Schneider Electric reports impressive 2023


Schneider Electric Reports Impressive 2023

Schneider Electric, Intwo’s holding company, reports impressive 2023 half-year results, advancing towards net zero.

Schneider Electric, the renowned multinational corporation, has reached a significant milestone by announcing its robust 2023 half-year results. The company’s remarkable 15% organic revenue growth, amounting to 17.6 billion Euros in H1 2023, is truly awe-inspiring. However, beyond the financial achievements, Schneider Electric owes its success to the accelerating adoption of digitization and electrification by households and businesses, which has played a pivotal role in driving this remarkable growth.

A commitment to net zero: driving a sustainable future

Schneider Electric goes beyond mere financial success, acknowledging its responsibility to lead the charge against climate change. With a resolute vision of achieving net-zero carbon emissions, the company has set ambitious targets and initiatives aimed at making a substantial impact on the global carbon footprint. This commitment is perfectly aligned with the growing awareness among consumers and businesses to make environmentally conscious choices.

The journey to net zero encompasses a holistic approach, spanning from reducing operational carbon emissions to promoting circular economy principles and advancing sustainable product development. As Schneider Electric leads the way in sustainability, it sets an example for the entire industry while encouraging others to follow suit.

Inspired collaboration: Intwo and Schneider Electric working together

Intwo takes pride in being part of the Schneider Electric family, sharing a common vision and dedication to building a sustainable future. Inspired by Schneider Electric’s achievements, we remain committed to collaborating closely and delivering excellence to our customers consistently.

Schneider Electric’s strong 2023 half-year results are a testament to the company’s determination to lead by example in the global business landscape. As the world navigates a future driven by digitization and electrification, Schneider Electric sets the bar high with their inspiring achievements and dedication to sustainability. With Intwo as a proud partner in this journey, we look forward to playing our part in shaping a greener and more prosperous world for generations to come.

Know the details of Schneider Electric’s 2023 Half-Year Report here.


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