Azure Virtual Desktop Tackles Hybrid Working In Construction


Azure Virtual Desktop Tackles Hybrid Working In Construction

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According to a recent Dutch study, nearly 66% of Dutch organizations that allow hybrid work want it to remain a part of their daily operations.

However, hybrid work is not without its difficulties, particularly in the construction industry. Many of the challenges that face hybrid setups are the limits on the technology and processes that they are built on.

Building On Hybrid’s Value

Hybrid working offers your people more flexibility, better well-being, and a sense of self-control. These are all incredibly important factors that contribute to an employee being happy in their job. There is a shortage of skilled workers in construction and so staff retention should be at the forefront of a business’ objectives.

Protect Your Data

But with all your people distributed, working on home PCs, public networks, and systems that are beyond your control, you need to be able to protect your data. Data security is not just a regulatory requirement as part of GDPR it also forms part of many industry accreditations such as ISO 27001.

All Devices Secured

Thankfully, Azure Virtual Desktop offers the perfect platform to build consistent levels of security across a wide range of devices. It doesn’t matter if your teams at home are on their personal laptops, or your auditors on-site are checking company documents via their mobiles – it covers you everywhere.

Cutting Down on Costs

Even better than the peace of mind it can bring your business, it can cut down on the costs involved in managing your IT infrastructure. So that’s a secure platform for all your staff, an easier way to manage each aspect of your IT, and it will give your teams the stability they need to stay happy working in a hybrid environment.

Prevent Failure

Not supporting hybrid work by only using traditional systems and processes will result in a hybrid setup that fails to deliver the value that it’s capable of. As workers begin to work at least some of the time in the office, IT leaders need to reassess their investments, resources, and workplace priorities to ensure they can meet current and future hybrid work needs.

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