.  
That’s why when a customer calls, our team will always outline what’s being worked on and when it can be delivered.  

However, if a particular issue is too technical for one of our customer agents, then we’ll put you in touch with an engineer directly who can support and guide your IT team through the process. But, in most cases, our frontline customer agents are skilled to resolve 95% of issues. 

Keeping Up with Developments

Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher, famously quoted, “Unless you try to do something beyond what you’ve already mastered, you will never grow.” 

We wholeheartedly agree. That’s why our team regularly shares the most up-to-date developments of Azure, Dynamic 365, and cloud services both internally and via our newsletters.  

We also encourage our teams to take personal steps to stay updated on the latest developments and if specific training is required, InTWO will support them – along with providing online training resources and a dedicated learning center. 

All-in-all, at InTWO, we look after our teams to ensure they have everything they need to look after our customers. For us, it just makes sense. 

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