Remote Working, Cost Reduction, or New Projects: We Are Here to Support Your Business


Remote Working, Cost Reduction, or New Projects: We Are Here to Support Your Business

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As businesses we are all doing our upmost best, along with governments and health organizations, to overcome the second waves the coronavirus as we informed you about earlier and prepare for a better 2021.

You are probably thinking through your 2021 business planning, IT projects, and challenges. We want to proactively think with you during this process.

A lot of companies already took the necessary precautions ranging from letting people work from home to – more drastic scenarios – temporarily closing (part) of their business. You may have done similar things, or still must think through them. Due to the flexible nature of cloud, there are several scenarios that can help you that we would like to share with you.

What could cloud computing do for me in the current situation?

1. Save costs on your cloud environment

If your business is slowing down, you want to keep a sharp eye on controlling your costs and maybe even save costs where possible. Depending on your specific situation, together we can see where and how costs can be saved on your cloud environment and scale up or down when required.

2. Enable your staff to work remotely

Ensuring a secure, cost-effective, and efficient way to support remote workers has become increasingly important for all companies in today’s circumstances. Microsoft Azure has helped ease some of the complexities with the new Azure Virtual Desktop in Azure offering.

3. Move on-premises to the cloud to become agile

The Microsoft cloud allows employees to work anywhere without being in the office and have safe access to applications and files. You can turn the public cloud on and off, where and when you need it. Arrange business continuity at lower costs and become less dependent on IT staff for cloud infrastructure, so they can focus on adding other value to the business. There is a range of technologies available to facilitate better ways of working; our Cloud Solution Architects are available to think along with you.

3. Speed up planned IT projects

A lot of companies are using this time of business slow-down for strategic (IT) activities and getting ready for the upswing later on. Some customers use the available resources to speed up already planned IT projects, like, for example, implementing Window Virtual Desktop, improving their cloud security, or (Dynamics) ERP systems. Do you have any IT projects in backlog you want to pick up and leverage cloud possibilities?

We realize that in a time of uncertainty, it is not easy to free up funds to realize digital transformation, even when this pays off in longer term. That is why we together with Microsoft, have set up a specific program to fund implementation projects at 25% lower costs. As specific conditions apply, please contact us about the possibilities specific to your needs.

We can help identify your specific needs, challenges and how we can support you during these challenging times. Please, send us a request via our website and we will contact you shortly.


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