How to Avoid Overspending on Cloud Migration


How to Avoid Overspending on Cloud Migration

Many companies waste a lot of time and money moving to the cloud. Rather than just paying for the solution they need, they often overspend and make their move unnecessarily complex.

That’s why, before you start your migration – or to fix one that didn’t go so well – you need a diagnostic of your current digital business solution to understand what the next steps are in order to move on more efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look at the approach we take here at Intwo, and what insights our methods uncover.

Intwo Helps You Migrate ‘The Right Way’

In order to advise, consult and support our clients in successful cloud journeys, Intwo uses a best practice cloud methodology called CloudCARE. CloudCARE is based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework and industry-leading tools, proven methodology, international compliance standards, and our over 20 years of cloud experience.


Intwo’s CloudCARE methodology is comprised of the following key steps: Pre-assessment, Assessment and Design, Deployment, Operation and Support, and Continuous Improvement.


For us, a successful migration involves understanding all of your business and technical challenges; it’s not just a case of ‘let’s do it’. Understanding how, why, and to what extent a company migrates are essential considerations.

This is a process we’ve perfected over time – after all, we’ve been working in the cloud since its very inception. We began by building private and public clouds to support our own data centers, before helping other businesses render their workloads more efficiently by moving them to the cloud. A few years later, we were one of the first organizations to move our data center fully to Microsoft Azure.

This early learning curve gave us the experience needed to develop a range of different tools and approaches to help global businesses expertly move to and utilize the cloud in the most cost-effective and efficient ways possible.

A Complete Analysis

A Complete Analysis

The first thing we do is create a 360-degree snapshot of your existing cloud IT infrastructure. Intwo has the option to use automated discovery tool(s) to capture data about the existing environment – workload resources, consumption, and dependencies. At Intwo, we mostly use CloudLAB, Azure Migrate, and Cloudamize as best-practice discovery and migration tools. These tools are utilized to create a fit-for-use cloud design based on solid business and technical fundamentals. CloudLAB gathers your unique business and cost structure and allows you to incorporate relevant business factors important to your cloud journey. Azure migrate and Cloudamize are tools more focused on the technical fundamentals, like current virtual machine sizing, performance details, network topology, and applications dependencies. These all are created to assess the cloud readiness of your estate and to be able to make data-driven cloud decisions.

Using these tools, we carry out an online viability study, which analyzes your unique business needs and details the most relevant factors related to the future of your cloud usage. The main output here is a crystal-clear comparison of the costs and benefits of running your current workload on Microsoft Azure versus your current estate or on-premises deployment.

The tool(s) will be run for a minimum of two weeks and/or during peak application usage to capture your high-performance patterns and requirements. All data combined, provides solid insight into the needs and costs of running your workloads in Microsoft Azure compared to your current infrastructure cost levels.

Microsoft Azure

Thirdly, a design and migration runbook will be created to illustrate the correct path towards business transformation, from both a financial and technological perspective.

Finally, a workshop is planned with key stakeholders present the findings, results and best next actions to get you well on the way to your new digital and future-proof solution. Simultaneously, we will start to work towards the next phase of your successful cloud migration that is the deploy phase as part of our CloudCARE methodology.

In short, we believe in the power of the cloud. We’ve seen what it can do and how companies can quickly get the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings they need to thrive and accelerate.

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