Go for Gold: The Benefits of Working with a Microsoft Gold Partner


Go for Gold: The Benefits of Working with a Microsoft Gold Partner

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Intwo’s dedication to our global customers has earned us our Gold Partner membership with Microsoft.

We are working hard and dedicating ourselves to be the best managed services provider possible. While we hate to brag too much, we would like to share with you all of the Gold and Silver Competencies we have achieved and what they mean when it comes to choosing a Microsoft Expert Managed Services Provider for your cloud needs.

What are competencies? What do they mean to your business?

At Microsoft, every competency is first achieved at the Silver level by demonstrating the consistent ability to deliver specialized services. To achieve the Gold level, a company must meet a certain number of Microsoft product licenses bought and sold via the Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) and consume a certain amount of Azure. In addition, a company must have a certain number of employees, usually with a higher volume of said employees passing Microsoft exams and a larger number of customers being helped on their cloud journey. Our in-house experts are to thank for our continued aptitude as we navigate changes and new developments in technology so we can further enable you to focus on your core business.

Our Gold Microsoft Competencies

Application Development

This Gold standard award highlights our expertise in providing knowledge of development services tailored to construction migrating legacy apps to Azure. We can advise your developers on best practices to help them make correct future-proof decisions. With our parent company RIB Software, an expert in construction technology, you can rest assured you’re never far from expert knowledge.

Cloud Platform

With the Azure Consumption option, Hosting option, and Distribution option, our Gold competency in this area proves we can enable customers to modernize their infrastructure and migrate their applications and data to the cloud successfully as a Cloud Solution Provider.

Cloud Productivity

The achievement of obtaining the Managed Services Partner option and Distributor option showcases our expertise in deployments of the full Office 365 experience in an enterprise environment. Office 365 is the global leader in commercial-grade productivity solutions; let’s ensure your business gets the most out of it.

Data Analytics

With the Data Analytics Specialist option under our belt in this Gold competency, we can promise our customers actionable business insights that they can use to transform their businesses. The power of Azure and intelligent business applications such as those within the Dynamics 365 product suite is undeniable. Using smart tooling, we can make data driven recommendations and better predictions.


With our Datacenter Solutions option we have proven our abilities in transforming datacenters to become more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective with solutions that can bridge on-premise and in the cloud options for customers across the globe.

Enterprise Resource Planning

With the ERP Reseller option, this means we can help our partners meet their Azure consumption requirements and enable them to resell Microsoft licenses to customers.

Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

With the Office 365 Services option, this Silver competency shows that we are dedicated to making sure small and midsize businesses are also able to access the benefits of Microsoft. Office 365 through a competent and trustworthy cloud services provider like Intwo gives these businesses the ability to work from anywhere without losing out on security standards.

Our Silver Microsoft Competencies

Collaboration and Content

With the SharePoint Services Partner option, we can deliver SharePoint and the Microsoft 365 productivity solutions (Office 365, CRM licenses) that allow Microsoft users to take advantage of fast-growing market opportunities.


With the Hybrid Services Partner option, we bring customers the collaborative tools they need to function fully as a modern workplace. A hybrid cloud combines on-premise and private cloud with public cloud features. We can help you move from on-premise to cloud-based messaging systems.


With the Security option, customers can rest assured that the proper security measures, availability and correct data safeguards are in place. This makes delivering a high standard of managed cloud services for our customers possible.

The Gold Standard

As Microsoft continues to develop their cutting-edge technologies for businesses, we’re proud to say we have maintained our status as a Gold standard partner and stand at the forefront of digital transformation. Our global team pushes for the highest standards to guarantee that our customers are always in good hands. For us, the benefits for our customers speak the highest volumes.

If you are curious what our Gold and Silver competencies can help your business achieve during your digital transformation, contact us today to find out.


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