How Intwo’s Azure Virtual Desktop Solutions Can Make Remote Work Easier and Faster


How Intwo's Azure Virtual Desktop Solutions Can Make Remote Work Easier and Faster

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Modernizing companies and making them more agile is the dream of almost all company owners and executives, but for years it has been the most delayed project by many due to the cost of technologies and trained personnel who could handle modernization without affecting the operation of businesses and specially customer service.

Remote Working Jumped to 66%

During the pandemic, the number of people working remotely jumped from 7% to 66%, according to Pew Research Center. Companies were forced to adopt technologies that would allow them to continue their operation while keeping their employees and customers healthy. This drastically accelerated the modernization process, becoming the number one priority of companies.

With our Modern Workplace solutions, we helped companies in all industries, including the healthcare industry, which was receiving a high impact at the time, continue to offer services in an agile and secure way.

Modern Workplace Solutions Designed and Managed for You

Intwo’s Azure Virtual Desktop Solution gives you the most cost-effective, seamless way to move to the cloud or support your hybrid environment. It helps your employees stay as productive with a virtualized experience on a PC, phone, tablet, or browser as they are with a physical PC sitting right in front of them.

You can simplify your management and access to data with easy to learn apps, as well as reduce the costs and resources associated with managing on-premises infrastructure.​​

Intwo’s Azure Virtual Desktop key benefits:

  • Expand capabilities with the best virtualized end-user experience.
  • Realize more efficient and simplified management.
  • Ensure security and modernization with a standardized, global cloud.
  • Significantly reduce costs without compromising quality.

A Customer Success Story

Pharmacy benefits management company PharmPix realized that it did not have the technological resources to continue operations if the government declared a quarantine in response to the onslaught of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a measure many other countries in the world had taken. The possibility of a total shutdown not only affected the company but also the 400,000 beneficiaries to which the company offered pharmaceutical services in the healthcare field. This scenario offered an opportunity for us to work on a solution guided by the highest sense of urgency and social responsibility so that the client could maintain the company in full operation in remote mode with Azure Virtual Desktop.

“I am very grateful with Intwo’s team for the work they have done to help PharmPix Corporation continue to provide services with AVD. It means a lot not only to me but to the 400,000 patients that we are able to continue serving”.

Jaime Figueroa Torres, CEO PharmPix

Ready to modernize your workforce? Empower your employees to do more with personalized virtual desktops with Intwo’s Azure Virtual Desktop. Contact us for more information or to discuss the possibilities for your organization.


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