Azure Virtual Desktop Takes On Hybrid Retail


Azure Virtual Desktop Takes On Hybrid Retail

Hybrid setups in retail are particularly challenging because keeping track of all the customer data floating between brick and mortar stores and online markets challenges many IT teams.

Not only is keeping track of the data important for security requirements but as a retailer that data holds so much value in informing product and service personalization.

Handling Hybrid Setups

Whether it’s purchase history or stock turnover, you don’t want to miss out on your data’s value just because your people are distributed. Perhaps you have retail staff on the floor of your stores and your data teams working remotely. How can you ensure that data is being collected and transmitted correctly?

You Are in Control of Your Data

Azure Virtual Desktop, AVD, is the platform that helps distributed businesses ensure they’re all working the right way, with the right tools, in the right places. With a virtual desktop environment, you can control all of the systems that your teams are able to work with. That means they can’t save data in the wrong places and inadvertently create data silos.

Quickly Deploy New Applications

Better still, AVD lets your IT teams develop and quickly deploy custom applications. Once these apps are up and running, maintaining them is easy with rollout updates being deployed with just a few clicks. Having an environment that is completely in sync is going to support your data collection goals. You want the processes you develop to be built on an equally well-serviced platform. Opening a new store? No problem, each device on-site can be set up almost instantly, whether that is handhelds, mobiles, or PCs. Your IT should never be the reason for hold-ups in your business.

Prevent Failure

Only employing traditional systems and processes to support hybrid work will result in a hybrid setup that fails to deliver. Investing in technology that truly supports modern ways of working offers value beyond just the here and now. Azure Virtual Desktop offers retailers a way to manage their IT infrastructure with ease and that frees up IT teams to give their true value.

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