Bringing the AI Flavor to Dynamics 365


Bringing the AI Flavor to Dynamics 365

Data and insight-driven decision making is a powerful enabler for the modern business.

The most transformative and empowering aspect of AI, as it relates to enterprise processes, is its ability to optimize functions by interpreting data. Pairing AI with Dynamics 365 considerably enhances the scope of the suite, allowing users access to contextual cues and actionable insights. The ability to make sense of multiple real-time information streams helps facilitate intelligent decisions that address short term concerns while remaining coherent with larger organizational concerns and goals.

When Microsoft introduced the world to its Dynamics 365 solution, the core idea was for CRM and ERP solutions to intelligently complement each other and to eliminate the silos that limited organizational coherence. With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) based applications – through individual enhancements labeled AI for Sales, AI for Market Insights and AI for Customer Service – Microsoft is delivering a means to unify data and optimize operations through relevant intelligence and insights.

Dynamics 365 AI for Sales empowers an organization’s salespeople with personalized insights, data-driven decision making and the ability to prioritize deals based on pre-identified parameters. Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service leverages abilities such as natural language recognition, to render customer data into more intuitively accessible information and to assign features such as bots for basic queries – among several other enhancements. Likewise, Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights is able to interpret web and social media based data streams to deliver insights regarding an organization’s customers as well as its competitors and industry at large.

Recognition and Interpretation of Raw Data to Leverage It as a Resource

Artificial intelligence was first conceived as an element in robotics. Innovation, however, tends to chart a course that cannot be entirely anticipated. With the ability to gather data across every aspect and specialized process within an organization, distributed processing power, big data, machine learning and cognitive technologies have fused to generate intelligent, optimized processes. In essence, AI has the ability to tirelessly process intricate data streams and convey the information to human beings in ways that they can intuitively interact with, through the use of dashboards, user interfaces, templates and visualizations. AI can present highly complex and inter-dependent data sets to human decision makers, either as simplified depictions they can easily grasp or actionable insights driven by pre-engineered responses to parameters.

Using AI enables sales as an example; a recent study by the Capgemini Research Institute found that 28% of the wide-ranging group of retailers that took part in their research were already deploying cognitive technologies, which constituted a seven-fold increase in the previous two years. AI enabled sales, the study found, had resulted in significantly lowered customer complaints and higher sales. AI was found to have effectively integrated the analysis of structured as well as unstructured data to deliver insights that resulted in effective and agile decision making.

Interpreting Data, Implementing Advanced Analytics and Optimizing Outcomes Across Functions

The benefits of AI in the context of Dynamics 365 modules are manifold and often mutually synergistic. As an organization, you can deliver real-time insights to sales professionals, enhance internal communication and customer engagement, prioritize prospects and take actions for optimal outcomes. From enhancing customer satisfaction to reducing employee workloads, the ability to integrate critical data with processes and human resources immediately and effectively redefines and optimizes business processes. Some of the enhancements that Microsoft Dynamics AI delivers include:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales

  • Recommendations for cross-selling derived from previous purchase history and emerging trends for customers with similar profiles.
  • Continually updating of customer records on the basis of Social Insight and external data gathered from resources such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Predictive Analysis using Dynamics 365 Customer Insights set to pre-configured metrics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service

  • Auto-Suggestions to resolve well-defined customer problems can be accessed by enabling AI driven interpretation and co-relating case data to previous instances.
  • Case-topic Analysis can provide insights into recurring issues, which then be isolated and addressed expediently. The analysis is also added to the Knowledge Base.
  • Chatbots are a highly effective and enabling automation of resources that can be integrated into websites or portals to provide an alternative medium of redressal for repetitive concerns.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights

  • Campaign automation can be achieved by leveraging machine learning to create highly specific and pattern driven segmentation of customers, based on their history and all their interactions across your entire business.
  • Targeted Marketing that identifies opportunities as well as recommended actions based on highly personalized data, across multiple parameters, can enhance your ability to create effective messaging and leverage customer intelligence.


Empowering its processes and teams with intelligent data-driven insights allows an organization the ability to optimize operations and exploit opportunities for efficiency. By facilitating optimal performance through a combination of powerful analytics, actionable insights and enhanced process cohesion, Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI ensures that the human resources of an enterprise can coordinate their efforts and create powerful synergies.

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