Microsoft New Commerce Experience


Microsoft New Commerce Experience

Microsoft is changing its strategy and is moving to the New Commerce Experience (NCE).

It was originally announced in 2019 with Azure as a simplified journey for both the customer and partner to transact under a consistent and standardized purchase movement.

Azure was already fully adopted in New Commerce Experience since July 1, 2021. Next subscriptions that have been moved are Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform.

What Impact Does NCE Have On Your Business?

As of January 1, 2022, the New Commerce Experience will be generally available. With the arrival of NCE, Microsoft has set a transition period. Between January 1 – March 1, 2022, you still have the option to choose between the legacy CSP option or the NCE subscriptions. After March 10, 2022, only the NCE options are available for purchase.

Subscription-Management Scenarios for M365/D365/Windows 365 in CSP NCE


New Pricing

In addition to all the changes already mentioned, Microsoft will change the pricing of the following products as of March 1, 2022:

New Pricing
List price per user per month based on a yearly subscription.

Promotional Offers On New Commerce Experience

As of January 10, 2022, a 5% discount on annual-term offers will be available on commercial seat-based offers in New Commerce Experience, and monthly-term offers will be priced the same as annual-term offers. Annual-term offers will be in effect through March 2022, however Microsoft reserves the right to extend annual-term promotional pricing up to, and including June 2022. Monthly-term promotional pricing will be in effect through June 2022.

  • Monthly offers (January – June 2022): 16.7% discount* vs. list price (to match legacy annual)
  • Annual offers (January – March 2022): 5% discount vs. list price

* Discount is calculated as (promo – list price) / list price.

Transition Period

As of March 10, 2022, new subscriptions can only be purchased via the New Commerce Experience. Until then, there is a transition period during which subscriptions can be purchased for NCE. Current subscriptions stay valid until the end of the renewal date. When you decide to buy under the NCE, the discount offers can apply.

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