Challenges for the Manufacturing Industry on Its Journey to the Cloud


Challenges for the Manufacturing Industry on Its Journey to the Cloud

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Since the start of the pandemic, organizations in the global manufacturing sector have accelerated cloud and digital technology adoption, to scale up their operations, secure their data and infrastructure, cut IT costs, and enhance organizational flexibility and resilience.

However, the journey to the cloud is not without its challenges, especially for manufacturing companies.

Effective cloud adoption can be more complex than it seems

In a recent study, McKinsey found that “74 percent of cloud-related transformations fail to capture expected savings or business value”. The same survey also found that almost half of all surveyed organizations found cloud technology to be more complex than they expected. Another 40% overran their cloud budgets—some to a “significant degree”.

In short, cloud adoption can be a complex endeavor, so manufacturing firms should guard against underestimating this complexity or making overconfident assumptions.

How can I optimize my cloud adoption and realize the benefits my organization expects?

Cloud failure can be costly for your organization. Fortunately, you can avoid joining the 74% of organizations who experienced cloud failures. In fact, you can successfully achieve all your business goals with the cloud!

You can also improve your cloud’s performance in terms of reliability and speed, increase the security of business-critical data, optimize the governance of your IT infrastructure, and even reduce operational costs. How? With Cloud Concierge from Intwo.

Cloud Concierge is a fully managed red-carpet service that covers the complete lifecycle of hybrid cloud infrastructure, from planning and strategizing to execution and post-migration governance, cost control and availability, performance and security management of all your cloud assets. It is all monitored and supported by Intwo’s 24×7 service desk management and cloud operations experts to help you get the maximum ROI from your cloud investment and the biggest benefits from your modernized infrastructure and platforms.

Cloud Concierge was created for you!

With Cloud Concierge, you will get access to a set of world-class processes, people, and technologies to simplify your cloud migration journey. Take advantage of Cloud Concierge and get an optimal, controlled, secure, and cost-effective way to migrate, run, and succeed in the cloud. Total trust and confidence – the Cloud Concierge guarantee!

All our tools and technologies are backed by advanced human expertise that we fully invest in your cloud success. Additionally, our managed services are customizable to match your unique cloud goals and workloads. We will also share regular recommendations and best practices to help you continually improve your cloud infrastructure and optimize its cost.

With Cloud Concierge, you get a comprehensive set of offerings plus a highly experienced partner so you can capture all the benefits promised by a move to the cloud.

Intwo and Cloud Concierge have made huge contributions to the digital transformation of renowned companies like ANCRA, Bosch, Fruit Masters, Scandinavian Tobacco, Siemens, and many more. All these firms trust us to help them move to the next level of cloud scalability and success. We can help you as well.

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