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The Microsoft Security Copilot is a cutting-edge generative AI tool in the security industry.

Written by Lazaro Serrano & Isaias Martinez

Its purpose is to provide defenders with a valuable resource to swiftly identify and address threats, as well as gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall threat landscape. This innovative product was unveiled during the Microsoft Inspire global partner conference in July of 2023.

Defend against cyber threats: powering resilient security with AI

The challenge of ensuring cybersecurity is a top priority, as stated in Microsoft’s Security Blog. The constantly evolving threat landscape and data spread across various security point solutions make it difficult for defenders to maintain visibility. Finding cybersecurity professionals is also challenging due to a global talent shortage. AI-assisted tools are increasing the number of automated attacks, with the number of password attacks detected by Microsoft tripling in the past year, from 1,287 per second to over 4,000 per second. Additionally, the annual cost of cyberattacks is rising, with losses reported by the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center increasing from USD 6.9 billion in 2021 to over USD 10.2 billion in 2022. These losses are even more significant on a global scale. To avoid leaving gaps in their security posture, organizations must harness the power of AI and an end-to-end security solution to build a resilient security posture with defenses that can quickly adapt. Specialized cybersecurity expertise is critical in preparing customers for the era of AI 2, making our partners more important than ever.

Your trusted global Microsoft Partner for AI-powered security solutions

We are a global Microsoft Partner that has earned all partner designations including Azure MSP Expert. At Intwo, we can offer specialized cybersecurity solutions and services to prepare you for the era of AI-powered security. Our goal is to help you understand how Microsoft Security Copilot can be integrated into an end-to-end security solution that strengthens your security posture and allows for rapidly adapting defenses.

Microsoft Security Copilot, your virtual security assistant

Microsoft Security Copilot is an AI-powered security analysis tool that will enable Security Operation Centers (SOC) to respond to threats more quickly, process signals at machine speed, and assess risk exposure in minutes.

Enhanced Incident response will help our security analysts identify ongoing attacks, assess the scale, and get instructions to begin remediation based on proven tactics from real-world security incidents.

With Security Copilot, we can obtain the most important information used to review incidents in an organization. For example, we are now able to quickly identify who the affected device belongs to, the name of the device, what file or process was executed, as well as any new or malicious resources that were created as a result of previous actions taken by an attacker or malware.


Threat hunting capabilities will grow, and our security analysts are now able to discover whether an organization is susceptible to known vulnerabilities and exploits. With Security Copilot our analysts will also have the capability to examine your environment one asset at a time for evidence of a breach.

During this example, a security analyst is able to quickly identify who sent and received an email that included a specific set of parameters such as a malicious link or attachment during a specific period.


We can see how Security Copilot is able to provide the exact sender, recipient, date, and subject included in the email that was distributed to internal users in only minutes.


Security Reporting features are also included in Security Copilot which will help our security analysts summarize any event, incident, or threat in minutes and prepare the information in a ready-to-share, customizable report for the desired audience. We are now able to generate summaries and reports such as the one below which can be shared with executives and provide updates on high priority incidents in an expedited manner.


At Intwo, we believe that security is all about individuals. Through Security Copilot, we can forge a path towards a future where our security professionals gain empowerment through innovative technologies and expertise, enabling them to unleash their true capabilities. While technology undoubtedly holds a crucial role in this transformation, we firmly acknowledge that successful security remains a human factor.

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in security!


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