High-Performance Virtual Desktop for AEC Professionals at Low Cost


High-Performance Virtual Desktop for AEC Professionals at Low Cost

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work and has driven a rapid adoption of Virtual Desktop solutions.

In the world of Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC), this means providing AEC professionals with high-performance Cloud Workstation, enabling them to work on CPU and GPU-intensive applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Navisworks, SolidWorks and many more. Additionally, users can remotely access their work and collaborate with team members in real-time from anywhere and using any device. 

Intwo Cloud Workstation for GPU-Intensive Applications

Intwo Cloud Workstation is a cloud service built on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). Built for GPU-intensive applications, this service takes advantage of GPU-optimized host pools combined with the power autoscaling features. Our autoscaling functionality leverages a combination of AVD scaling plans and PowerShell scripting, which via the definition of various settings such as ramp-up hours, peak hours, ramp-down hours, and off-peak hours for weekdays, etc., enables the autoscaling triggers.

Automatic Up- and Downscaling for Low and Optimized Compute Costs

In short, the AVD host-pool will automatically scale-up based on usage demands and scale-down when resources are no longer needed. Designers and architects will enjoy the power of high-performance computing and application governance benefits, while guaranteeing low and optimized compute costs.

Many of our customers, including US CAD, use Intwo Cloud Workstation services to run their CAD & Revit software from virtual desktop solutions. Since 2020, US CAD has successfully run all training and education via their virtual training labs which we deployed on this cloud service.


Intwo enables us to deliver high quality training virtual classes for BIM and CAD software applications across the US. Our customer experiences are great, 80% more effective than our traditional on-site training labs. Intwo’s experience with Azure and AVD is impressive and the quality of service has been outstanding.

Jeff Rachel, President US CAD

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